Saturday, 10 September 2011

ufash - New unisex tights from Austria

ufash are a new brand of unisex tights from Austria. I am hoping to receive samples of these shortly and will write reviews in due course.

Four styles of tights are available:

Frida & