Sunday, 14 September 2014

Reviewed: SmooFit 80 denier men's tights

We recently highlighted a new brand of men's tights from Japan, SmooFit Tights. There has been quite a buzz about this brand, and many readers of Hosiery For Men have been eager to learn more.

I finally managed to secure a pair of SmooFit 80 denier men's tights. I am certain that this is the very first review to appear, at least in English.

SmooFit tights are made by the Japanese hosiery manufacturer Naigai, under a subsidiary brand called N platz.

There are several styles in the SmooFit range:

  • 50 denier tights
  • 80 denier tights (2224-502, 2012 model)
  • 80 denier tights (2224-532, 2013 model)
  • 110 denier tights
  • 80 denier tights with a fitted herringbone style sock

This review focuses on the 80 denier tights. I have worked out that there are two models of the 80 denier tights as can be seen above.

This review focuses on the 2224-502, 2012 model.

Materials and features

The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are superbly packaged. The tights are folded around a long, white rectangular piece of card. They are then housed in a card enclosure, that folds to form a kind of rectangular box. Everything is then wrapped in a clear cellophane envelope.

The packaging provides a great deal of product information in Japanese, including a handy diagram and instructions on how to put the tights on!

SmooFit 80 denier men's tights feel like a quality product as you take them out of the packaging.

The fabric is 92% Nylon and 8% Polyurethane, which I assume might be Elastane/Lycra but I am unable to read the packaging information which is is Japanese.

The fabric is very soft to the touch.

Legs are straight, and sheer to waist apart from a slightly denser banding near the top of each thigh. Toes are rounded, with reinforcement and good quality stitching.

The waistband is 3cm wide and made from a different, thicker fabric that has been stitched on to the tights. The waistband is soft and comfortable. You can also see that the SmooFit logo has been picked out. There is also a tag stitched into the rear inside seam with the word 'Men's'. These are very cool additional features.

The brief and construction for the male anatomy are superbly done. There are front and rear additional male comfort panels made with conventional seams. At the front, the panel has been constructed from double fabric for additional strength. As the two panels meet in a seam under the crotch, the fabric has been further reinforced.

The front panel also has, as shown, a male anatomical fly opening. This has also been constructed really well, although the hems look as if they might benefit from some additional reinforcement stitching. However, I have experienced no problems so far. Overall the SmooFit tights look really robust and have been made to withstand the heavier and longer wear that men expect.

Fit and sizing
SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are available in two sizes: M-L, and L-LL.

I tested a pair in the L-LL size.

The chart that can be seen below on the packaging provides sizing information on height and weight.

M-L size: Fits waist up to 94cm (37"); height up to 185cm (6'1").

L-LL size: Fits waist up to 94cm (41"); height up to 185cm (6'1").

The L-LL size that I tested has a huge amount of stretch and would comfortably reach to the specified height. I intend to test the M-L size next time to be able to make a comparison.

The brief was very stretchy, roomy and comfortable. The waistband would easily stretch half way up one's chest if needed, but can also be positioned comfortably above the waist and hips.

I found the 80 den SmooFit style extremely comfortable to wear. The fabric moulded itself well to my legs. The slight sheen provided a good glide under trousers.

Colour range
The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are available in four shades:

  • Brown 
  • Navy 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
I tested a pair in the Navy shade - a very dark blue.

Price and availability

I purchased the SmooFit 80 denier men's tights from an online store in Japan called Rakuten Global Market.

They are priced at ¥1,134 (Japanese yen). This is equivalent to $10.56, £6.49 and €8.14.

The service from Rakuten was absolutely excellent, with good communication and a very speedy delivery. I paid an additional ¥1,500 for delivery. The total cost was therefore approximately:

£15.00 (UK pounds)

$24.53 (US dollars)

€18.92 (Euros)

The SmooFit 80 denier men's tights are really quite an impressive product. One can see that a great deal of care and attention has gone into the design and manufacture. The aim has clearly been to create a style of men's tights that accommodates the male anatomy, and which will also appeal to men in terms of the look and marketing.

The fabric, manufacture and packaging are all top class. The price, before postage, is very attractive indeed for the quality of the product. They earn a Hosiery For Men recommendation.

I am looking forward to to testing and reviewing the rest of the SmooFit range.


  1. I have ordered a pair of these tights in japan too. My order arrived one week later without any problems.
    I really like those tights. They are very comfortable, soft and quite opaque so i can wear them without socks. I surely will try some other SmooFit tights. I recommend them too.

  2. Do you feel these would fit a 6'5" guy? Falke and Wolford XL fit me perfect...
    Have you seen the model that is socks/tights? Is the sock part in a cotton like material?
    I used to wear socks over tights, have tried recently to wear tights alone. Love the feel on my legs, less on feet when wearing shoes. So a cotton sock end linked to nylon/lycra tights would be perfect! (hope my description is clear)

  3. The L-LL size should do I think. I have some samples with the 'sock' part that I will review soon.

    1. Looking forward to it

    2. If you want me to bring forward that review sooner, let me know. Also you might want to check BooTights and Calvin Klein who both make tights with a sock type section attached. Also Activskin might produce a men's tight in this style.

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  5. Purchased these items and just received them. Tried them on. Smooth fit as the name implies. Great length for leg circumference. I am 5 ft 7 in 164 lb (170 cm, 86 cm waist.) Only downside is the waist. M-L barely fits a 34 inch waist (86 cm).

  6. Super strømpebukser til mænd. Meget bløde og sidder perfekt. Perfekte at have under de alm. bukser her om vinteren glider let med buksestoffet.
    Kan kun anbefales i stedet for de gammeldags long Johns.