Thursday, 10 January 2019

Reviewed: Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights

Belgian hosiery manufacturer, Cette, sent us a sample of the 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers.

The Cette Plus Size collection is primarily aimed at women who need a larger size. However Cette told us some time ago that they hope male customers will also be better catered for by this range.


The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights are nicely packaged. The tights are folded around a rectangular white card which is then housed in a cellophane envelope. This is then enclosed in a hinged card box that has product images and information.

Material and features

The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights are made from 94% Polyamide, 5% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

The tights looked quite long as I took them out off the packaging: a good sign!

The fabric is soft, but doesn't have a very pronounced silky, velvet feel. Curiously they actually feel much softer on the leg than when held in the hand.

These tights have what is described as a "lozenge" pattern.

The pattern runs from the toe up to the brief/panty only, and doesn't extend to the waist.

Opacity is quite dense (but at 50 denier not total), in the opaque areas, and clearly less so where the pattern runs.

There is a quite clear demarcation where the pattern ends at the top of the leg, and where the brief/body starts. The brief is made from a warm with slightly lower opacity. In appearance it looks more like 40 denier.

The brief has flat seams and a 23cm wide waistband. There is a cotton gusset.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights are available in three sizes: XL, 2XL and 3XL.

I trialled them in the 2XL size.

The sizing information is accurate. The 2XL has good leg length and stretched comfortably for my 5'10" height.

There is a feeling when worn that these are genuinely designed as a "size plus" tight. There is plenty of room in the calf and thigh area. The brief also has plenty of depth and a rise that stretches comfortably above the hips and waist. But the fit isn't loose or baggy: the tights mould well to the leg with no wrinkling.

They provided a really comfortable wearing experience. The tights have good glide under trousers.

Colour range

The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights are priced at €15.95. They can be purchased directly from the Cette website.


The Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights have a really attractive pattern, that is an alternative to conventional "diamond" pattern tights.

They are a good example of how plus size tights work for men, as well as women. The fit is specifically designed for larger figures, and there is more room in the leg, thigh and body. The generous leg length is also a plus.

From my experience so far, the Cette Size Plus range can be recommended for men.

If you are looking for a warmer pair from this range, we particular recommend the Cette Sochi Cotton 120 Denier Tights. We reviewed these some time ago and they are a superb product.

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