Monday, 31 October 2011

Just arrived: Philippe Matignon 'Dorella' tights

I have blogged previously about the great selection of tights one can find in the El Corte Inglés chain of department stores in Spain.

I particularly like the Philippe Matignon brand which has a wide range of styles. The quality is superb and the fit always excellent.

Philippe Matignon now have an online store in the US and they have kindly send me a pair of Dorella 40 tights.

I will review these shortly and also write more about Philippe Matignon hosiery.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wearing Charnos opaque tights on National Stockings Day

Today is Charnos National Stockings Day.

I don't wear stockings myself, just tights. Today I am wearing grey Charnos 60 denier opaque tights.

At Tights Please, these are just £5.50 and you get free delivery this month.

I just made my donation to Breast Cancer Care.

If you also want to donate to text ‘LEGS 75’ to 70070 or visit:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tomorrow is National Stockings Day

Tomorrow, Thursday 20 October, is Charnos National Stockings Day.

Charnos have reminded everyone that men have worn stockings throughout history - think Robin Hood and King Henry VIII. And nowadays many men wear tights for warmth, leg support or just because they feel great.

I will be wearing some opaque tights, and will tell my readers what they are tomorrow.

National Stockings Day supports the charity Breast Cancer Care. Readers of this blog can support them by making a donation. To donate £1 to Breast Cancer Care text ‘LEGS 75’ to 70070 or visit

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

figleaves Sale

figleaves currently have a sale and male hosiery buyers might find a number of bargains there, especially if you are stocking up now with opaque tights for the colder weather.

figleaves have their own range of Italian Hosiery, all available at a generous discount.

I have previously bought their Velvet Opaque 50 denier tights. These are available in a two pack for £9.60 (normally £12.00). These tights have an amazing amount of stretch. They also feel great on the leg. I previously bought them in the Dark Brown colour but they are also available in Black.

Reviewed: Lida Man's World opaque men's tights

The Polish hosiery manufacturers Lida recently sent me a pair of their 100 denier Man's World opaque tights for review.

Materials and features
These are very opaque 100 denier tights made from 82% Microfibre and 18% Dorlastan.

It is clear that they have been manufactured to a very high quality. The tights have flat seams, a male centre panel and a well-designed fly opening. The brief is slightly reinforced as are the toes. There is quite a wide comfortable waistband.

The tights have a very slight sheen.

Fit and sizing

The tights are made in four sizes: M2, L3, XL4 and XXL5.

I tested size L3 and they just about fitted my 5'10" height comfortably. If I purchased these I would go for a size XL4 in future as the tights don't have a huge amount of stretch. However, they were a good fit; I just prefer a little more room.

Colour range
These tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

These tights cost £9.99 at Legwear4Men.


These are really warm tights and would be excellent for cold days as an extra layer for insulation. The glide under trousers is very good. A top quality product.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Reviewed: Fiore Raisa 120 denier opaque tights

US-based hosiery retailer The Stylish Fox kindly sent me these Raisa 120 denier opaque tights for review.

The Stylish Fox is a young company, created with the goal of providing high-quality, fashionable hosiery at reasonable prices. They welcome male customers buying hosiery for themselves and you can also ask any questions via their Live Chat support facility.

The Raisa 120 denier opaque tights are made in Poland by Fiore.

Materials and features

These are very soft and very opaque 120 Denier tights that are very stretchy due to the high content of elastane (Lycra). The material is 81% Polyamide, 18% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

The stretchy quality of the material is clear as soon as you take these tights out of their packaging. The 3D technology used in the manufacture means the tights fit very closely to the legs and are extremely comfortable.

These tights are sheer to waist, have flat seams and invisibly reinforced toes, and a cotton gusset in sizes 3 and 4. They have a slight shine.

Fit and sizing

The tights are made in three sizes: 2, 3 and 4.

I tested size 4 in the Mocca shade and they fitted my 5'10" height comfortably. The brief was for me just a little lacking in depth.

Colour range

These tights are available in Black, Mocca, Navy Blue, Graphite and Plum.

Price and availability
These tights cost $13.60 at The Stylish Fox. They are also available from a UK retailer and if any readers are interested let me know via a comment and I will post the details.


I found these tights to be an extremely comfortable wear indeed. Under trousers they glide well and provide excellent warmth. Their stretchy quality means they would be a good choice for taller people. Thanks again to The Stylish Fox. Do visit their website and have a look at their range of products.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wolford opaque 70 promotion ends tomorrow

This great offer on the Wolford 70 denier opaque tights ends on tomorrow, the 10 October. These really are excellent quality opaque tights - some of the best I have ever bought. The Extra Large size is a great fit if you are taller. Slightly pricey some would say, but for the quality you get they are definitely worth it and will last for ages. UK shipping is also free from the Wolford Partner Boutique in London.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Ufash unisex tights now available at Legwear4Men

Legwear4Men are now have the Ufash unisex tights in stock.

