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Reviewed: Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights

UK Tights are one of the leading online hosiery retailers in the UK. They have always catered for men buying tights for themselves and also have an expanding men's tights section on their website.

You can still read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our feature on UK Tights and our interview with managing director, Dawn Barber.

UK Tights sent Hosiery For Men a pair of the Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights to review.

Materials and features

UK Tights describe the Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights as follows:

"Oroblu's very best offering. Couture is a range of astounding leg wear, which boasts some of the most incredible designs of the Italian brands. Soft Touch was one of our first Oroblu Couture products and it has been specially reintroduced due to the inexhaustible demand and devotion it commands.

"Soft Touch 60 is a beautiful design that gains its popularity simply from its high quality materials, superb fit and its unrivalled comfort. It is the epitome of beauty and it is back to stay. Try your own Oroblu Couture and you may very well not want to wear anything else."

The packaging of these tights is really exceptional. Unlike the usual envelope and cellophane packaging that is so common, these tights are housed in a very sturdy and attractive box. Inside the box the tights are folded around a rectangular card and then housed in a cellophane enclosure. All very classy.

The Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights are made from 89% Polyamide and 11% Elastane.

Although they are 60 denier, the fabric is very dense and with a smooth, uniform knit. The fabric is very soft indeed, with a luxurious, velvet feel. Appearance is mainly matte with very little shine at all.

They are sheer to waist and with flat seams. The waistband is wide and comfortable. Interestingly for an Oroblu style in XL, there is no rear comfort panel, just a conventional flat seam running down the front and rear of the brief/panty.

Everything about these the Couture Soft Touch 60 tights speaks quality. For example, you can see that the seams have been carefully trimmed to avoid any 'tails' being left hanging.

Fit and sizing
The Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X Large.

I tested a pair in X Large.

These tights have an impressive amount of elasticity and stretch. Oroblu state that the fabric is 'Progress 3 Dimension', designed to provide a perfect fit.

A perfect fit is indeed what they provide. These tights seem to cling to and caress your legs as you put them on. The 3D elasticity ensure that there is no bunching or wrinkling at all. They really fit like a second skin and feel quite wonderful.

The brief is deep and comfortable.

The waistband provides excellent support. Oroblu seems to be ahead of everyone when it come to the construction of the waistband for tights. That aspect clearly gets as much attention during the design and manufacture stage as all the other elements.

Colour range
The Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights are available in three shades: Black, Moka and Blue-Chic.

I tested a pair in Moka, a rich dark brown colour.

Price and availability
The Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights are available from UK Tights for £11.99.

The more Oroblu tights I test, the more I feel that this brand is becoming one of my favourites. The Oroblu Different 80 Opaque Tights and the Oroblu Chantal 120 Opaque Tights have also been reviewed here and both earned deserved recommendations.

The Oroblu Couture Soft Touch 60 Tights are also recommended for the following reasons:

  • Top quality yarn and fabric
  • Superb fit
  • The wonderful feeling when worn
  • Generous sizing up to X Large
  • Perfect for wearing under trousers in cooler weather as they are not a very heavy duty opaque.
I am looking forward to reviewing some more Oroblu tights. I can see that a 50 Denier Different opaque is also now available. Hopefully I can get to try that style soon.

Thanks to UK Tights for kindly providing the sample and their continued commitment and support for men buying tights.

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