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Reviewed: Wolford Cotton Velvet Men's Socks and Knee-Highs

The top European hosiery brand Wolford asked us if we would review and feature two of their hosiery products for men:

Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks

Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs

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Material and features (Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks)
Wolford describe the Cotton Velvet Socks as follows:

Extraordinary yarn mix – combines the natural properties of cotton with the softness of the exclusive velvet yarn.

The socks are made from 55% Cotton, 37% Polyamide and 8% Elastane. The fabric is opaque, smooth and soft against the skin.

It is interesting to compare these socks with the yarn used in the Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights, which is 49% Cotton, 46% Polyamide (Nylon) and 5% Elastane.

One things noticeable immediately about the socks is that they are anatomically shaped to fit the calf and foot.

The Cotton/Polyamide mixture provides a very fine knit, much denser than normally seen in cheap cotton socks.

The toe and heel are reinforced, but this is done very carefully so that it is almost invisible.

The top of the socks, which sits mid-calf, is doubled over and sewn into a 6.5cm wide cuff.

The sole is stamped with the Wolford logo and sizing information.

Material and features (Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs)
The Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs are described in the same way as the Cotton Velvet Socks.

The knee-highs are also made from the same yarn as the socks.

They are shaped slightly differently, with the area between the heel and the top band being straight, rather than tapering towards the heel. The knee highs also have a wide top band, which is slightly wider at 7cm.

Fit and sizing

Both the Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks and the Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs are available in four sizes:

39 - 40

41 - 42

43 - 44

45 - 46

I tested both pairs in the 45 - 46 size (corresponding to UK shoe size 10 -11; USA shoe size 11 - 12).

The socks were a perfect fit for my shoe size, with no wrinkling or bagginess. The fabric has good elasticity and this enhanced the fit.

The socks were quite light and breathed well. I wore them on quite a warm summer day, and they kept my feet cool and comfortable.

As mentioned above, the socks sit mid-calf; the wide top kept them in place without any discomfort or squeezing.

The knee-highs were also a great fit, and stretch over the calf and right up to the knee. In the knee-highs one can really see how superior the fabric is to 'normal' cotton socks and how it moulds itself to the leg.

Again, the wearing experience was comfortable all day. The look on the leg is very similar to the Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights.

Colour range
The Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks and the Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs are available in the following colours: 

  • Deep Brown 
  • Admiral 
  • Dark Blue 
  • Black 
I tested the Cotton Velvet Socks in the Dark Blue shade, and the Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs in the Admiral shade.

Price and availability
The Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks are priced at: £20.00.

The Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs are priced at: £23.00.

Both styles are available from the Wolford UK shop.

Purchasers in other countries can also buy these tights from official Wolford Shop.

My normal day to day socks (when not wearing tights in cooler weather) are usually cotton ones, purchased like most British men in multipacks from Marks and Spencer.

I am a huge fan of Wolford tights, as readers of this blog will be aware. So it was a great to have the opportunity to try more of their men's hosiery products.

Both the Wolford Cotton Velvet Socks and the Wolford Cotton Velvet Knee-Highs are made to the same exacting standards as other Wolford hosiery styles that we have tried. Basically this comes down to Wolford's use of top quality and innovative yarns combined with design excellence.

Both of these products take the simple cotton sock for men to a new level, with attention to every detail. To paraphrase the slogan of a famous British department store: 'These aren't just any cotton socks; these are Wolford socks!"

I am going to enjoy wearing these socks and knee-highs for the rest of the summer, as well as beyond.

Thanks again to Wolford for these samples and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.

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  1. you have shown here black colored socks. the quality of these socks is seeming best. can you provide these socks in red or green color?