The range comprises four models:

The 20-denier 'Frida & Fred' sheer tights are available in colours Beige and Black colours. Price: £7.75

The 40-denier 'Lucy & Luca' are semi-opaque tights, and come in Tan and Black colours. Price: £7.99

The 'Anna & Andy' are 60-denier opaque tights and come in Coffee (Dark Brown), Graphite (Dark Grey) and Black colours. Price: £8.75

Finally, the 100-denier 'Zara & Zac' comes in Black only. Price: £9.49

Reviewed: Ufash 100 Denier Opaque Tights

Ufash are a new range of unisex tights from Austria. I have already reviewed the Lucy & Luca 40 denier matt semi-opaque tights and the Frida & Fred 20 denier semi-matt tights.

Today I am reviewing the Zara & Zac 100 denier opaque tights.

Materials and features

According to the packaging, these are 'semi-matt, opaque unisex microfibre tights' made from 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane. The tights come in a transparent, resealable storage bag.

The tights have conventional seams and there is very slight demarcation in the material between the legs and the brief, but this is really not visible. The 2cm waistband is rather narrow but not uncomfortable.

Fit and sizing

The tights come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large (a gusset) and XL which has a rear comfort panel.

I tested the XL size and the fit was really excellent. The brief had plenty of room and was very comfortable.

Colour range

These tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

These tights cost €11.95. At the moment they are available from Amazon Germany. However, Ufash have informed me that they will shortly be available in the UK from a major retailer of men's tights.


I found the fit of these tights to be excellent. They are very comfortable indeed and glide well under jeans or trousers. I wore them on a cool, windy day and they provided warmth as well as the feeling of a degree of leg support. 

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Free UK Delivery at Tights Please

Our friends at Tights Please have announced that until 31 October there will be FREE DELIVERY on all their products.

I have already blogged about Tights Please being a retailer who really cares about male customers buying tights for themselves. They even have a Tights for Men page on their website.

You can also read my recommendations for tights for autumn and winter from the selection at Tights Please.

My current Top 3 favourite tights from Tights Please (and all of these have been worn and reviewed) are:

1. Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier Tights

2. Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights

3. Levante Airskin 150 Denier Tights

Cooler weather and time for opaque tights

After the unseasonal heatwave we have experienced in London the last few days, it is a relief to have some cooler weather and the opportunity to wear tights again. It's definitely becoming the season for opaque tights - they are great for warmth, comfort and leg support.

Today I am wearing my Cette Dublin 60 denier opaque tights. The fabric in these tights is really nice, although they don't have a great deal of stretch. I am 5'10" and the large size fits me well, but it wouldn't suit anyone much taller.

By the way, these tights are available on a 20% off special offer from Tights Please.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mary Portas tights now available at Tights Please

The new hosiery range by Mary Portas for Charnos is now also available at Tights Please.

Tights Please are offering FREE DELIVERY on Mary’s range for one week only! Simply enter the discount code ‘MARY’ at the checkout.

Hosiery for Men's pick of the range for men are the Charnos Mary Portas Argyle Tights.

We also like the Satin 80 Tights.

Mary Portas Argyle Tights

I am updating yesterday's blogpost on argyle style tights for men. The Mary Portas & Charnos Argyle Tights are now available from My Tights.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Argyle tights for men

I have always liked argyle-patterned socks and have recently become aware of the range of argyle-style tights that are now available. If any readers of this blog or retailers spot any other designs that might be good for men, please leave a comment.

I recently gave a very positive review to the ADRIAN 60 Denier 'Grating' tights for men. These are now available in both the Black/Grey and Navy/Denim colours from Legwear4Men.

Tights Please were kind enough to recently send me some Red or Dead argyle tights samples. These were only available in 'one size' and weren't the best fit for me. However I really liked the designs, which you can see below.

Charnos have collaborated with Mary Portas to produce a new range of tights, including two with an attractive argyle pattern. These seem to be available at House of Fraser at present. Tights Please look like they will have them in stock shortly.

These Cotton Rich Heavyweight Argyle Tights from Marks and Spencer look good value at £9.50 and are also available in a Large/X Large size. There are three colours available: Grey Mix, Mulberry Mix and Navy Mix (pictured).

Jonathan Aston have also recently released a nice range of argyle tights in their Heritage Collection. I am not sold on the Green colour, although the Jonathan Aston website suggests that these tights will also be available in Grey, Navy and Black.