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Guest review: Couture Ultimates 100 Denier 'The Sarah' Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights

We recently published a guest review of the Kunert Warm Up Cotton Opaque Tights by Lei, a Hosiery For Men reader from the USA.

Lei has now sent us a further guest review of the Couture Ultimates 100 Denier 'The Sarah' Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights, which he purchased from UK Tights.

You can still read our own review of the 'The Sarah' tights by Couture Ultimates, which we published last month.

About me

Male, 5’10’’, ~157lb, average build.

I have recently purchased a pair of Couture Ultimates 'The Sarah' seamless tights, size L, in color black, from UK Tights.

Purchasing experience and packaging

I usually buy my tights in size XL, even though I’m generally a size L. After reading Hosiery For Men’s review on the Sarah tights, I decided to try them in size L instead.

The packaging is very nice; the tights themselves are wrapped around a card showing how to put the tights on, and they themselves are wrapped in plastic.

(Please pardon the dust in the pictures; I’ll talk about the dust a bit more later.)

First impressions

These tights feel velvety soft, rather heavy, and very thick in hand – despite the 100 denier appearance, they just feel thicker than that. It is probably a result of the knitting technique that they’ve employed in these tights. I take the feeling in hand to be an indication of their excellent build quality – these do not feel like they will fall apart if you sneeze on them!

They look very opaque and there is no shine. They are very stretchy and maintain their opaque look, and that’s what I would expect for having 19% spandex.


There is no seam anywhere except a horizontal seam under the crotch section. I’m very glad that it is there – I’ve previously bought a pair of seamless tights before from another retailer, and the crotch section seems to be where the structural weakness is, with signs of tearing already, and I think that the seam will help these tights last longer.

The waistband is wide and stretchy. There is no gusset or back panel, and there is no tag to tell between front and back.

Wearing experience

As I mentioned, I’m 5’10’’ and around 157lb, so I’m at the upper end of the “Large” size range.

These tights are pleasantly soft and stretchy, snug but not overly tight, and you feel like they are hugging you! They feel that they are thick enough to be worn with shorts around freezing temperatures, though I’ve not tried that.

They fit me well, though I did notice that they slide somewhat when I walk around. The waistband is comfortable but doesn’t seem to be tight enough to keep the tights in place.

Opacity is what I expect: knees will show a little when I bend them, but otherwise almost perfectly opaque.

One thing that I did not like: these tights really pick up dust quickly! I took the tights out of the packaging once before taking the pictures, and despite the fact that they’ve been kept in the original packaging between the two times I’ve taken them out, they’ve managed to pick up a lot of dust, and the dust does not come off easily. I’ve not seen any tights pick up dust this quickly before – maybe it has to do with the knitting technique?

Color range, sizing and pricing

The Couture Ultimates “Sarah” tights are available only in Black, with sizes small to X-Large.

These tights are available on UK Tights exclusively for £10.99, or around $13.63 as of writing.


I love everything about these tights – soft, stretchy, snug, warm, seamless, all for a very reasonable price – except for one thing: the dust. I’ll reserve judgment after wearing them a few more times to see if they accumulate more dust at this rate, but for me personally, the dust bothers me a lot.

I would also probably go for an X-Large for my size – despite the snugness, they sag a bit too much for my liking and I felt a constant need to pull them back up when I walk around, but that could just be because I’m used to wearing tights that’s one size bigger for me.

Would I buy another pair? I would, if I determine that the dust does not become a big issue after a few more wears.

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