Sunday, 29 June 2014

SmooFit men's tights from Japan

I have recently been made aware of a brand of men's tights from Japan called SmooFit.

The tights are clearly designed with men in mind with a fly opening, reinforced toe and other features.

As far as I know they are not available anywhere apart from Japan.

At least this shows that men's tights are developing globally, and more and more hosiery manufacturers are catering for us.

If any Hosiery For Men readers have any more information about this brand, please share it. This blog does have Japanese readers so hopefully some of you will be in touch.

Here are some images of SmooFit men's tights. I will post more shortly.

New Hanes Hosiery website redesigned

Our USA-based readers will be interested to know about the redesigned Hanes Hosiery website.

Hanes tights are not easy to find in the UK but if they were I think I would try the Silk Reflections Pure Bliss Opaque Tights and the Silk Reflections Opaque Tight With Comfort Stretch Panty.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Just arrived: Spanx Tight-End Tights

Hosiery retailer My Tights have just sent me a pair of the Spanx Tight-End Tights to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers.

This will be the first time we have had an opportunity to trial Spanx tights. A review will be published soon.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Reviewed: Marks and Spencer Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights

We have reviewed a number of styles of tights sold by the iconic British retailer Marks and Spencer, including:

Marks and Spencer Autograph 100 Luxury Satin Touch Tights

Marks and Spencer Bodysensor 60 Denier Opaque Tights

Marks and Spencer Autograph 60 Denier Velvet Touch Opaque Tights

I recently purchased the Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights and here is a review for Hosiery For Men readers.

Materials and features
The Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights are made in Italy and are part of Mark and Spencer's premium Autograph range. Tights in the Autograph range tend to be more expensive, but have a reputation for much higher quality.

Like most of the opaque tights in the Autograph range, this style is packaged in a simple card enclosure. It's a bit basic compared with other more upmarket brands, but it does mean you can touch the fabric if shopping in a Marks and Spencer store.

The fabric is 55% Cotton, 34% Polyamide and 11% Elastane Lycra.

Seams are flat. The Large size, that I tested, has a cotton gusset, with no rear comfort panel.

Toes are reinforced.

The waistband is described by Marks and Spencer as a 'comfort waistband.' It is 3.5 cm wide and provides good support.

The brief is deep and comfortable, with the waistband easily stretching above the waist and hips.

Fit and sizing
The Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X Large.

I tested the Large size. I always choose the Large size in Marks and Spencer tights as they are designed to fit taller people. In this case you can see that the height range is 5'10" to 6'0".

These tights provided a good fit for my 5'10" height. They have a decent amount of stretch and the Elastane/Lycra ensures that they mould themselves snugly around your legs.

They have a nice, smooth feel and an even matt appearance with no wrinkling..

The brief is quite deep and come comfortable over the waist.

I would have liked just a little more length in the leg. Although the size char indicate the Large size extends to 6'0", I am note sure that this style would suit very tall men and women.

Leg length is excellent, and the fit overall was really superb. The Elastane content in the knit provides for a lovely close fit on the leg, with no wrinkling at all.

Colour range
The Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tight are available in just two colours: Black and Charcoal.

I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability
The Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights are priced at £6.00.

The Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights are good quality and reasonably priced cotton tights.

They are a good choice if you need a lighter cotton tight to wear on cooler days or under trousers as an additional layer. They would be perfect in place of cotton socks with their matt appearance.

I also found that the fabric breathed very well giving these tights good climate control qualities.

However my first choice for cotton tights would still be the Falke Cotton Touch Tights or the Aristoc Luxury 120 Cotton Sheen Tights.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Just arrived: Oroblu Satin 60 Denier Tights

I just purchased a pair of the Oroblu Satin 60 Denier Tights in the sale at Luxury Legs.

Oroblu are one of the very best European hosiery brands. Their products are always excellent quality and the sizing is generous as well.

The service from Luxury Legs was excellent as always. Not only was the despatch quick, but the tights also arrived beautifully wrapped. A free Oroblu hosiery washing bag was included as well!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Reviewed: Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights

Stockings HQ is an online hosiery retailer selling a very large range of tights, including many top brands.

