Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spotlight on Eve's Legwear

I have already mentioned Eve's Legwear at Hosiery for Men and had remarked on their great customer service for men buying tights for themselves.

I am now pleased to publish an exclusive interview with Eve, the owner of  Eve's Legwear. Do check the Eve's Legwear website and get in touch if you have any hosiery needs you would like to discuss with Eve.

Why did you set up Eve's Legwear?
I used to work in a hosiery and leather department many moons ago and this is where my interest in and love of nylon first arose. I noticed that all the popular styles sold out as they hit the shelves and then customers would be left disappointed when they couldn't find the size, colour or style they required. It was at this time that the idea started to form. Being an avid lover of nylon, I became increasingly frustrated about not being able to find suitable hosiery on the high street. The feedback from others reflected my own experiences. Hence the creation of my web based business. It took the death of my Nan to spur me on and forge forward as she always believed in the concept in which I had created.

Are male customers buying for themselves an important part of your customer base? Do you welcome their custom at Eve's Legwear?
Here are 
Eve's Legwear we have an increasing number of male customers. We welcome these customers and are currently extending our range to accommodate them. We are currently sourcing new products to add to our site. We have also taken advice from our male customers as what products they would like to see. To us, male customers are a very important part of our customer base, and are treated no different from any other customer.

Are there any particular styles of tights or brands that are popular with male customers? 
In all honesty the styles vary across our whole range due to personal taste. Some male customers prefer the slightly thicker tights, whilst other prefer to wear sheers.

What kind of service will male customers receive at Eve's Legwear? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice? 
We offer a discreet service at 
Eve's Legwear. There is no company information on our packaging to ensure the contents are not known.

We always welcome enquiries from male customers and are always happy to receive feedback from them on how we can improve our service to them and we will happily take on board any comments and feedback they may have and accommodate these where possible.

What are your thoughts on men wearing tights?
Men have been wearing tights for centuries. In my opinion there is no reason why this should change. If a male chooses to wear tights it is his prerogative and he shouldn't be discriminated against for doing so. Men who wear tights come from all walks of life from the fishermen wanting to keep warm on the river bank to business suited executives. Each and everyone of them has a right to wear tights if that is their preference.

Many thanks Eve. We look forward to seeing the new products on the website. Thanks for your support for men who buy tights for themselves. It's great there are a growing number of retailers like Eve's Legwear who cater or us and value our custom.

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  1. Nice to see an on-line hosiery retailer being open to consider men for hosiery choices.

    There are so many makers of pantyhose/tights on the market, many having their own particular size ranges. Some tend to run a little longer or shorter than stated. So, if Eve's Legwear can capture that information and provide it on their website, it would be helpful for taller/larger men to decide on a proper choice.