Thursday, 25 January 2018

Reviewed: Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights

Iconic British hosiery brand Pretty Polly recently launched their brand new "premium opaque" tights collection. We previewed them here.

One of our recommended (and favourite) retailers, UK Tights, sent us a pair of the Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights from the range to trial and review.

Pretty Polly state that their new Premium Opaque collection is ‘top notch’ and here, in their own words, is their arguments and evidence for benefits of the new range:

Denier – usually the first thing people look for when buying tights, we’ve made sure we’ve covered all bases to provide you with a wealth of choice to suit the changing weather, featuring 40, 60, 80, 120, 150 and 200, including a knee-high option.

Finish – in the new collection we’ve provided you with 3 different finishes including a standard opaque, shine and a 150% denier matt opaque that gives you a total ‘black-out’ effect.

Increased handle and loft – also known as that cushioning feeling you get when you hold or step into a pair of our opaques. For this new collection, we’ve intensified this feeling by increasing the filament counts of previous yarns, making them more comfortable than ever before.

Improved fit – we’ve chosen an elastane with a slightly heavier count to improve the fit and stretchability of our opaques.

Gusset – we’ve added cotton gussets to all of our new Premium opaques including flat seams, providing you with a more substantial product for your money.


The Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights are packaged quite simply in a card clasp that enables the the tights to be displayed in a retail setting.

Material and features

The information on the packaging emphasises again the innovations and improvements that Pretty Polly is aiming to bring to their premium range of opaque tights:

"Knitting extra elastane in these tights gives them a smooth, even appearance. They feel soft and will last longer. The high denier means a good matt coverage on your legs. PS - they've got flat seats and a cotton gusset."
The Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights are made from 94% Nylon, 5% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

First impressions are really positive especially the leg length as the tights are unfolded. The legs are about 80cm from the toe to the gusset.

The yarn is extremely soft and warm. Opacity is really excellent - its is even throughout the leg and provides a total "blackout" effect. When worn there is a very fine, but not unattractive, micro rib appearance.

Appearance is matt as expected with almost no sheen or shine on the leg.

There is no demarcation between the leg and the brief. The brief, which has flat seams, is commendably deep and stretches comfortably above the waist and hips.

There is a cotton gusset.

The waistband is 3cm wide.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights are available in three sizes:

  • Small/Medium
  • Medium/Large
  • Extra Large

I trialled the Extra Large size.

The really generous leg length means that these tights will fit tall guys easily. The sizing information is therefore accurate.

It felt great putting them on and not needing to over-stretch them to get a good fit.

The medium level of Elastane content ensures that they fit snugly. There is no wrinkling or bunching.

I wore these tights on an extremely cold day and the insulation was excellent. They felt wonderful on the skin. I can see why Prett Polly say these tights have "i
ncreased handle and loft"; that is the cushioning feeling and it is quite noticeable.

Overall fit was perfect. So refreshing to get some Extra Large size tights that genuinely fit that description.

Colour range

The Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Pretty Polly 150 Denier Matt 3D Tights are priced at £7.99 at UK Tights, and £8.00 directly from Pretty Polly.


These are the first tights I have trialled from the new Pretty Polly premium opaque range and I am impressed. Pretty Polly have clearly upped their game here and these tights are definitely a step up from some of their previous opaque tights.

Key positive features are:

  • Good sizing options for men
  • Deep brief
  • Flat seams
  • Long leg length
  • Warm, soft yarn that provides a comfortable, cushioning feeling.
Overall they are a really comfortable, easy wear. The additional features that Pretty Polly have added in this range make this style a good choice and at £8.00 they are very good value indeed.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Reviewed: Socktights (Bootights) Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks

Socktights is a hosiery brand with a difference - tights with a sock attached.

You can read our profile on Socktights and founder Shelby Mason here. Socktights is the new brand name for Bootights.

We recently took delivery of a number of samples including these Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks, which this review will focus on.


The Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks are packaged quite simply. It's a classic design with the product being held in place in a card clasp so that they can be displayed in a retail setting.

The card clasp provides a surprising amount of information about the product, including:

  • Advice on removal from the packaging
  • Sizing information
  • Wearing tips
  • Detailed product information

Materials and features

Shelby Mason, the founder of Bootights, explains why the Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks were created:

"I created Darbys because regular socks never felt quite right with my boots. Attaching a cushioned, comfy sock to a sleek and stylish knee-hi seemed like the best of both worlds. Welcome to my world!"

The Socktights website describes them as:

"The perfect hybrid of trouser and performance socks – the sleek compression design hugs your leg, the cushioned sock bottom keep feet comfortable. Boots/shoes fit better."

These knee-his have two sections:

  • The foot is made from 99% Nylon and 1% Spandex
  • The leg is made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.
The leg

This is like a sleek, smooth high quality opaque tight similar to 80-100 denier. Opacity is dense and even, and the material glides easily against trousers or jeans.

The leg has a 5cm wide cuff which has been made with the material doubled over. It worked perfectly.

The foot

The foot has clearly been design with great care. Key features are:

  • A cushioned sole 
  • Arch support
  • Moisture wicking fibre
  • A mesh zone where the sock sits on the instep to provide additional breathability
Particularly impressive is the engineering and stitching that attaches the leg to the foot. The yarns in both sections are very different, but this has been expertly executed and I couldn't see any obvious weaknesses in the manufacture.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks are available in One-Size (OS) only.

Despite being One-Size I was surprised how generous the fit was, and I have quite large and wide feet.

The cushioned for sock easily fitted my UK 10.5 shoe size (US 11.5; Euro 45). The leg was also generously sized and stretched up to the knee with ease.

The packaging actually states:

"Fits shoe size 5 -10.5 US, 2.5 - 8 UK"

The leg is exceptionally smooth and soft on the skin.

The foot part has really good breathability and the cushioned sole is comfortable and cosy.

The leg stays up well with no need for pulling up or adjustment. The cuff holds them up well without any digging in or uncomfortable pressure.

My feet felt comfortable in these socks during the two periods of extended wear that I subjected them to.

Two things to point out though:

1. Although the Darbys Boot Socks seem to be quite robust, you still need to handle them with some care. The leg part is, as described above, similar to an opaque tight and might be damaged. One of my socks caught on something and a run developed.

2. The sock section attracts fluff quite easily.

Colour range

The Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks are available in a two-pair pack: one pair in Jet (Black) and another in Chocolate.


Price and availability

The two-pair pack of boot socks/knee highs are priced at $28.00. Occasionally there seem to be special offers and price reductions so keep an eye out for these.

They can be purchased directly from the Socktights website.

The website also allows you to search for local retailers and stockists.


I have never worn specifically-designed boot socks until I tried the Darbys Knee-Hi Boot Socks from Socktights.

They are an impressively-designed and manufactured product, with great functionality.

Although one size, I found the sizing to be generous and the materials used have great stretch and fit.

These are perfect for guys who wear boots and work fine as unisex product.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

More new men's tights and leggings from Comfort4Men

The new products available from the German brand Comfort4Men just keep coming.

First up are the new C438M 60 Denier Men's Melange And Black Dots Tights With Lycra 3D (Low Waist)


Plus the C445M 100 Denier High Waist Men's Thermal Leggings

They have also launched an innovative new Magic Laundry Bag that protects hosiery and other delicate textiles from damage by hard objects such as zippers, buttons etc.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Just arrived: Comfort4Men 60 Denier "Geometric Pattern" Men's Tights and 50 Denier "Diamond Pattern" Men's Tights

Last year we brought you news (here and here) of new styles of men's tights launched by the German brand Comfort4Men.

Comfort4Men men's tights are made in Germany to the very highest standards. They are a high quality product specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy.

We have just received samples of two styles to trial and review:

C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights


C434M 50 Denier "Diamond Pattern" Tights


Thursday, 18 January 2018