Friday, 6 July 2012

Men's tights from Knittex: Preview #5

Here is another preview of the new collection of men's tights from the Polish hosiery manufacturer Knittex.

These are the 20 denier Fleet footless tights.


  1. Hello!
    They (Knittex) tights and leggings for men sell?
    I want to buy in bulk. On the site only pantyhose for women!
    How do you know about the new models?
    How do I buy wholesale men's tights and leggings have Knittex???

    Website: Caretta-shop. Py
    If you can, please respond by e-mail:

  2. Konstantin, Knittex is only developing the new line for men that hasn't been launched yet. You should contact them directly. As for photos, they are available on their Facebook page and some Polish blogs that are doing testing. Good pre-launch marketing ongoing... I suspect this line won't be much different from regular women's tights apart from the back panel been a front panel now, plus packaging showing a man.