Wednesday, 28 February 2018

New Beauty Plus Tights From Falke: Tights With Two Different Leg Lengths

Leading German hosiery brand FALKE has launched a new Plus Size range of Beauty Plus tights.

The concept is "fine tights in larger sizes that fit perfectly".

FALKE explain the background to the new collection:

"Tights specifically for large sizes – are they even necessary? Our answer is an unequivocal “yes”. Discussions with our customers showed that they had very specific wishes and requirements in terms of fit, quality and comfort, which had not previously been fulfilled. That's why we defined the specific demands together and developed a completely new tights concept. The result? The new FALKE Beauty Plus. They will win you over with their perfectly proportioned cuts with soft shaping at the hips, thighs and calves, exceptional comfort and of course thanks to the high FALKE standard of quality. In order to reflect individual proportions perfectly, they are available with both longer and shorter legs for the perfect FALKE fit."

FALKE also state that the Beauty Plus tights "also stand out thanks to the beautifully finished panty area without annoying gusset."

Special features and benefits are identified as:

Beautifully finished panty area with no unsightly seat seams or irritating rubbing feeling on the inner thighs.

Effective moisture management for an extremely comfortable feel, even on hot days, and no more irritated skin from rubbing at the inner thighs.

Soft shaping at the hips, thighs and calves – for a softly sculpted, beautiful silhouette.

The perfect fit thanks to the choice of two different leg lengths – for shorter and taller women.

Comfy, wide waistband for optimal comfort thanks to the innovative knit technology with an elasticated edge – no more rolling or digging in.

The range includes:

Beauty Plus 20 Denier Tights

Available in four colours: Black, Powder, Cocoon and Marine

Beauty Plus 50 Denier Tights

Available in three colours: Black, Marine and Anthracite


Both styles in the Beauty Plus tights can be purchased directly from the FALKE online store.

In the UK, the Beauty Plus 20 Denier Tights and Beauty Plus 50 Denier Tights are also available from Luxury Legs.

Reflections on sizing approach, gender and marketing

For a male perspective, the question: "Tights specifically for large sizes?", would also get a resounding "yes" from this blog.

This is why a further key feature will be of particular interest to men: the Beauty Plus tights are available in "two different leg lengths – short and long, for short and tall women."

This is a huge step forward as many men as well as female customers will find this completely innovative sizing approach very appropriate helpful. We are used to, for example, looking for legwear (trousers, jeans and more) to fit by using the inner leg measurement.

By combining inner leg length and weight you are able to get a perfect fit.

It's a bit frustrating to see 
FALKE to describe the tights then as having: ""two different leg lengths – short and long, for short and tall women." Why not include men also?

A gender-neutral approach would work so much better here, and reflect a much more inclusive marketing strategy that embrace male customers. It's especially frustrating as FALKE go on to state:

"Free your mind from standard clothing sizes and societal expectations and feel happy and strong just as you are."

Hosiery brands really do need to acknowledge that "societal expectations" are indeed being challenged in all kinds of ways. But we see so few of them actively responding to this.

As one of the best, highest quality and most trusted hosiery brands, FALKE could really do a little better here.

Having said all this, these tights do look like a real step forward and the sizing approach is one that gets a genuine thumbs up from us.

It is hoped we can trial and review both Beauty Plus styles soon.


  1. You can tell Falke only target their new plus tights bigger women. Too bad they put aside male customers being a world-class brand founded in 1895. I'm from China, I read that Europeans had a long history of men wearing tights, and only stopped until the late 19th century. As a german brand, Falke really shouldn't only appreciate women wearing tights, they could just follow what Wolford does, addi a unisex page of hosiery with large sizes. They don't even need to design men's tights since they are a high-end brand, we don't need to worry about quality and sizing. All they need is to be a little more friendly to male customers, adding one word in their descriptions: unisex.

    - Xander

  2. Thanks Xander. Your thoughts and comments align with what I have written in the feature. Yes, it's basically about being more friendly and inclusive towards male customers.

    1. Came here for an update on Wolford, their unisex page just gone... It's a shame that they just wiped the whole concept of unisex, no graphics or any tights collection left, only mens socks. I hope they change their mind soon, but it is what it is. Now, I save my hope for "I See Your Legs".

      - Xander

  3. Nice pantyhose! Yeah, I know it's frustrating and devastating there are a bunch of pantyhose made only for women. Men also should deserve a soft life 'cause either for comfort or for athletic reason. I'm just tired pantyhose are still considered girly.

  4. Sorry to post here. i cant see another way to post. I think that in order to become mainstream mens tights must become outerwear. i was in Next a couple of weeks ago. a woman said I hate shopping for mens shes because they are so ugly. this got me thinking that mens tights are not ugly. maybe thats the problem. in order to gain acceptance they must at least start out as ugly and be everything that womens tights are not. so baggy at ankles and knees. very opaque. not shinny. jersey fabric ie t shirt material. but still with feet. external seams. i bought and overlocker and made a couple of pairs. i wore them for a walk on a beach yesterday with shorts. no issues. admittedly i chose a remote beach with few people and weather was poor. im fed up with waiting for any tights producer to solve my problems. time for change!

  5. oops i left an o out of shoes. shes makes nonsense of it. could you put the o in for me. sorry about that.