They kindly sent Hosiery For Men another sample from the superb Italian-made Nylonica brand, which is available exclusively at Stockings HQ and Pantyhose HQ.

We have already published reviews of:

Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights
Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaque microfibre tights
Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 40 opaque microfibre tights

We now focus on the Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights.

Materials and features
The Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights are described by Stockings HQ 
as 'soft and stylish opaque tights to help keep you warm on cooler days.'

As with other styles in the Nylonica Linea Lusso range, they are attractively packaged. The rear of the packaging provides useful sizing information.

These are 70 denier tights made in Italy, like the rest of the Nylonica range.

The fabric is 79% Polyamide (nylon), 19% Elastane (double covered Lycra) and 3% Cotton.

In appearance the tights have a deep, dark black colour. Coverage is even, although perhaps not totally opaque in areas that are stretched slightly more such as knees and thighs.

They are completely sheer to waist. Legs are shaped at the heel, and toes are reinforced.

Seams are flat throughout and of excellent quality. The 4-X Large size I tested has a rear comfort panel made from a slightly denser, and stronger fabric.

The waistband is 4cm wide and and comfortable.

Fit and sizing

The Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights are available in three sizes: 
  • 2/Medium
  • 3/Large
  • 4/X Large

I tested the 4-X Large size, which according to the packaging fits up to 5'10".

I managed to get a good snug fit with these tights. The high Elastane/Lycra content ensures that the fabric clings closely to every curve.

However, unlike the Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 70 tights, I didn't feel that the Classica 70s would suit anyone taller than 5'10". The sizing information is certainly accurate, but this style has much less stretch than the Silk 70s.

I also felt that the brief, although fitting comfortably, had slightly less depth than the Silk 70 style. In general then, these are not tights that would suit very tall or bulky men.

Colour range

The Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights are available in Black only. That is the shade that I tested.

Price and availability

The Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights are available from Stockings HQ for £10.95. At Pantyhose HQ they are priced at: $15.71.

If you buy two pairs there is a 15% discount.

Delivery from Stockings HQ is free in the UK if you spend more than £50.00.


This is the first review we have published of the Nylonica Linea Classica range. Our previous reviews have focused on the Linea Lusso range.

The Nylonica Linea Classica Opaque 70 tights are certainly very good quality opaque tights in every respect: lovely fabric, well-made and comfortable to wear. They definitely reflect the quality that we have seen so far in other Nylonica styles that we have trialled and reviewed.

For my size, I found them to be just very slightly on the smaller side. But those those smaller than 5'10" in height, these are likely to work very well indeed.

I personally prefer the Nylonica Linea Lusso Silk 70 opaque microfibre tights, which are absolutely one of the most beautifully made, luxurious and comfortable pairs of tights I have ever worn, and which are definitely worth the higher price.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Reviewed: Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights

I purchased a pair of the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights from online hosiery Mayfair Stockings.

Mayfair Stockings is an award winning luxury hosiery boutique and state that they "are one of the most desirable and trusted hosiery and lingerie suppliers in the world." 

I have actually bought the Falke Seidenglatt 70s previously in different colours, but I wanted to try the Black shade as well as provide a proper review for Hosiery For Men readers.

Materials and features
Mayfair Stockings describe the Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights as "one of the most popular and elegant available. They are extremely soft, smooth, comfortable to wear, and have a subtle shimmer. As well as being sheer to waist, they also have a reinforced toe and flat seams."

They are packaged in the usual Falke card sleeve that is enclosed in a clear plastic envelope. The tights are wrapped around a card featuring other Falke styles.

First impressions on removing them from the packaging confirm what I already knew: these are a wonderfully soft, smooth, opaque tight. You immediately feel the quality of the fabric and knit..

The 70 denier fabric has a dense knit, and provides a smooth, even opaque coverage.

The tights are made from 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane, according the the packaging information. However, according to Mayfair Stockings the yarn is 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane.

