Friday, 7 October 2011

Ufash unisex tights now available at Legwear4Men

Legwear4Men are now have the Ufash unisex tights in stock.

The range comprises four models:

The 20-denier 'Frida & Fred' sheer tights are available in colours Beige and Black colours. Price: £7.75

The 40-denier 'Lucy & Luca' are semi-opaque tights, and come in Tan and Black colours. Price: £7.99

The 'Anna & Andy' are 60-denier opaque tights and come in Coffee (Dark Brown), Graphite (Dark Grey) and Black colours. Price: £8.75

Finally, the 100-denier 'Zara & Zac' comes in Black only. Price: £9.49


  1. As an idea, men's hosiery is ok, but as a mainstrem thing it's a little far out there...

  2. Why do say that pantyhose blogging? Men's hosiery has clearly moved beyond the 'idea' stage: there are many manufacturers making and designing for men and also mainstream hosiery retailers see men as an important part of their market.

  3. Men's hosiery or women's hosiery as long as people are wearing hosiery...
    The more people who wears hosiery the better all round....