Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Updated Mini Review of The Thirty Tights by Heist

The Thirty tights by Heist

The Thirty are described as:

"Sheer and lighter than you'd expect - but still robust enough for every day."


The Thirty are 30-denier tights. They are made with luxurious double-covered yarn (75% polyamide, 25% elastane) for softness and warmth, whilst being robust enough for everyday wear.

Colour range

The Thirty is available in Jet Black only.

Size options

The Thirty tights are currently available in six sizes:

Waist: 22"-23" / UK size 4

Waist 23"-25" / UK size 6-8

Waist 26"-28" / UK size 10

Waist 29"-32" / UK size 12-14

Waist 33"-37" / UK size 16-18

Waist 38"-42" / UK size 20-22


  • Low waistband: £19.00
  • High waistband: £21.00

Fit and wearing experience

You can read my original review of The Thirty from November 2017 here.

I previously trialled The Thirty with the High waistband in the UK 12-14 size / 29"-32" waist.

This is actually a smaller size than what my actual measurements dictate, but the fit was excellent. At the time of writing the original review, the UK 16-18 size (33"-37" waist) was not available.

I wore this pair again for this more recent review.

Here is a summary of my wearing experience with The Thirty:

  • Amazingly soft yarn 
  • Super stretchy and generous leg length
  • Highly elastic High waistband
  • Seamless (no centre seam in the brief/body)
  • No gusset
  • Semi-opaque/semi-sheer appearance. Leg hair is visible if not removed.
  • Matte appearance on the leg with very little shine.
In the High waist version, the waistband came come well over my waist and hips. It can sit quite high if you want it to. What is great is that you can adjust easily so it sits in the most comfortable place.

The waistband is extremely comfortable and does not dig in or construct at all. It takes on your shape and will move with you as you move.

As mentioned above, this review was based on a smaller size than what I would normally choose. However the fit was perfect as The Thirty are so stretchy.

Our verdict

The conclusion reached in my original review still stands: "an exceptional wearing experience."

I also concluded:

"The Thirty tights impress on every level. Your legs will love how they feel, I guarantee that."

If you are looking for a pair of semi-sheer tights, The Thirty are the ones to go for. They are not very opaque at all, and but will give slightly more coverage to the leg compared to The Nude.

Once you have them on, The Thirty tights will stay up and stay in place until you take them off again, which I doubt you will want to as they are so, so comfortable.

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