Sunday, 10 December 2017

Fibrotex Legwear For Men

We have just been checking out the impressive range of legwear for men produced by the German brand Fibrotex.

All products are made at their factory in Pegau, Germany.

The selection of hosiery styles, colours and features is extensive.

For example, tights for men come with a front panel and with a front panel and fly opening.

Deniers range from 20 to 200.

Yarns include 3D Microfiber.

And check the sizing options: From S to 10XL.

Colour options are also very extensive.

As well as men's tights, Fibrotex sells different styles of men's leggings and an extensive range of what they call men's body tights.

Here is an example: 120 Den 3D Microfibre body tights with a front opening, reinforced toe and short arms.

We definitely want to check these out and bring you some Fibrotex product reviews.


  1. Have you bought anything from them? how did it feel?

  2. Most of their products are made of soft and velvet Lycra3D. Their pantyhose, leggings and bodys feel like a second skin, very smooth, soft and elastic. It's a pleasure to wear. Personallly my favourites are all their 80 DEN products.

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    2. Would love to try them and do a review. I tried to make contact with Fibrotex but they never replied, so I didn't pursue it. Are they available in retail stores or just online?