Friday, 13 September 2019

Heist Launch New Limited Edition Coloured Tights!

Heist, the brand renowned for reinventing tights has launched its signature bestselling The Fifty in four new colours.

Heist tights are seamlessly designed (no digging, sagging or rolling) without a gusset, and have an adaptive waistband that moves with the body for maximum comfort.

They are suitable for men as well. Heist have even provided a series of FAQs as guidance for men thinking about buying Heist tights.

You can also read Hosiery For Men's complete guide for men buying Heist tights, where you get detailed advice on sizing and links to reviews of the whole Heist tights range.

Four new colours are available: Ice Blue, Hot Pink, Navy Blue and Charcoal Grey.

Heist is promoting the new coloured tights with a "Big Tights Energy" theme.

Research in colour psychology has shown that exposure to colours such as pink and blue have a positive impact on mood; think cool, calm, playful, bold.

The Heist coloured tights are currently available in the High Waist version (which happens to be our favourite), and in five sizes.

They are priced at £22.00, with free worldwide shipping for orders above £50.00.

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