Tuesday 8 September 2015

Mathematical formula to calculate thickness of tights appropriate for the weather

News websites and social media in the UK have been buzzing today after BBC News published an article on research at Nottingham Trent University that helps calculate what thickness of tights is appropriate for the weather.

The "stocking forecast" uses wind speed and temperature to determine the thickness of fabric needed.

Statistician James Hind of Nottingham Trent University said the formula will help "not just women but anyone who wears tights".

James Hind indicated that he developed the formula after wearing tights when dressing as Robin Hood.

"I used to be Robin Hood at the Tales of Robin Hood (a former Nottingham tourist attraction)… so I worked in tights day in and day out and I know the value of properly warm tights on a cold day," he said.


  1. Would the temperature be in Celsius and wind speed in km/h?

  2. I would imagine so. But you might want to check with Dr James Hind. His details are: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/apps/staff_profiles/staff_directory/dc073c9e-a67c-4f8f-8cb0-422168d22468-0/26/profile.aspx?deptcode=SST&deptTitle=School%20of%20Science%20and%20Technology&page=8