Friday, 30 March 2012

More new products from Comfort4Men

Comfort4Men is a hosiery manufacturer based in Germany. They make an innovative and unique series of tights designed specifically for men.

I have already written positive reviews of two Comfort4Men styles:

The 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights and the 70 Denier Opaque Men's Tights.

You can also read a recent review of the 60 Denier Luxury Tights at the Tights for Men blog.

Comfort4Men have just announced a new style of men's tights: 17 denier 'Transparent' tights.

These are available in both high waist and low waist versions.

The 60 Denier Luxury Tights, which I have already reviewed are also now available in the indigo shade.

Stay tuned for another Comfort4Men review which will appear shortly.

Competition winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the exclusive competition that Hosiery For Men ran in partnership with Tights Please.

Thanks for all the retweets, and welcome to all the new readers of this blog.

The winners are:






Make sure you all DM @tightsplease with your details.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Reviewed: Cecilia de Rafael Coral 60 Denier Tights

I recently wrote my first review of opaque tights made by the Spanish hosiery manufacturer Cecilia de Rafael. You can still read the review of the Zafiro 60 Opac Plus Tights.

We now turn our attention to the Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights.

Material and features

The Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights are part of the Cecilia de Rafael Clásicos range.

As with the previous Cecilia de Rafael style I reviewed, my first impressions of these were extremely positive. The fabric is absolutely top quality, with a very smooth feel.

The Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights are 60 denier opaque tights made with Lycra 3D. The fabric used is 92% polyamide (nylon) and 8% Lycra.

Lycra 3D hosiery contains Lycra fibre in every stitch of every row. This high Lycra fibre content gives fabric exceptional elasticity and clings to the legs like a second skin, with no sagging or wrinkling.

These tights are also made with a very high 70% Tactel® content and it is this that provides the very soft feel to the fabric. I have just been reading more about Tactel®: it is a type of nylon that dries eight times faster than cotton, and is at least twice as soft as most other fibers. Tactel® is lightweight and breathable, but also extremely resilient compared to natural fibres. Oh, and the name Tactel® is derived from “tacto”, the Latin word for “touch.”

The Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights are sheer to waist and have superbly constructed flat seams throughout. The waistband is about 4cm wide and is very comfortable.

In the size 5 that I tested, there is a rear comfort panel. Sizes 1 to 4 have a cotton gusset.

These tights have a satin sheen but are not overly shiny.

Opacity is good, and the tights look more like 70 to 80 denier hosiery when worn.

Fit and sizing

The Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights are available in five sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

As I mentioned in my recent Cecilia de Rafael profile, the size 5 is welcome for men who may need a size that can accommodate a taller height.

I tested the size 5 and the fit was excellent. The tights have plenty of stretch and the brief also has plenty of depth. In fact, the size 5 may probably have suited someone slightly taller than me. Looking at the sizing information, I feel the size 4 would have provided a more snug fit overall.

The sheen of these tights provides very good glide under trousers.

Colour range

The Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights are available in seven shades:
  • Black 
  • Brown 
  • Plomo 
  • Anthracite 
  • Indigo 
  • Marino
  • Amethyst
I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability

The Cecilia de Rafael website doesn't provide any pricing information but on the Canadian retailer Shapings website they are available for CA $22.99. The US retailer Hoisieree sells them for US $25.49.


My initial thoughts after testing the Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights was that their quality backs up an opinion I have expressed frequently on this blog - that tights designed and made for women can also be an excellent product for men. Of course, this isn't always the case; you have to check the sizing information carefully. The Coral style is a superb product in every respect and they have been manufactured to a very high standard. The soft Tactel® fabric makes these tights really comfortable to wear, and they are highly recommended.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Reviewed: Activskin® A857 Thermofabric™ Ribbed Light Support Tights

I hope Hosiery For Men readers enjoyed the recent feature on Activskin®, the legwear brand of G.Lieberman and Sons, Ltd.

You can still read Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview with Steven Katz, the Managing Partner at G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd.

Activskin® kindly provided me with a choice of styles to review and I went for the A857 Thermofabric™ Ribbed Light Support Tights. Although I have tried one style of Activskin® men's tights before, this is the first time I have had an opportunity to write up a proper review.

