Saturday, 21 December 2019

Reviewed: Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights

The Spanish hosiery brand Platino recently sent us some tights to review.

We have already reviewed the Platino 180 Denier Térmico (Thermal) Tights, a great product that we recommend.

We now focus on the Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights.

The Total Confort 80 Tights are part of the Platino Total Confort range. Earlier this year we reviewed the Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights.


Packaging is simple. The tights are folded around a white card rectangle, then enclosed in a cellophane bag. Everything is then housed in a card envelope.

Materials and features

These tights are part of Platino's Total Confort range. The range includes: 

  • 20 Denier Knee Highs 
  • 50 Denier Knee Highs 
  • 10 Denier Tights 
  • 15 Denier Tights 
  • 20 Denier Tights 
  • 40 Denier Tights 
  • 80 Denier Tights 
The key concept in the Platino Total Confort range is the design of the waistband. This has been made to provide a high level of comfort without digging in, being too tight or leaving any pressure marks.

The waistband on Total Confort Tights is adjustable, and can be positioned either on your hips or higher up around the waist. Therefore you have high and low waist versions in one garment.

Here's a summary of the key features: 

  • Made in Spain 
  • 94% Polyamide and 6% Elastane 
  • Soft and silky feel, with satin appearance 
  • Boarded with a shaped leg, heel and foot 
  • Sheer to waist 
  • Conventional seams 
  • Gusset 
  • Wide comfort 7cm-wide waistband 
  • Deep brief, measuring 30cm from top of waistband to gusset 
  • No toe reinforcement

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights are available in four sizes: 


I wore the S-IV size.

Taking the tights from the packaging, I was impressed with the appearance of a long leg length. They felt gorgeously smooth and soft to the touch.

The knit is close and dense, giving almost total opaque coverage.

The tights have a noticeable sheen, and a slight shine when caught in the light.

Fit on the leg was pretty much perfect. However for my 5'10" height they were almost at full stretch. I wouldn't recommend these if you are much taller.

Glide under trousers was excellent.

The brief/panty was reasonably comfortable, although I would have preferred it to have a bit more stretch and elasticity. The waistband came above the waist and hips, but when wearing for a period slipped down below the navel.

However overall, I found the Total Confort 80s on the small side, even though I wore the largest size available. Although they look really quite large, for me they lacked enough stretch to fully accommodate my height. They feel great on the skin, but over a day of wearing I found I was pulling up the leg and readjusting the waistband.

Colour range

The Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights are available in two colours: Negro (Black) and Cafe (Coffee).

I wore them in the Black shade.

Price and availability

The Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights retail in Spain for around €15.00.

If you are not based in Spain, you should be able to find them via eBay and Amazon.


The Platino 80 Denier Total Confort Tights are good quality 80 denier opaques. I did like the fabric and the smooth, comfortable feel on the skin. They are great to wear under trousers as the glide is exceptional. They also look good.

However, as detailed above, I didn't feel these were really my size. If you have thin legs and a slender build the S-IV size could work well. For me, there needed to be more stretch and elasticity for a really comfortable fit.

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  1. RE the sizing, I came to a similar conclusion about Platino. Lovely tights, but they run small, and are clearly designed for "slender" shapes. I bought several pairs of a few styles for myself, in the largest sizes available, and ended up giving them to my wife... they were even "a little too snug" on her, despite being fully a size too large for her by the chart on the back. The knit and construction appeared first-rate, though.