Monday, 24 December 2018


Here are some more findings from our MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey.

The third question we asked in the survey was:

When buying tights which aspects are important? 

Here is a summary of your responses:

The responses are clear that "feel and comfort" of tights are the aspects that are most valued by men.

The survey confirms that we like tights that fit well, and are well made with quality yarns that use Elastane/Lycra.

It is notable that there is not a strong demand for specific features for men such as front panels and fly openings.

But men do value the availability of larger sizing options and expect products to be durable.

Once again, there is a lot here for brands to pay attention to if they wish to secure and build on the male segment of their customers.

Here are some of your additional comments on what you look for when buying tights:

It's all about fit, fit, fit. I'm bigger, 6'2" athletic. Much prefer conventional tights with a regular gusset over the "rear comfort panel" common on larger sizes of certain brands. A wide, comfortable waistband is essential. Have not tried many tights with a front comfort panel, not a big fan, not really interested in those. 

I’ve put the feel and comfort as I always wear tights under jeans or trousers therefore the feel of them against the trousers is important some tights will grab or bind with the material of the trousers which make them uncomfortable and pulls the tights down which is this issue I found with long johns and one of the reasons I swapped to wearing tights. 

Fly opening and/or front comfort panel is an option but not mandatory for me and only useful when worn without underwear, which I personally do not like. When worn over underwear the fly opening is almost never matching the fly opening on the underwear.

I NEED tights with good quality but I LOVE tights with good feel.


Seamless is better both in leggings and tights. 

I prefer seamless tights which if I find are the most comfortable for the male anatomy 

Mainly quality of compression, quality of product, packaging and durability. 

For tights worn under trousers/leggings/jeggings, l like a smooth glossy finish. 

I like to feel as though I am wearing tights. I dislike poor fitting tights that sag...which is often a trick with a 33" inseam. Many manufacturers assume that because I am tall I must have a big girth on my legs - Oroblu are a rare exception. 

Gusset very important. 

I do sometimes like to wear tights with some compression, especially if I have to sit all day or during hikes.I also like tights (like the LM glow brand) that prevent you from getting sweaty. That's also one of the reasons that I prefer tights over long johns. The fact that you can choose from a range of materials and types means that you can adjust to diffrerent weather conditions. Tights that are well designed also stay in place while long johns bunch up under your trousers (I mainly wear my tights under trousers). 

Length suitable for long legs, and proper sizing for someone with slim, normal waist. I also found that seamless tights and pantyhose are very comfortable, even if they don't have front panel for male anatomy. 

I’m 5’11" and 185lbs with runners legs and just about every brand is just a tad to short, so I have to go with queen size and that reduces the options of so many brands I’d love to wear. We need extra tall so I and everyone above 5’9" could buy from all these companies.

Longer leg length.

The overall look of pantyhose, if they're ugly I wouldn't buy them. That is also why I dislike pantyhose made specifically for men because they just look so ugly. So I select from women's range. 

Lycra in the tights help them stay put better throughout the day and also feel nicer as well. The main issue for guys is the legs are not long enough. 

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