Monday, 12 September 2011

Reviewed: ADRIAN 60 denier 'Grating' tights

This is the first of several reviews of the new range of Men Collection tights produced by the Polish hosiery manufacturers ADRIAN.

Firstly, it's important to congratulate and thank ADRIAN for their initiative in marketing tights for men and catering to an expanding market.

Today, we are reviewing the 60 denier Grating tights.

Materials and features
The Grating tights are have an attractive Argyle type diamond pattern, in shades of light grey, dark grey and black.

The fabric is 85% polyamide and 15% Elastane. The tights look quite small when taken out of the packet but the Elastane content provides plenty of stretch.

The tights have flat seams and a wide and very comfortable 4cm waistband. The tights appear to be quite robust and I am sure will wear well.

Fit and sizing
The Grating tights come in three sizes:

M: Height 170cm - 182 cm
L: Height 176cm - 188 cm
XL: Height 182cm - 194cm

I am 5'10" and tested a pair in L size. The fit was very good although I think the XL size would have been slightly more comfortable for me. Anyone taller than me should certainly go for the XL size.

The brief was very roomy and clearly had been designed with male customers in mind. Overall the tights were very comfortable indeed. I wore them under jeans all day and they stayed up well.

The packaging indicates that the tights are made with a male centre panel. However, I tried wearing them both ways and found that the tights fitted better and were much more comfortable with the panel being worn as a rear comfort panel.

Colour range
The Grating tights appear at present to be available only in the Black/Grey combination. However the Legwear4Men blog suggests that a Navy/Denim combination may also be appearing.

Price and availability
These tights are available for 28 Polish Zloty from the ADRIAN website. However the website is in Polish. UK and other international buyers will shortly be able to order these from the Legwear4Men website.

The Grating tights by ADRIAN are a unique style of tights for men and the Argyle diamond pattern will suit men who want to try something different, or just wear Argyle style tights instead of socks. I will certainly be wearing them on cooler days this autumn.


  1. Thanks for the review, liked it a lot.

  2. Would you put these with shorts, and if so, what would you wear with them?

  3. Well, I wouldn't personally wear with shorts as that's not a style I am into. But readers are welcome to suggest their own style ideas.

    1. I like argyle style of tights, and especially with shorts. That's me in argyles:

  4. Nice photo anonymous. What are the brand of argyle tights you are wearing?

    1. Veneziana, probably. Bought couple of years ago, I forgot.