Sunday, 24 March 2013

Reviewed: Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights

US-based hosiery retailer The Stylish Fox recently sent me a sample of the Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights to test and review.

The Stylish Fox Hosiery Store provides a wide range of high-quality hosiery from Europe - classic and fashion pantyhose, tights, thigh-highs, stockings, leggings, knee-highs and socks.

They stock a wide range of the tights for men made by the Adrian brand.

Materials and features

The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights are attractively packaged in a card envelope. The tights inside are folded around a card rectangle and then housed inside a clear plastic sleeve.

The Stylish Fox provides the following description:

'These beautiful 3D microfiber tights have a satin sheen to them that sparkles in certain lights. In addition to the gorgeous shine, these tights come in bright colors (several shades of purple, teal, mustard, and silver). Even though they are 100 Deniers, they feel lighter. These tights are made using a special method that providies exceptional durability and quality and are equipped with a very comfortable waistband that will prevent slipping down during the day.'

The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights are made in Poland. The fabric is 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane.

These tights feel quite amazing. The 3D microfibre fabric has a wonderful soft and velvety texture.

They are sheer to waist and with straight legs. Toes are conventional and without reinforcement.

Seams are flat and well-constructed. The 5-XL size has a rear comfort panel. Other sizes have a hygienic gusset.

The waistband is ingeniously constructed: the main part is just 2cm wide but is further supported by a 4cm 'comfort band' which provides additional support.

Opacity is almost total, with deep, even coverage throughout.

Although the packaging states that this style is 'very glossy', I found that the appearance was less shiny than I expected.

Fit and sizing

The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights are available in three sizes: 1/2 (S/M), 3/4 (M/L) and 5 (XL).

I tested a pair in the 5 (XL) size.

These tights looked rather small when I removed them from the packaging, but they have an impressive amount of stretch.

The 5-XL size easily accommodated my 5'10" height.

The fit around the legs was superb; the 3D microfibre moulds itself to your shape.

The Marilyn 100 tights are really comfortable. Although 100 denier, they provide warmth without overheating. The gloss sheen meant they glided with ease under jeans and trousers.

The brief was also very comfortable and I liked the support provided by the comfort waistband. However, the brief could have had a bit more depth for me. The style is perhaps slightly 'low rise', but it still stretched over my waist.

Colour range
The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights are available at The Stylish Fox in a wide range of shades:

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Granat
  • Mustard
  • Ocean
  • Plum
  • Red Wine
  • Silver
  • Vine Rose
I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability
The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights are priced at $8.99.

The Marilyn Microshine 100 Opaque Tights were highly recommended to me by the owner of The Stylish Fox and I can see why. 

The fabric is superb and compares well with much more expensive hosiery.

I was really impressed with the fit and level of comfort that these tights provided. 

I would have liked the brief to have been a little deeper, but if you are happy to have a low rise style of waist then they are definitely recommended.

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  1. would be great if they had size 5 in the colors

  2. love the review but I am 5foot 6" 190 pounds seen ones that were a size 3/4 love them height and hip sizing is great its just the weight wondered if the 3/4 size would fit me

  3. Marilyn Microfibre tights with brocade Shine E57 just posted about sizing these I wanted to buy