The tights are sheer to waist. Toes are very slightly reinforced, but this is almost invisible. Seams are flat throughout and made with to usual Falke quality standard.

The waistband is 2.5cm wide. The V/Extra Large size that I tested has a rear comfort panel.

The tights have a slight shiny finish. I wouldn't describe as shiny opaques; the description used by Mayfair Stockings, a 'subtle shimmer', is very accurate.

Fit and sizing
The Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

I tested a pair in Extra Large.

These tights fitted me just perfectly. The material has plenty of stretch and would easily extend further for a taller person (sizing information indicates that the V/Extra Large size will fit up to 6'0".)

The Seidenglatt 70 tights feel absolutely luxurious on the leg.

The brief, like all Falke styles I have tested, is deep and provides plenty of room for men. They are certainly not a low-rise style, which I don't favour. The waistband will stretch comfortable over the hips and waist.

The subtle sheen of the fabric of these opaques provides a good glide, so they are an excellent choice of opaque to wear under trousers.

Colour range

The Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights are available from Mayfair Stockings in the Black shade only. This was the shade that I tested.

However information about this style on the Falke website indicates that the following shades are also available:

  • Marine 
  • Platinum
  • Brenda 
  • Anthracite
You may find other shades available from other retailers.

Price and availability
The Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights are available from Mayfair Stockings for £17.90.

The Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights are one of the very best Falke products that I have tried. The quality of their hosiery is so good, it is hard to make any criticism at all.

Sure the price is higher than most high street and supermarket opaques, but for the better quality you get it is more than worth it.

You could buy 3-4 pairs of basic opaques for the cost of the Seidenglatt 70s, but they certainly wouldn't last as long nor be the superior wearing experience you have with this style. I have two pairs I bought previously (in Brenda and Marine shades) and they are still wearing well.

These Falke Seidenglatt 70 Opaque Tights are just supremely comfortable and an affordable luxury. Every man who wears tights should have a pair of these in his wardrobe.

Highly recommended.

Emilio Cavallini - Dreaming of a New Man video

Emilio Cavallini have just released a superb promotional video on their unisex Cult Edition tights and hosiery.

The film has been developed and created with the highest production values, and shows the many ways that Emilio Cavallini's men's tights can be worn and styled.

This film is a huge step forward for the promotion of men's tights from a mainstream hosiery manufacturer.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tramps: New range of compression hosiery

Fashionable prints, trending colors and plenty of comfort at an affordable price are the hallmarks of Tramps, a new line of compression hosiery created by Alex Reyes, a long-time hairdresser, and her brother Tomas Reyes, a New York-based fashion designer.

The two teamed up after she realized there was a huge void of color, fashion and excitement in the available support hose market and launched Tramps out of their hometown, Austin, Texas.

Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery is designed especially for travellers, hairdressers, nurses and anyone else who spends a lot of time on their feet.

The first item is the “Bryanna” style, which features a high waist for back support. The lycra ribbed rolled wide waist band does not cinch but instead hugs the body to provide comfort and a beautiful shape, which was one of the biggest voids in available support hose. The line has also done away with uncomfortable closed toes and features an open toe design for complete freedom. Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery also comes in hip hugger and maternity styles.

Speaking about the range Alex Reyes said: “As a hairdresser, I stand on my feet all day and I have to use support hose to help protect my legs from bad circulation or varicose veins. However, I grew frustrated by the lack of colours or fashion in support hose. That’s why I teamed up with my brother Tomas Reyes, who is an experienced fashion designer and merchandiser and, together, we created Tramps, a new line of compression hosiery that I, as an ideal client, would want to wear.”

“I asked my sister to list the features of her ideal support hose and then I went to work,” says Tomas Reyes. “I took all my experience in fashion design, production and merchandising to create a new line of compression hosiery that offers the compression and comfort you need and the fashion you want at a price you can afford.”

We hope to provide more information at Hosiery For Men about this exciting range, which will also be of interest to men who are on their feet all day. Stay tuned.