The styling of most men's tights are pretty conservative: sheers, opaque and semi-opaques. I have always been comfortable with that as I prefer more masculine styles, rather than tights with patterns and bright colours. So full marks to Activskin® for developing a smart, masculine ribbed style. Ribbed socks are available for men, so why not ribbed tights that also provide a whole range of further benefits?

Materials and features

The Activskin® Ribbed Light Support Tights are made from 93% nylon and and 7% Lycra spandex. They are described as 'luxurious, soft, and extremely comfortable from the moment you slide them on.'

The quality of the fabric used is indeed very soft and extremely comfortable. The ribbed pattern is quite wide - wider than than what one usually sees in women's ribbed tights.

The ribbed pattern on the tights doesn't extend to the waist as there is a regular brief, that also includes a gusset. Seams are conventional and well-constructed. The toes have some welcome reinforcement and the overall impression is that these tights are durable and hard-wearing.

The brief has plenty of room and stretched well past the hips. The waistband is 3cm wide and comfortable.

The Activskin® Ribbed Light Support Tights have a good level of opacity but are not completely opaque. Further up the leg where the material is stretched slightly more, they have a more semi-opaque appearance. At the ankle the opacity is greater; under trousers they look just like smart ribbed socks.

Overall the appearance is matt with just a slight shine when the light catches the fabric.

Fit and sizing

These tights are available in four sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL. See the size chart for further sizing information.

I tested the L size and the fit was excellent and this size would have comfortably fit someone taller than my 5'10". The sizing information provided by Activskin® is very accurate.

Colour range
The Activskin® Ribbed Light Support Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

These tights can be purchased direct from Activskin® at a price of $15.99.

In the UK they can be purchased from Legwear4Men for £12.49.


I wore the Activskin® Ribbed Light Support Tights to work for a couple of days and I was really impressed with the comfort. In a word, my legs felt great in them and they provided a moderate level of support. The Lyrca content provides a great fit and the tights didn't need to be pulled up at all. The glide is excellent under trousers and I also found that the tights 'breathed' well and didn't lead to overheating.

I really like this ribbed style. They are a great alternative to socks or conventional black opaque tights.

Exclusive competition - win a pair of tights from Tights Please!

Hosiery For Men is pleased to announce an exclusive competition for our readers. The competition is in partnership with Tights Please who have made available five pairs of tights for the winners.

The competition is open now and will close at midnight on Thursday 29 March 2012.

The tights you can win are all styles that are suitable for men as they are available in extra large sizes. Prizes include include Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier Tights, Charnos 100 Denier Tights and Aristoc 120 Denier Cotton Sheen Tights.

All of these tights are available in Large or Extra Large sizes and therefore are a good choice for men.

The competition is open to anyone, not just UK residents, as there are Hosiery For Men readers across the world. The competition is aimed at men who would like to win some tights, but anyone can enter, including women (or men) who might like to win tights for themselves or for their partners.

It is easy to enter: all you need to do is follow Hosiery For Men on Twitter @hosieryformen and retweet the message about the competition. By retweeting the message you will be automatically entered into the competition.

Winners will be chosen on Friday 30 March 2012. Good luck!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring tights for men from Tights Please

Tights Please are one of the UK's leading retailers of tights and other hosiery. They value their male customers and have a section of their website where they highlight styles that are popular with men.

Sophie, the Tights Please blogger, has just uploaded her recommended tights for men for the warmer spring weather that we are now enjoying.

Do check out Sophie's selection and share your own recommendations for sheer or semi-sheer styles.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Penti tights - an update

I have recently reviewed several styles of Penti tights at Hosiery For Men. There are still a few more reviews to come.

A reader of this blog, Matt, has informed me that the Penti USA website now has more information, including pricing on many of the styles that have been reviewed here.

The 200 Denier Cashmere and Viscose Tights are priced at $32.90.

The 80 Denier Micro Opaque Tights are priced at $18.50.

The 250 Denier Premier Naturel Sensation Tights are priced at $26.50.

The 250 Denier Angora and Wool Mix Tights are priced at: $29.90.

