Sunday, 18 March 2012

Penti tights - an update

I have recently reviewed several styles of Penti tights at Hosiery For Men. There are still a few more reviews to come.

A reader of this blog, Matt, has informed me that the Penti USA website now has more information, including pricing on many of the styles that have been reviewed here.

The 200 Denier Cashmere and Viscose Tights are priced at $32.90.

The 80 Denier Micro Opaque Tights are priced at $18.50.

The 250 Denier Premier Naturel Sensation Tights are priced at $26.50.

The 250 Denier Angora and Wool Mix Tights are priced at: $29.90.

I will provide a further update as the prices of other styles are available.

It seems Penti are planning to launch an athletic style of tights soon, including a footed and non-footed men's version.

A new Penti retails store will be open this autumn in NYC; this will be their second US store after Cambridge, MA.


  1. Very good to know this information. Thank you for providing it! :-)

  2. prices very expensive

  3. Nice info am looking online with no luck for Penti Glare Sparkle Polka Dot Tights seen them on but won't let me buy them need to see about another site if you know let me know.