Thursday, 29 May 2014

Men Wearing Tights Under Shorts - It's back!

It's great to welcome the reappearance of the Men Wearing Tights Under Shorts blog.

This excellent blog had been tracking for several the style being featured by countless menswear designers, including leading fashion houses such as Prada and Givenchy.

The whole archive shows how widespread and innovative this style is becoming.

Take a look at the blog and see tights for men being deployed at the cutting edge of men's fashion and style!

Here are a few of the most recent images on the blog.


  1. That's superb news! I wish i can walk like these models on the street.Just shorts with sheer 10-20 den tights :)

  2. You can. It's quite easy. Just get some 10 denier Matt flesh tights and you can wear with shorts without a single glance. What the eye does not expect to see, it doesn't see. Just make sure your legs are shaved! By the way, hairless legs don't attract any glances either.

  3. Very sexy and comfortable for men!