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Reviewed: Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights

Couture Ultimates launched their new and innovative seamless and ladder-proof tights last year.

All the tights in the Couture Ultimates collection are available from UK Tights, who along with Legwear International, provided us with samples from the range too trial and review.

We already published a review of the Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' Seamless and Ladder Proof Tights and the Couture Ultimates 'Sarah' 100 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Tights.

We also recently published a guest review of the Couture Ultimates 'Sarah' 100 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Tights by Hosiery For Men reader Lei.

We now focus on the Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights.

Couture Ultimates - the brand

Legwear International are the brand behind the Couture Ultimates range.

We recently interviewed Allan Falconer, the director of Legwear International, and he explained what is unique about the Couture Ultimates range:

"Normal hosiery is knitted in horizontal rows of stitches – the same as one would knit a jumper on a flat hand operated knitting machine or knitting using knitting needles. If a thread breaks the material then creates a run or in the case of tights, a ladder. Tights are knitted using a circle of needles where tubes are created and then sewn together, hence the seam through the middle of the body from front to back.

"Couture Ultimates have been knitted in one piece (therefore no seams) using a machine that was designed to make fabric – this machine can also produce netting and crochet type designs. This machine has a long bed of needles but each needle has an individual thread of yarn. Tights have previously been made on these machines but limited to netting type fabrics. Nobody previously has managed to develop a range of everyday hosiery using this technology.

"Because of the different knitting technique Couture Ultimates are made up from vertical rows of knots as opposed to horizontal rows of stitches. In addition to the other benefits this also makes them 100% ladder proof."

The Couture Ultimates range has nine styles: 60 and 100 denier opaque tights, together with seven fashion styles.

The collection can be viewed at UK Tights and on the Coutures Ultimates website.


Packaging for the whole Couture Ultimates range is consistent across the collection: the tights are folded around a card that provides useful information on how to the tights on.

This is then wrapped in a cellophane bag, and everything is then enclosed in a robust card envelope.

Material and features

The Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights are made from 81% Nylon and 19% Spandex.

The tights feel smooth to the touch, but curiously slightly less smooth than the 100 denier 'Sarah' style that we reviewed previously.

The overall design is very similar to the 'Sarah'

The waistband is 3cm wide and provides comfortable support.

There is no central seam in the brief, but unlike there the 'Sarah' style there is a gusset in both the Large and Extra Large models.

Opaque coverage is very dense for 60 denier tights with a matt appearance and little shine.

Fit and sizing

The Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights are available in four sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • Extra-Large 
I tested pairs in both the Large and Extra-Large sizes.

Its really important to take care when putting Couture Ultimates tights on, and it's recommend that you refer to the detailed instruction card that is inside every pack.

Couture Ultimates have also released a helpful video to provide further support in how to put your Couture Ultimates tights on.

I tried the Extra-Large size first. The fit was very good in all respects.

I found I had to put the tights on quite slowly, as there high Spandex content in the year provides quite a lot of compression.

The Extra Large easily stretched to my 5'10" height. The brief has plenty of room and when in position sits as a high waist style stretching over the navel.

As mentioned there is quite a decent amount of compression in the 'Anne' style, and the tights really do hug the legs. The sensation is pleasant and also provides a certain amount of leg support. These tights provide a real 'second skin' sensation, which is somewhat rare in opaque styles.

I also found that once on these tights will stay in position beautifully and require little or no pulling up or adjustment throughout the day.

I got an equally good fit with the Large size. As with my review of the 100 denier 'Sarah' model, the Large size does not seem to be noticeable small than the Extra Large. The leg length was perhaps slightly shorter, but there is still plenty of stretch.

The brief was equally deep and roomy in the Large size and stretch comfortably above the hips and waist.

Both Large and Extra Large sizes provided a great, comfortable wearing experience. the compression will also keep legs feel fresh and energised.

Colour range

The Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Couture Ultimates 'The Anne' 60 Denier Seamless and Ladder Proof Opaque Tights are priced at £10.99 at UK Tights.


This is our third review of tights in the Couture Ultimates range and we remain impressed with the quality as well as the overall wearing experience.

The overall positives of 'The Anne' model are: 

  • Great sizing options with both Large and Extra Large sizes being suitable for larger and taller women and men.
  • Superb fit and a genuine second skin feeling. 
  • Top wearing experience, enhanced by the snug fit and moderate compression on the legs. 
  • Robust yarn and design which should stand regular wear. 
  • Excellent value for many at just £10.99.
'The Anne' opaques are my favourite from all the styles reviewed so far in the Couture Ultimates range. I am really going to enjoy wearing these over the rest of this cold weather season. 


Stay tuned for a further Couture Ultimates review that will appear shortly.

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  1. This is awesome knowing that there is a support style. Seamless support hosiery would be the best thing ever for my blood pooling in my legs--at least I've imagined seamless support pantyhose would be the most comfortable support hosiery ever if done right.