I will provide a further update as the prices of other styles are available.

It seems Penti are planning to launch an athletic style of tights soon, including a footed and non-footed men's version.

A new Penti retails store will be open this autumn in NYC; this will be their second US store after Cambridge, MA.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spotlight on Activskin®: Part 2

I was really pleased that Hosiery For Men was able to secure an interview with Steven Katz, Managing Partner at G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd.

G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd sell Activskin® tights and other legwear, and are one of the leading brands in the men's legwear sector.

The first part of the interview was published recently on Hosiery For Men. In this second and concluding part, Steven discusses the retailing of men's tights, popular styles of Activskin® tights, the growing European market and the company's plans for the future.

It seems that most men's tights are sold via the internet. Have you had any success in your products being sold in conventional stores?

Our product line isn't really appropriate for stores for two reasons. First, the market is still very small, and stores aren't interested in having their inventory just sit on the shelves; they want it to move fast. Secondly, they would have to stock many SKUs (stockkeeping units, namely, style-color-size combinations) to offer all the styles we offer in all the variations we stock. Stores would not want to do that, and keep track of all that inventory and ordering frequently. We now offer over 400 SKUs. That's way too large of an amount for a store to handle, and it's not an attractive proposition for them. Just to test our theory, though, we had a Canadian chap who wanted to be an agent for us go to many of the clothing stores in Montreal; he could not generate any interest at all in their carrying men's legwear.

Which of your styles of tights and pantyhose sell particularly well? 

It is an interesting contrast. In the USA, which is about 80% of our business, the styles with fly opening sell the best: opaque tights A849, A866, and A876, and sheer tights A677, A660, and the new A699 that we just introduced are best sellers. The Gerbe line sold well, too, considering the cost of those products. In Europe, just the opposite seems to be true, as the fly is not considered all that important. We've also tested a number of different colors, but black outsells everything else put together. In opaque styles, navy and brown are a distant second and third, and in sheer styles, beige and tan are second and third. Furthermore, the full support (compression) styles sell much better than the light support styles, but the non-support all-nylon A1730, is an exception and sells very well. Our unique thigh high stay-up stockings sell very well, and to our surprise, so do gartered stockings and our garter shaper. Some of our briefs, our bodystocking, and our loungewear sells well, too.

It's great that Activskin tights and pantyhose are now available from several European retailers. Is Europe becoming an important market for you? 

Europe was always very important to us, even from the very beginning. In 1998, when we first got the idea to pursue this market, Wolford had introduced their “Waistsocks” for men – a line of elegant and expensive tights for men. We felt this ground breaking attempt to address the market niche was going to pave the way for less expensive but still good quality products, and we were anxious to compete in the European market. Fortunately, early on, we met and partnered with Legwear 4 Men, Hosieria, and others, and the list has grown. One of the fastest growing markets is Russia. They are coming on strong and our sales there are as brisk as their winters!

What developments can we expect in the future? Are you planning to develop and market any new styles? 

Last year, in 2011, our time and effort was consumed with moving to a new web site platform. Our home grown web site was getting too complex, our web site manager wanted to retire, and we found features in commercially available sites that were very desirable. So we abandoned our old site and moved into a new one. It was not easy, as there was a long and sometimes perplexing learning curve in the transition. But we made it and our site today offers many advantages over the old one, especially in the area of security and privacy, ease of use, communications, credit card processing, order fulfilment and flexibility.

We just introduced our first new style in quite a while. It's A699 full support sheer tights with fly and matte finish, and so far the early reviews are very positive. We are working on a new concept of tights with a camouflage print, a new style of sheer tights with fly and with exceptionally good glide under trousers, and we're exploring how we can produce a premium product that will rival Gerbe's now defunct men's line, complete with flat-sewn seams, wide waistband, and fine denier yarns, to give the products a “European” feel. Stay tuned – 2012 will be a great year!

Steve, thank you. It has been great speaking to you and to. I am sure all Hosiery For Men readers will agree that it has been really informative.  I hope Hosiery For Men can speak to you again in the future and also alert readers to new styles and products.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spotlight on Activskin®: Part 1

I am developing a series of features at Hosiery For Men on manufacturers and retailers who focus on tights made specifically for men. You can read the features that have been published recently on ManStrumpor and EasyHose. Some of the most read posts recently have also been the reviews of Comfort4Men tights for men: the 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights and the 70 Denier Men's Opaque Tights.

