Thursday, 9 April 2020

Hēdoïne Donate 10% Of Sales To WHO COVID-19 Response Fund

Today we continue our coverage of what hosiery brands are doing to support the fightback against the Coronavirus. We now focus on Hēdoïne.

Hēdoïne are raising funds for the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

They will be donating 10% of every sale and are encouraging the Hēdoïne community to fundraise with them.

Hēdoïne The Nude, Smoky Whisky, High Waistband

Details of the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and information on how to donate are here.

Hēdoïne have also launched a blog post about to create awareness.

Hēdoïne The Bold, Black, High Waistband

Hēdoïne's production site in Italy is currently busy producing masks to support ongoing efforts to fight the expansion of the COVID-19 virus.

At Hosiery For Men we have reviewed the following Hēdoïne styles:

Hēdoïne 20 Denier THE NUDE Tights (original review)

Hēdoïne 20 Denier THE NUDE Tights (updated review)

Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights

Stay tuned for some exciting news about a new Hēdoïne style, that is going to be launched soon!

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Free Snag Tights for NHS Frontline Workers

It's been so encouraging to see many hosiery brands doing positive things during the Coronavirus crisis.

This week at Hosiery For Men we will try and provide an overview of how some of our favourite brands are contributing.

Let's start with Snag Tights.

Snag wanted to help NHS frontline workers, as they are aware that many of them wear Snag tights because they are comfy on long shifts.

They decided that having free tights delivered to the door would be something useful.

So for every regular order placed Snag will give a pair away for free (including delivery) to a NHS frontline worker. That includes NHS workers of all genders.

If you want to help or to claim a free pair you can find out all the details here.

Make sure you tell your NHS friends and family to sign up for a free pair. To apply for free tights, frontline NHS workers must send us a photo of their NHS ID OR leave a valid NHS email.

Free tights are available up to and including 13th April 2020.

This offer is only available to NHS workers living in the UK.

Remember Snag Tights are popular with guys too, and Snag value all their male customers.

You can still read our review of the Snag 80 Denier Black Opaque Tights.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Reviewed: Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights

Let's get the new month underway with a new review!

Hosiery For Men readers will be aware that UK Tights recently updated and expanded their range of tights for men.

Eight new styles have been added to the Maximus range of men's tights.

In case you missed it, here is our interview about the Maximus range with Dawn Barber, managing director of UK Tights.

We have already reviewed the following Maximus styles.

Maximus 70 Denier Footless Men's Tights

Maximus 100 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

Maximus 200 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

In this review we focus on the Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights.


Packaging for these tights is fairly basic. They are folded and then housed in a clear cellophane bag. Everything is then enclosed in the silver card envelope, with a cutaway window. All Maximus men's tights are packaged the same way.

Information on the packaging is minimal, with only a sticker that indicates the product and the size.

Materials and features

This is how UK Tights describe this product:

"Maximus make some of the best men's tights in the world of leg wear and they are also the only brand we know of that make their leg wear only for men. Now, they are expanding their range to include these new 50 denier opaque tights too, their very first seamless product. These 50 denier seamless tights are thick enough for chilly winter days, and are some of the comfiest items available, meaning no matter the activity or even if you are just wearing them for warmth in your home, the Maximus will fit perfectly."

The Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights are made from 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane.

They looked rather small when taken out of the packaging. The feel is soft and velvety.

The tights are seamless, meaning there is no central seam on the brief/panty. There is also no demarcation between the leg and the brief.

The brief is very shallow, measuring just 13cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch. There is a no gusset.

The waistband is well-designed to provide maximum comfort. It is 4.5cm deep. The stitching that connects it to the body is very robust.

Toes are not reinforced.

When I first received these tights, someone left a comment saying they are identical to the Golden Lady Invisible Luxury 50 Denier Seamless Tights. We reviewed these tights on the blog recently.

I have now compared both styles side by side and I can't see anything that would suggest that they are not the same product. It looks like the Maximus style is probably the Golden Lady repackaged.

My assessment and conclusions will understandably be similar too.

Colour range

The Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights are available in Black only.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights are available in two sizes at UK Tights: 

  • Small/Medium 
  • Medium/Large 
I trialled them in Medium/Large size.

This size chart provided by UK Tights is slightly confusing as the tights are available in two sizes, not three. The chart provided by Golden Lady might be more useful.

Here's what I wrote when reviewing the Golden Lady Invisible Luxury 50 Denier Seamless Tights. These comments now apply equally to the Maximum style.

They were surprisingly easy to get on and they have an amazing amount of stretch.

The fit on the leg was pretty much perfect, with the tights moulding themselves nicely to the calves and thighs. There was no wrinkling or bunching.

