Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tights retailers and men: Part 2

UK Tights is one of the Britain's leading hosiery retailers on the internet. They stock a huge selection of brands and have very friendly and helpful customer service.

The UK Tights website has a specific page for men's tights. They state:

"Gender at UK Tights is not an issue, a large part of our customer base are in fact men and we welcome them. Whether you are looking for everyday tights or something for a special person or occasion, we will help you find the best quality products as well as providing a discrete and personal service."

They stock both the Gerbe men's tights as well as the WoMan unisex range. For both of these brands one can read product reviews from customers.

However, UK TIghts encourage men to browse all of the products they sell:

"For those men that are slightly more adventurous you should try products from any of our many sections, the tall section being a favourite."

Some time ago, Dawn at UK Tights recommended I try the Kunert Satin Look Tights. They are very good quality.

In summary, UK Tights recognises that plenty of men are buying their products and provide a first class service. In my experience they are always happy for customers to make contact and will always promptly answer any enquiries.


  1. Hi there,

    Loving the articles about where to buy. Would be keen to hear about your experiences with high-street stores ? Were the assistants helpful, or not ?

    I saw you had an okay experience in Harrods - but would love to hear of your experiences (good & bad) of other high street retailers like Wolford, M&S, Selfridges etc. I think it would be helpful to know where guys can be confident or receiving help & advice, or conversely where the experience wasn't so good.

    Thanks !

  2. Hi PJ - Thanks for the positive feedback. In general my experiences in high street and department stores have been okay. In some of them the assistants are indifferent but others have been really helpful, especially Harrods (the Falke section) and the London Wolford shop.

    Would be good to hear from other guys (and women) about their experiences.

  3. Thanks ! Could you share which London Wolford store was good for you ?

  4. It was:

    Wolford Partner Boutique London W1
    3 South Molton Street
    London, W1K 5QB

  5. "For those men that are slightly more adventurous you should try products from any of our many sections, the tall section being a favourite."

    I say be adventurous... Have fun... Look and feel good..

  6. There's another website called "LuxeLegwear" located in the USA that has a section specifically labeled for men. They also said on their website in response to the question "Do you have male customers who purchase for themselves?", the answer "Yes, we have such a demand that we also carry legwear that is anatomically designed for men."

    They also feature some women's tights in the largest size provided by the manufacturer, which can help accommodate many moderately sized men.