Friday, 26 August 2011

Falke Pure Matt 100 tights

I bought a pair of these tights from Harrods earlier this year. The sales assistant there was really helpful and professional and had no hang-ups at at all serving a guy buying tights for himself and helping to find the right size for me.
If you like opaque tights, then these are the ones you have been waiting for. Sure, they are a bit more expensive then the cheaper opaques you can get from Marks and Spencers for example, but the quality is really impressive,

They come in five colours:
  • Anthracite (A very dark, charcoal grey with a hint of brown)
  • Black
  • Brenda (A rich chocolatey brown)
  • Marine (Dark navy)
  • Steel (Light grey with a hint of blue)
What I love about Falke tights is that the sizing is spot on. I am 5' 10" and the extra large fits perfectly.
I bought a pair in black and these tights are quite thick and completely opaque. They are completely matt and if you wear them under trousers, as I do, then they look just like socks. They are extremely warm under trousers but not uncomfortably so. The fabric used seems to let the legs breathe, so you don't feel sweaty or uncomfortable.

I can honestly say that if you try these you won't be disappointed. Along with Wolford, these are p
robably the very best opaque tights on the market. Falke don't market tights specifically aimed at men, but these are of such good quality, they don't need to as they will, I am sure, fit most men really well.
In the UK, these tights are stocked by these online retailers: Tights Please, mytights, and UK tights
You can also get them in major department stores such as Harrods and John Lewis.


  1. Nice review! These do sound like excellent tights that are on the higher end of hosiery quality, standing next to Wolford but capable of larger sizes.

    Regarding sizing for the Pure Matt 100, there appears to be two types: One of them pairs two sizes together (S/M and M/L) while the other has S, M, L, and XL separately. So on some sites that list them, it's frustrating to run into that limiting two size version. The Falke size chart shows XL supporting up to 185cm/100kg (6'0/225lbs), which looks like it should exceed your size of 5'10" a bit. You do say they fit you perfectly and are fully opaque... does it feel like the upper size range would be reasonably accommodated, or would the appearance become more semi-opaque?

    I have been creating a list of hosiery to acquire, but if the Falke turns out to be mostly superior, I may just go a few pairs of the Falke instead.

  2. I feel that the XL size would accommodate someone taller than me and I am pretty sure that the opacity would be more or less the same.

  3. Thanks for the info. I finally found a good deal on these and so decided to give them a try. Over at Fig Leaves, they have a special coupon code "OPAQUE" going, which results in 3 for the price of 2. It works for Falke, too. I don't know if it works for the UK part of the site, but it's worth a look. I also got free shipping. I figured if one pair doesn't work out, I can resell the other two at a little below market pricing and at least minimize my loss.

  4. After years of buying and wearing opaque tights predominantly from Hue and DKNY, I decided to treat myself to a finer pair of tights and worked up the nerve to spend on some Falke Pure Matte 100 Denier tights. Initially, I picked up two pairs, one in marine (navy) and one in black. All I have to say is, WOW! What a difference. The feel and quality of the material, the uniform opaque coverage, the quality of the stitching (just the construction in general), and more importantly, the fit, are just absolutely brilliant!

    I'm 6' tall, 250 lbs. I have long but muscular legs and I have a bit of a belly. Because of my height and shape, it was always a bother when trying to fit tights correctly. Until now, DKNY were the only pairs I used that had a decent fit at the waist and but with a good leg length. I found that the quality was about as good as anything else I wore in the same style and price range. So, after reading the review here and some other impressions around the internet, I was open to spend a bit more and see if I can really get my money's worth. I picked up both pairs I mentioned above in XL and, boy, was I surprised at how perfect they fit me. There's plenty of room at the waist if you have a belly and, more importantly for me, plenty of leg room if you're a bit taller than 6'. I'd say maybe up to 6' 2" if you're about the same weight as I am.

    After taking a chance on these tights, I can say a full year later that both pairs are still going strong. I bought an additional three pairs over the course of the winter (two more black, one a brown called Brenda). They're absolutely built to last. I'm very careful with all my hosiery, but these more than others since they're high end, which totally helps. Still, after weekly wear per pair out of the house from last fall through late this spring, they've been excellent. I spare them while leaving the house in the summer since I live in a desert climate and they're too hot for 100° F weather. I still wear them around the house which I keep nice and cool. Now that fall is here I'm hoping the temperature drops early this year! I can't wait to get these on while going out again.

    If you're on edge about picking up a pair, don't let the cost be the reason you turned away. The fit alone is worth it. If you know how to shop online you can get a pair for $30 to $40 US shipped, even from the UK. After you try them on, you'll easily understand why they go for $60 a pop at department stores. There's just no comparison, I'm a Falke fan for life now!

  5. Thanks Anonymous for such a detailed contribution. Falke are a really superb brand. I am hoping to review the Pure Matt 20 tights soon.

  6. Thank you for posting my review and thank you for all the work you've done on all the reviews and information. I'm just glad there's an excellent source of information for these products from the male's perspective. Your review last year is what got me to start researching the Falke brand and this style more in depth. I'll keep an eye out for the Pure Matte 20 review, those look like a nice option for the warmer season here.

  7. Thanks again Anonymous. The feedback is really appreciated. The Falke Pure Matt 20 will be arriving shortly and I hope you find my forthcoming review useful.