Sunday, 15 July 2012

Men's tights from Knittex: Preview #7

Here is a further preview of the new collection of men's tights from the Polish hosiery manufacturer Knittex.

This style is the 40 denier 'Swift' tights for men.


  1. Any idea when they'll be available? And where to buy?

    I don't see anything about them on the Knittex site.

    1.,catalog,105.html - here is the link. I'm from Poland and recently bought a pair of Smart 20 DEN. I must admit they're really comfortable. This company is quite active on their fb page: Unfortunately for you - the contents is mainly in Polish..

  2. I don't know anything more at this stage. Knittex haven't replied to my enquiries but it is possible that they are on leave for the summer as are many Polish businesses I am told.

    Hopefully they will see that there is a lot of interest in the new range and provide further information.