Saturday, 17 September 2011

Special promotion on Wolford OPAQUE 70 tights

I have received an email from the UK Wolford Partner Boutique about a special offer on the Wolford OPAQUE 70 tights. They are not normally sold by Wolford and you can't find information on them on the Wolford website. They are also not available via online retailers that usually sell a wide range of Wolford products.

When I asked the shop about them last year, they told me that they were made especially from time to time for special offers.

The pair I bought last year is one of the best pairs of opaque tights I have ever bought. I like them so much that I wear them rarely so they don't wear out!

I am going to buy at least one more pair as I am not sure when or whether they will appear again. These tights are available in Extra Large. The Wolford Partner Boutique also offers free same day UK shipping.

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  1. I just wondered why I couldn't find any information about them on Wolford's site. I've been wearing Opaque 70 for the first time today and I really like them. To bad they're not in the normal range.
    Keep up the good work with the blog!