Monday, 1 January 2018

Reviewed: Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights

Happy new year to all Hosiery For Men followers. We start 2018 straight away with a new review.

We have reviewed several styles of tights from Gipsy Tights at Hosiery For Men.

Gipsy recently sent us two new pairs to trial and review:

The Gipsy 8 Denier Cooling Matte Luxury Tights. You can read our review here.

We now focus on the Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights.


The Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights are packaged conventionally. The tights are folded around a plain card rectangle, which is then wrapped in a cellophane bag.

Everything is then enclosed in a card envelope.

Material and features

Gipsy describe the these tights as follows:

Invisible light shaping for you bum and tum. Light support energising leg
They are 20 denier tights made from 83% Nylon and 17% Elastane.

The quality of the yarn and design is evident as soon as you remove the tights from the packaging. The words "Made In Italy" is always a sure pointer to hosiery quality.

Key features are:

  • Flat seams
  • Sandal toe with no reinforcement
  • Cotton gusset

The waistband is almost 4cm wide. In the XL size that I trialled, there is no rear panel.

Although these tights aim to provide support for the stomach and buttocks, the brief remains sheer to waist. There is no demarcation where the brief starts. This is why the support is described as "invisible".

On the leg, appearance is matte with very little shine. The yarn provides consistent and even coverage, that looks semi-sheer.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights are available in four sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
I trialled the XL size.

The size chart indicates that these tights will fit heights up to 5'10" and this is accurate. But they were pretty much at full stretch and I wouldn't recommend them for wearers who are taller than this.

The 17% Elastane content in the yarn provides a really close, snug fit on the leg. They felt extremely smooth, which also provides an excellent glide if worn under trousers.

These tights provide light compression to the leg, but even stronger shaping support which the packaging describes is for your "bum & sum". Hence the brief is somewhat tighter. Depending on your build, this might feel slightly constricting. I found the brief to be comfortable enough but would have liked a little more depth.

Colour range

The Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights are available in two shades:

  • Black
  • Natural Glow
I trialled a pair in the Natural Glow colour.

Price and availability

The Gipsy 20 Denier Invisible Shaper Tights are priced at £8.00.


Gipsy Tights have made available a really nice quality semi-sheer tight here.

The yarn, design and manufacture is top quality and once again, a retail price of just £8.00 represents good value.

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