Monday, 19 February 2018

Reviewed: Kunert Cotton Sole 20 Tights

Hosiery For Men reader George has contributed several guest reviews to the blog. We always welcome his informative reviews and are pleased to print the latest one he has submitted for the Kunert Cotton Sole 20 Tights.

Recently released and available from Hosieria these innovative 20 denier tights are a welcome addition to Kunert's extensive range of products.

I purchased one pair initially to try in the colour Teint in the XL/V size which comes with a rear comfort panel (it is worthy of note that this is actually a very narrow panel). To anyone unfamiliar with the Kunert products the ‘Teint’ colour is very close to that of Cosmetic by Wolford, so a nice subtle fair skin shade and very unobtrusive. The material is a blend of 83% Polyamide, 9% Cotton, and 8% Elastane


The tights are nicely presented, as you would expect from one of the leading brands of hosiery, wrapped around a card insert placed within the outer envelope, the rear of which details product features and a very accurate size chart, which is then placed inside a cellophane bag.


On removing from the packaging you are immediately aware of the nice soft tactile feel of the material despite the percentage of Elastane being reduced to accommodate the inclusion of the cotton which is used in the sole of the tights (and also the gusset where that applies) these are fully boarded and featured a very well-constructed reciprocated heel to aid in positioning, I have a shoe size of 11 and the foot section fits me perfectly in the XL size with no suggestion of over-stretching.

The tights also feature a deep and comfortable comfort waistband that prevents the tights from digging in or rolling, I find that they require no adjustment during wear and in so doing provide an altogether very comfortable wearing experience. Seams are flat throughout, and there is a noticeably narrow comfort panel in this size rather than a traditional gusset.

These tights are sheer-to-waist with a very small area of reinforcement around the seams and the waistband and in the gusset.


Being 20 denier these tights are quite sheer and provide an even degree of coverage, although generally matt in appearance and with a relatively low Elastane content they can have the very slightest soft satin sheen in direct light.

Wearing experience

Being 5’11” and of large build I find that the XL/V size is true to the description on the Kunert size chart with very good leg length that continues sheer through a very soft and comfortable brief that has enough stretch to fit comfortably at or above my waistline. The cotton-rich sole is such a welcome addition to a nylon product and results in a very nice wearing experience.


Another wonderful functional product from Kunert. I purchased my pair from Hosieria for €14.00. They are priced very well for the quality of the product and I highly recommend these tights. They are available in a range of good colours including Navy, Candy, Black, Cashmere, and the Teint which I tried.

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