Thursday, 1 January 2015

Cecilia de Rafael Digital Ambassador Junius Paul, Part 2

We recently published the news that Cecilia de Rafael, one of Europe's leading hosiery brands, had appointed a male Digital Ambassador to showcase and champion their tights and hosiery. 

The Cecilia de Rafael Digital Ambassador is the Chicago-based musician Junius Paul.

Before Christmas we published Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Junius.

In the second part of our interview, Junius provides more information about the Cecilia de Rafael brand, particular styles of their tights that he recommends and his further thoughts on tights for men.

As Digital Ambassador for Cecilia de Rafael, can you say more about the brand?

Cecilia de Rafael is centrally based in Barcelona, Spain and has been designing and producing hosiery since 1976, distributing worldwide. As one of the leading hosiery companies in the world, CdR exudes elegance with a flare for the avant-garde, continually staying on the edge of hosiery fashion. 

Their hosiery is art for the legs, and the comfort level and length are perfect for women and men, notably for tall men like myself. I am 6’4 (193 cm) with long legs, and their tights and leggings fit me very comfortably and stay at the waist without sagging. CdR ships internationally, and you can visit them at in addition to their social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Lookbook).

Are there any Cecilia de Rafael tights that have particularly impressed you?

Yes. Their Brazilia tights are my absolute favorite style of theirs; the colors and patterns are a great representation of CdR’s avant-garde style. I love their Camouflage tights, and the Metalic and Link styles are very flattering for the leg. The Coral Opac 60 and Ave 70 tights are incredibly versatile for any clothing ensemble, and the Sensaci√≥n and Jumbo 200 denier tights are thick and extremely warm for the colder months (especially in Chicago, where it gets very cold in the winter).

Junius modelling the Cecilia de Rafael Metalic tights

There is always a lot of media coverage of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility nowadays of men buying and wearing tights?

I agree, there is a lot of media coverage involving tights for men, and there can always be more. Visibility of men buying and wearing tights is a process that will continue to evolve; everybody that aids in the process is important. Tights are for whomever decides to wear them (be it for style and/or practicality), and I am excited for what is to come for the advancement of legwear for women and men! 

appreciate Cecilia de Rafael for the opportunity to promote tights for men, and I encourage everyone to wear tights!

Junius modelling the Cecilia de Rafael Jumbo 200 denier tights.

Thank you Junius for speaking to Hosiery For Men. Once again we congratulate you on becoming Digital Ambassador for Cecilia de Rafael. We are look forward to hearing more about your ambassadorial activities in 2015.

We will be bringing you more news about Cecilia de Rafael tights very soon. Watch this space!


  1. Let’s see what he is recommending for spring and summer season.

  2. Cecilia de Rafael is incredible brand and they did the right choice on Junius Paul! He is stylish and shows a great taste for men. I am glad to see this way of wearing tights for men!