Sunday, 21 May 2017

Wolford Unisex Hosiery Range

Leading European hosiery brand Wolford has updated its website to promote a range of their tights and socks as unisex legwear.

Wolford state:

"As one of the first hosiery brands to create tights for men, we understand a man’s unique needs when it comes to tights and leggings. In this section you will find a selection of some of our unisex styles - ideal for sport and outdoor activities due to their comfort and warmth. All of these styles are available in large sizes. We asked our male customers for advice to ensure that our selection would meet their unique needs.

"Our male socks are designed for the modern traveller. Innovative design optimises pressure and relaxes legs and feet in order to reduce swelling during long periods of sitting or standing. Enjoy your next trip in comfort with Wolford."

Hosiery For Men assisted Wolford in making the selection of tights that are suitable for men and it's great to see that we have got a mention!

You can find reviews of almost all the tights and socks recommended for men by Wolford here at Hosiery For Men.

For sports, activities and leg support we particularly recommend the Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights. Our review is here.


  1. Great, that men has been discovered as customers for thights!!

    1. Yes just wear it as it cover legs. It need change fashion for men on the 21st century so old past clothes look so boring so need change

  2. Yes tights still unisex as cover legs. I do wear under shorts or dungarees short. It prefect. I usual wear Wolford tights cos it my favour brand. Best is fatal 50 also pure 50 that feel so soft.

  3. Their site no longer offers the unisex and it is not under gifts for men.

  4. Their site no longer offers unisex and they have no tights for men under gifts for men.

  5. Why they remove the offers of unisex pantyhose?