The soft, microfibre yarn felt very comfortable, providing just the right amount of warmth when worn with shorts on a cool autumn day.

As mentioned above, the brief looked really tiny, but when worn it did stretch above the waist - not as much as I would have liked, but more than expected. The waistband provided good support and the tights pretty much stayed in place with not much adjusting required.

It's very much a low waistband style, and this might well suit many of you.

For me it was just about adequate, but a high waistband would definitely be preferable.

Price and availability

The Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights are priced at £7.99.

All Maximus men's tights are available exclusively at UK Tights.


At £7.99 the Maximus 50 Denier Seamless Men's Tights are reasonably priced. Although if you get the Golden Lady version, they will cost just £6.99.

The positives I outlined in the Golden Lady review apply here as well:

  • Very soft and comfortable microfibre material
  • Excellent fit on the leg
  • Seamless design
  • Good wearing experience
For me a low waist style like this doesn't work that well, but I am aware that for some guys a low waist might be a preference. Certainly the recent reviews of this Maximum style left on the UK Tights webpage suggest that some guys are very happy with them. Here's what two satisfied customers say:

1. "Finally a fantastic pair of tights that fit men perfectly. Great for cycling under shorts. Great for work as they glide under long trousers the best yet. Tiny niggle is that I find the toe section just slightly too wide. Extremely comfortable!"

2. "What a great pair of seamless opaque tights. Very soft and very comfortable to wear. There is a quite a lot of stretch in these tights so they will fit all shapes and sizes.

"No reinforced toe, but I think the tights are thick enough to withstand day to day wear. Waistband is completely seamless (a nice feature). The pantie part of the tights is quite short, so these tights will sit on your hips comfortably.

"They are not particularly designed for men, so at the price I paid, these are great seamless tights for both men and women! Great buy!"

My suggestion to UK Tights would be to consider improving the Maximus packaging, so that a male model demonstrates what the tights look like when worn. Also perhaps working with the manufacturer to see if the issue of the depth of the brief can be addressed if the product is redesigned in the future. They key issue of course is making sure Maximus tights are designed with men's needs and requirements in mind.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Just arrived: Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights

Belgian hosiery brand Cette continue to expand their impressive Size Plus range.

We have recommended this range to men because of the larger sizing options available: XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Cette have just sent us a pair of the Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights. They are opaque tights with an irregular ribbed pattern.

Friday, 27 March 2020

New Wolford Care Mask

In our last post we reported on how hosiery brand Wolford is deploying its capacity and resources to support the fight against COVID-19.

Wolford have now launched the Wolford Care Mask, which is now on sale online.

The Wolford Care Mask is made from double-layered high-quality, breathable fabric to ensure easy breathing when worn.

The completely water-repellent finish provides full coverage with a perfect fit resulting from finest knitting. Highly elastic, extra-thin bands keep the mask perfectly in place.

Before packaging the mask has been treated with UV light to kill bacteria, viruses and germs.

The income from the Care Mask will only be used to cover production costs and logistics and for donations to healthcare related activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wolford Deploys Expertise And Resources To Support Fight Against COVID-19

Top hosiery brand Wolford is deploying its extensive expertise and resources to support the fight against COVID-19

Since beginning of March the brand’s production facilities at the headquarters in Bregenz, Austria and in Slovenia have been working at full speed to produce face masks for its employees and consumers.

The masks are made of a double-layered high-quality breathable fabric to ensure easy breathing when they are worn. A completely water-repellent finishing provides full coverage even against minimal moisture. 

Typically Wolford, a perfect fit is created with the finest knitting, individually adaptable aluminum nose-wires and highly elastic, extra-thin bands to keep the masks in place.

Keeping an eye on the environment as usual, the masks are washable and therefore reusable over and over again. The main quantity of the masks will be handed out for free to employees in highly affected areas such as Italy and Austria.

Wolford have also announced the production of 200,000 medical face masks for health institutions in Vorarlberg, home to the brand since 1950.

A limited number of masks, the Wolford Care Mask, will be sold through the brand’s e-commerce to customers worldwide. The income achieved will only be used to cover production costs and logistics and for donations to healthcare related activities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Heist Are Giving Away 500 Pairs Of Tights To NHS Workers

In a wonderful gesture of support during the coronavirus crisis, revolutionary hosiery and shapewear brand Heist are giving 500 pairs of tights for free to NHS workers.

NHS workers, including guys, who would like a pair of Heist tights should email, using your NHS work email address, and they will email you back with a discount code. You can also contact Heist and share your NHS ID.

Heist tights are for everyone.

Check our complete guide for men buying Heist tights, as well as well as Heist's own guidance and FAQs for men.