Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Reviewed: Ela Patrik Vital Activ 40 denier men's support tights

ACTIVtights, a hosiery store based in the Czech Republic, kindly provided me with a range of samples of men's tights made by the Czech manufacturer Ela.

You still read the Hosiery For Men feature on ACTIVtights.

I have already reviewed the Adam 64 Denier Men's Tights and the Ela David 20 Denier Men's Tights.

My final review is of the Ela Patrik 40 Denier Vital Activ Men's Support Tights.

Materials and features

The Ela Patrik 40 Denier Vital Activ Men's Support Tights are packaged in a cellophane sleeve, wrapped inside a card liner.

The tights are made from 78% Polyamide and 22% Lycra. The fabric is very soft and smooth, and has an almost entirely matt appearance. A unique feature is the use of Meryl Skinlife microfibre material: this prevents bacterial growth and helps to reduce odour and skin irritation.

Seams are flat and there is a subtle reinforcement of the toes are reinforced. As with the Ela David 20 Denier Men's Tights, the waistband is 3.5cm wide and very comfortable.

The tights are not sheer to waist, but have a reinforced boxer style brief. There is a rear comfort panel and male centre panel. The latter provides good support for the male anatomy and keeps everything comfortably in place.

The fabric is semi-opaque and leg hair is still visible when they are worn.

Fit and sizing

The Ela Patrik 40 Denier Vital Activ Men's Support Tights are available in three sizes: L, XL and XXL.

As with the Adam 64 Den tights and Ela David 20 Denier Men's Tights , I choose the XL size and this was a very good fit. I would advise anyone over 5'10" to go for the larger XXL size.

The high Lycra content provides a good fit everywhere, with no wrinkling of the fabric. The tights need very little adjusting and pulling up. There is plenty of room in the brief which comes up comfortably over the waist and hips.

Although these tights are mainly matt in appearance, glide under trousers was very good.

I would say that these tights provide light compression and support. I wore them all day and they definitely provided good leg support and an energising feeling. Under trousers they felt wonderfully comfortable.

Colour range

These tights are available in just two colours: Black and Beige.

I tested a pair in Beige.

Price and availability

The Ela Patrik 40 Denier Vital Activ Men's Support Tights are available from ACTIVtights for US$9.49.

ACTIVtights ship products worldwide.


The Ela Patrik 40 Denier Vital Activ Men's Support Tights are very reasonably-priced men's support tights.

ACTIVtights state on their website that 'these tights are really comfortable for everyday wearing'. I would agree with that assessment.

They are a good choice for cooler late summer and early autumn days. They would be perfect for men who work indoors all day and who need support and comfort, but don't want to overheat with thicker opaque tights. 

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