I am now really pleased to be able to publish a feature on Activskin®, the legwear brand of G.Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. Activskin® legwear has a leading place in the men's legwear sector and their products are sold by many retailers, both in the USA and increasingly in Europe.

I recently interviewed Steven Katz, the Managing Partner at G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. In the first part of a double feature, Steven discusses the history of the company, the men's legwear market, the advantages of tights designed and made for men, and issues around the marketing of men's tights. Stay tuned for Part 2.

G. Lieberman & Sons was originally founded in 1920. Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers how the company has evolved since then? 

The company was founded by my great grandfather, G. Lieberman, in 1920 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It was a wholesale supplier of hosiery, nightwear, and underwear, and they supplied all of the clothing stores in the area with name brands and later with their own brand Gleeson, a shortened form of the company name.

My grandfather Frank took over in the 1930s, and it remained a lucrative company. Although the Great Depression weakened the economy tremendously, people still needed socks, underwear, stockings, and pyjamas, and the company prospered during the 30s and into the war years. Some time after the war, my three uncles joined the company. My grandfather continued to work there until the day he died in 1976, and my uncles took over, taking the company to the 1990s. They decided to retire, and many of the company's accounts had disappeared, as large discount and big department stores drove out the small neighbourhood “mom and pop” clothing stores. So the business was terminated for a few years.

I had been educated in science, worked in industry in engineering management, and was a principal in a plastics consulting company here in Granville. I wanted to form my own e-commerce company at the height of the dot-com craze of the late 1990s, and wondered what I could do with hosiery, as my roots were in that business. From an online forum, I got the idea that there was a market niche for legwear for men. My wife and I researched the idea, got the family's blessing to take over the defunct company, move it to Ohio, and resurrect it as an online retail specialty company. Thus it lives on, in a different form and different place than it was originally intended, but I think my great grandfather would be proud.

Why did the company decide to move into the men's legwear market? 

We wanted to pursue a niche that was not being adequately served, in order to limit competition and develop unique high quality products that could command a premium price in what is otherwise mostly a low-cost commodity market. The niche for men's legwear was perfect. It was small enough that the big hosiery mills wouldn't be interested in competing, big enough that it would interest smaller mills in being our suppliers, and of course big enough to support us.

We discussed the concept with the Hosiery Association executive director, who confirmed that there may a good niche here, and with several suppliers until we found a couple willing to work with us to develop men's products. We were also fortunate to find a web site designer who helped us get started and built our web site from scratch - shopping cart and all, and this was long before commercial web sites and shopping carts were readily available and affordable.

We planned to appeal to men who have leg circulation problems, men in sports, men who need to wear for warmth in cool weather, men who sit or stand all day, men who have leg cramps and restless leg syndrome, and men who need protection from chafing and insects, like the military in Desert Storm. This turned out to be a good move, as the market for men in all these areas provides a large enough audience to support our business.

Do you feel that tights (or pantyhose as you call them in the USA) for men are still are growing market? What are the prospects of men's tights going more mainstream? 

The market for men's legwear is definitely growing, but it's still at a tiny level compared to the women's market, even though the women's market has been shrinking since 1992. A few mainstream companies in the US and Europe have tested the men's market but dropped out after concluding that it is indeed too small for them. Legwear for men has been becoming more and more mainstream over the past decade, and seeing men in opaque tights, especially with athletic wear, is now pretty common. We think this trend will continue as more and more men discover the comfort and advantages of wearing legwear.

Many men continue to buy tights that are designed and made for women. What do you feel are the advantages of tights that are made specifically for men? 

Durability is the main issue. Women are accustomed to wearing a pair of sheer tights a few times and discarding them. In fact hosiery companies know that if a woman gets three wearings out of a pair of sheer hose, she'll be satisfied and buy that brand again. Men have no such expectation. They don't have the word “disposable” in their wardrobe vocabulary. They wear clothes until the clothes are tattered and unwearable. Men also, as a rule, don't take care of their nails as well as women do, nor do they wear shoes that are as hosiery-friendly. So we knew we had to be superior in durability. We've achieved this with using the best yarns we can find, and making the products big enough and comfortable enough for men, so that men don't stretch the fabrics beyond their tear strength. Reinforced toes and brief are also good features to have for durability.

Of course, another big difference is the fly opening, although not all men find that feature useful. Many prefer to sit down in the loo as it affords better hygiene and they can re-adjust their legwear when they're done. One other advantage of men's legwear is that since it is often worn under trousers, it needs to glide well or it will catch on all the minute cotton or wool fibres that protrude from those fabrics. The friction will keep the hose from staying in place and help it migrate downward. Many of our products are designed with this in mind, and they have fabrics that glide better under trousers.

Men often feel that by buying women's products they can save money, and they are unwilling to spend more for better quality products that fit better, feel better, and last longer, so that the cost per wearing is comparable or less. Once we get these men to try our products, many of them say they'll never go back to women's hosiery again!

My perception is that some manufacturers making men's tights are quite poor in promoting them, both in the media in general as well as in new marketing environments, such as social networks and Twitter. What success have you had in increasing the awareness of the Activskin® brand? 

Promoting commodity products with advertising often doesn't pay, and that's why you've seen advertisements for women's hosiery all but disappear in recent years. Advertising for a niche market like ours is very difficult, as there are so many men with so many diverse reasons for wearing, that there are few areas with enough concentration where advertising is effective and affordable. We've had some success with print media when men's legwear was a new concept a decade ago, but by and large advertising is expensive and people have learned to ignore it.

Our best effort is to be found by the search engines, and so we have done a lot to increase our rankings on key words that people use to find a company like ours. That's why we have not eliminated the word “pantyhose” (used in the USA and other countries for sheer tights), a word that connotes femininity. Women wear panties; men wear briefs. We once tried eliminating “pantyhose” at the suggestion of a marketing consulting company in 2001 and almost went out of business. “Pantyhose” was not on our web site, but it was a common word for which potential customers were searching, and they weren't finding us. So we did an abrupt turnaround, put the word on all the web pages, in all its spelling variations (“pantihose”, “panty hose”, etc.) and within a week, we started to get hits by those customers wanting to find pantyhose for men.

A couple of years ago we dabbled in Twitter and Facebook, and even had our own blog, but unfortunately not much business came from those efforts. We think social networking is still in its infancy as a marketing tool and is very time consuming. No doubt someday it will mature and be better understood.

Part 2 of the interview with Steven Katz will appear shortly.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Just arrived: Activskin Light Support Ribbed Men's Tights

I have recently completed an in-depth interview with Steven Katz of G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd, the manufacturers of the leading men's legwear brand, Activskin®.

This feature will appear very shortly and will be published in two parts. I am sure Hosiery For Men readers will be looking forward to it.

I have also received some great men's tights for review from Activskin®: the Thermofabric Semi-Opaque Light Support Ribbed Tights.

I will be testing and reviewing these shortly.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Reviewed: Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights

At Hosiery For Men we recently featured the UK based hosiery retailer sent me a pair of the Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights for review. It's great to be able to try out some more Falke tights as in my experience they are one of the very best brands for men. This is because they are available in larger sizes, the sizing is accurate and all Falke products I have tried have been of excellent quality. The Falke Pure Matt 100 Tights are one of the best pairs of opaque tights I have ever worn.

So, I am really pleased to be able to test and review another Falke style. As the last few days have been much less cold, testing a semi-opaque style has been a good option.

Material and features

The packaging describes these tights as 'semi-opaque tights with a fine matt finish.'

The quality of the fabric used for the Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights is clear as soon as you remove them from the packaging. Consisting of 89% polyamide, 10% elastane (lycra) and 1% cotton, the material is very soft and smooth. First impressions were also that the tights appeared to be quite generously sized and long in the leg

These tights are sheer to waist, with no demarcated brief. The flat seams are strong and superbly constructed. The 2cm waistband is very comfortable, and on closer inspection has a reinforced section next to the seams. It's those details that make Falke a brand that is step up in quality from others. The finishing on the toe seam is also very well done.

