Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Reviewed: ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks

UK Tights are now stocking a range of hosiery from the German ITEM m6 brand.

UK Tights sent us a pair of the ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks to trial and review.

About ITEM m6

ITEM m6 is the fashion brand of medi, a high-tech manufacturer in Germany with over 60 years experience in product development, utilising the highest production standards to integrate "medi compression" technology into state-of the-art legwear.


The packaging is really impressive and I wasn't surprised to hear that ITEM m6 was the winner of a reddot award 2015 for packaging design.

The socks arrived in a very cool rectangular black card box. The box has a clear plastic window cut into the front, which reveals an inner card that is wrapped around the socks.

Material and features

ITEM m6 describe the socks as follows: 

Perfect for frosty winter days. For the sensation of walking on cotton wool. Innovative compression technology made in Germany.

The new Socks Fine Ribbed from ITEM m6 are the warmest way to look cool. Master every challenge as if you were walking on clouds thanks to the soft plush high-tech fabric in their soles. Toasty warm and powerfully effective – full compression power and improved circulation provide a boost of energy on and off the clock.

Got a long wait at a frosty train station? The Socks Fine Ribbed are ready to keep you company and have brought a hot water bottle along. Worn under a suit and lace-up shoes, they show themselves from their smart side as they work to create a lasting feeling of well-being – even when the train arrives later than usual.

Pressure-free cuffs, skin-friendly and breathable fabric, and unique compression technology all merge in the ITEM m6 socks to create a novel wearing experience. Innovation, design and technology for exacting quality standards made by medi, Germany.

These socks are made in Germany. The yarn, described as a high-tech form fit thread, is 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane.

The key features are:

  • 50 denier appearance
  • Ribbed texture
  • Reinforced sole, heel and toe
  • A 3cm wide pressure-free cuff.
The sole is particularly interesting as it is woven from a thicker yarn and has a pattern with wider ribs. This provides a thicker sole and cushions the foot.

The material is soft and comfortable again the skin. It also looks extremely durable and hard wearing.

The overall impression is that these socks have been designed with immense care to provide to provide the benefits of compression, alongside optimum comfort,

Fit and sizing

The ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks are available in four sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium 
  • Large
  • Extra Large (L+)

I tested them in the L+ size.

You can find your own perfect fit by using the ITEM m6 size finder tool on their men's socks page.

Unlike some compression legwear, the ITEM m6 fine ribbed socks were really easy to put on the feet.

I worse these socks for a whole working day and the overarching impression is that they are just incredibly comfortable. The reinforced sole provided a real cushion and you feel that your shoes have suddenly become more comfortable!

The L+ provided a really good fit for my feet (show size 44; UK 10.5). The yarn is quite stretchy and the high Elastane content allows them mould to the shape of the foot.

Other key aspects of fit and wearing experience are:

  • The socks stayed in place perfectly all day, supported by the pressure-free cuff that does not dig in or constrict in any way.
  • They feel great against the skin.
  • They provided warmth and insulation on a very cold day, but the material also breathed well.
  • Moderate level of compression.
  • The ribbed pattern looks smart and elegant so these socks work well with formal ear but will also function well in more casual situations.
Colour range

The ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks are available in three colours:
  • Black
  • Vert Noire
  • Anthra Purple
I tried a pair in Black.

Price and availability

The ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks are priced at £17.50 at UK Tights.


For socks, the ITEM m6 men's fine ribbed socks would be a relatively pricy purchase but the quality is so good that I feel this is justified.

Firstly, the yarn used is extremely durable. I am certain that these socks will provide an extended period of wear.

The fine ribbed style looks really good when worn. The overall wearing experience was exceptional.

It would be great if this style was also available as men's fine ribbed tights. Hopefully that might be something that ITEM m6 looks at.


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  1. Thanks for the detailed review. I picked up a pair of these on the cheap from eBay. The seller had 2 new pairs for just $15 USD shipped, which is cheaper than 1 pair off the Item M6 website. Unfortunately the largest size available was Large, not Large Plus, but I got them anyway. While the fit was rather tight, as I'd expect from compression socks, I wore them for a full day and they felt fine. My shoe size is between EU45 and EU46. So there's ample stretch. I will go for L+ next time, for a slightly less compressed option when I want it.