Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hello everyone and welcome to Hosiery for Men, a new blog about men's tights and legwear.

There seems to be a growing trend and popularity of tights for men. One can argue that tights have historically been part of men's fashion and attire, although currently many, if not most, people would regard men wearing tights as odd or some kind of weird fetish. On the contrary, most men who wear tights do so because they like them and also appreciate the comfort and other benefits they provide.

I have enjoyed wearing tights for many years and it is has been such a positive development to see this segment of the market now being catered for both by mainstream hosiery stores and manufacturers.

In this blog I aim to track new developments, discuss trends as well as review products, both tights made specifically for men but also women's tights that I also like.


  1. Go for it... Looking forward to all your postings..

  2. Thanks for being bold enough to do this! Of course, the Internet enables a degree of anonymity that helps make it easier to do a website like this. But the fact that you have gotten attention from some hosiery companies is quite a compliment to your efforts.

    I can appreciate your perspective on wearing tights and I think the largest problem we men face is that society creates certain ideas about how men and women should be. This "fear of the feminine" that men seem to be fixated on has been the greatest challenge. Thankfully things are changing and now men are seen everywhere wearing running tights while exercising outside in cold weather. Still... I have on occasion gotten a comment from a guy while I'm out and about with my running tights on (that clearly have "NIKE" imprinted on them), like "don't you feel funny wearing tights as a guy?" "No, why should I?" "Because tights are women's clothing!" Attempting to explain how there's a difference between fashion and exercise proved futile, so I didn't even try to argue how even fashion should change.

    Anyway, It's so good to see how we have a number of hosiery makers branching out and overtly making tights for men. No longer do we have to wear dance tights, which have thick seams that make it uncomfortable to wear them for long periods. It's also encouraging to see women's hosiery lines expanding a bit. I know some of it is due to the overweight issues going on, yet height has nothing to do with being overweight and some tights styles are now supporting a few inches more these days (whereas in the past they were often capped at 5'11").

    Blogs like yours go along way to helping to spread the good word and to help men find hosiery that fits them well. Hopefully we'll see more women come to appreciate how good a man can look when dressed in tights, rather than fearing he may have effeminate tendencies. :-)

  3. If you can, at some point it would be great if you could create a page that you'll update periodically, listing the tights you've tried, a brief note of your impressions, the sizes supported, and the retailers that carry them.

    Also, have you seen the website "First4Legwear"? They use a review template that works really well. You might want to see about using it or customizing it for your own purposes. Here's an example:

    Stealth (if in a skin-matching colour) (0 = totally unmissable, 10 = invisible)
    Opacity (0 = totally opaque (no skin show-through at all), 10 = non-existent)
    Shine (0 = totally matte, 10 = very reflective)
    Comfort (0 = poor, 10 = extremely comfortable)
    Glide (under trousers) (0 = no glide at all, 10 = Teflon-like)
    Compression (tightness) (0 = barely noticeable, 10 = I can't breathe!)
    Durability (0 = fall apart if you sneeze, 10 = bulletproof)

  4. I have visited your site for reviews on several occasions and must comment on the sophisticated attention to detail and level of professionalism you put forward to those of us seeking this information. You have my never-ending gratitude and can count on my contributions whenever possible in every way possible to help our fashion-forward community. Plus let's face it... hosiery on men just makes our legs look and pheel grrrrrrreat! Thank you.

  5. Thanks Chip. Your feedback is really welcome and I am pleased you find the blog useful.