A very positive feature of all the Falke tights I have tried is the generous size of the brief. This is also the case with the Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights. The brief fits comfortably above the waist. The extra large size I tested has a rear comfort panel. All other sizes have a cotton gusset.

The Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights are almost completely matt in appearance, with just a slight sheen when the light catches them.

Fit and sizing

The Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights are available in small, small/medium, medium, medium/large, large and extra large.

At the just the small/medium, medium/large and extra large sizes are currently available. Other retailers might stock a larger range of sizes.

I tested the extra large size and as soon as I put them on I knew they were going to be a good fit. These tights have plenty of stretch and would fit a person taller than my 5'10". As always, the sizing information provided by Falke is accurate.

Although these tights are 50 denier, in appearance they are slightly more opaque than I expected. Although they are matt tights, the glide under trousers is excellent, with no catching or snagging.

The fabric in these tights clings like a second skin. They are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Colour range

At the the Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights are available in Black and Anthracite, a shade somewhere between brown and grey.

I tested a pair in Anthracite.

A wider range of colours may be available at other retailers.

Price and availability

The Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights cost £14.95 at This seems quite reasonable as the price is higher at most other retailers.


I have written previously at Hosiery For Men about the superb quality of Falke hosiery. The Falke Pure Matt 50 Opaque Tights are no exception. The fit and comfort are excellent. The matt appearance makes them suitable for wear under trousers instead of socks.

These tights would be great choice for cooler days when thicker opaque tights might be too warm. 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spotlight on Zzada

Hosiery For Men aims to focus more on retailers who sell tights made specifically for men. You can read the recent post on ManStrumpor, and there are more features in the pipeline.

We are pleased to publish this interview with Fred Oudshoorn, owner of Zzada, an online retailer based in the Netherlands. According to the stats for this blog, visitors to Hosiery For Men from the Netherlands are the fifth largest group after the USA, The UK, Germany and Canada.

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers something about Zzada?
Zzada is a Dutch hosiery webshop and was founded in 2007. We try to combine excellent service with the lowest prices in hosiery for both men and women. We ship all over Europe and charge only € 1,75 postage for orders under € 20,00.

Why did you decide to stock tights for men? Are men an important part of your customer base?
Very soon after our launch we began to offer tights for men. I think that was in 2008 when we added the Polish brand Lida which had three different styles for men. I think about 60% of our buyers are men (you can’t always tell) so I definitely regard them as very important for our business.

Do you feel that tights for men are growing trend? What are the prospects of men's tights becoming a more accepted item of clothing?
Although for most men tights are not on their list of musthaves, I can see sales shifting in the right direction. But like many fashion items, I don't think tights for men will become mainstream very soon, and perhaps never will be. I read many discussions on the Internet about how society “should” accept men who want to wear tights. But if you compare the time it took before women in general were “accepted” to wear trousers, it may very well take two generations before this will be accomplished. I see no point in waiting for that. If men want to wear tights, they should just do it. Besides that, I think “acceptance” is quite a vague concept.

Are tights for men popular in the Netherlands?
Yes, sales for male hosiery goes up every year

Many men continue to buy tights that are designed and made for women. What do you feel are the advantages of tights that are made specifically for men?
Well, no need to say that the female body is proportioned a bit wider on the hips, so for a good fit I would certainly recommend tights for men if you are a man.

Which brands and styles of tights sell particularly well to your male customers?
We can see that Activskin is very popular among our Dutch customers, as well as the WoMan series from Levée. Unfortunately this brand does not exist anymore.

What developments can we expect in the future at Zzada? Are you planning to stock and market any new styles?
As we speak, we are building a new webshop which will launch as soon as we have managed to fix all the bugs. Furthermore, we will continue to expand our ranges for both men and women. As regards male hosiery, we have planned to add some new styles from Activskin this year (suggestions welcome at, as we are the only retailer in the Netherlands which sells this brand. So check out Zzada or subscribe to our newsletter.

Many thanks Fred for taking the time to speak to Hosiery For Men. I hope readers of this blog will make time to look at the Zzada store and also offer suggestions for new styles.