Monday, 5 September 2011

Tights for autumn and winter

As cooler weather approaches, now is the time to stock up on tights that provide extra warmth and insulation.

Tights Please have asked me to put together my recommendations for tights that would be suitable for men to purchase. I have chosen opaque tights as these are generally thicker and will provide more warmth. I have also chosen brands that have large, tall and extra large sizes, as men will find these will generally provide a better fit.

I probably have more pairs of Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights than any other opaques. These are great value and come in a wide range of colours. I tend to go for Black, Chocolate, Navy and Steel. Note that the Large size fits taller people better than the Extra Large. With the last few pairs of these tights that I have bought, I have noticed that the brief has less room and the waist is slightly lower than the Charnos 60 Denier Tights that were on sale a few years ago. The fit is still good but the tights are perhaps not quite as roomy or comfortable as they used to be.

The Cette Dublin opaque tights are a best seller for male buyers at Tights Please and come in a range of colours. I note that the Large size only goes up to 5'1'1", so may not be suitable if you are taller than this.

I recently featured the Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier Tights and you can read my thoughts here. These were perhaps the best tights I bought last winter. They are extremely comfortable but also hard-wearing. I also really like the completely matt appearance. The price is perhaps higher than most other opaque tights, but with Falke you can be sure you are getting excellent quality and I think they are worth the extra expense.

I recently reviewed Levante Airskin 150 denier opaque tights. My review is here. Great quality from Levante. These tights fitted me superbly and I am sure they will be one of the first pairs I will reach for this autumn.

Lastly, one cannot recommend tights for autumn and winter without giving a shout to Wolford. Many years ago they actually made and marketed tights for men, although sadly no longer do so. I bought some black Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 tights a few years ago and they are still wearing well. These are very soft, matt opaque tights and the XL size is a perfect fit for me. I hope Tights Please might consider expanding the range of colours they have available for these tights. The Coca, Taupe and Anthracite colours look good and are in the neutral shades that I prefer.

You can also now read Men’s Tights Perfect For The Autumn - recommendations from Tights Please on their own blog.


  1. Nice review - thanks. Can you do a similar one for tights with slightly lower denier ? The ones you suggest are very thick, and I find a thinner denier to be better under trousers. Thanks !

  2. Thanks PJ. Thanks also for the suggestion - I may do a feature on thinner, sheer tights at some point.

  3. Great Review.. Nothing like a good pair of opaque tights when it is cold... I prefer 40 denier...
    It is that weather in between that can be a problem.. Too cool for sheers but a bit too warm for opaques... I often solve this by wearing two pairs of sheers..

  4. Perhaps I should do a feature on 40 denier tights - what do you think?

  5. It would be great to see 40 denier... A good denier to have in-between hot and cold weather...

    Outstanding value and quality for money.. The colour Carbon looks fantastic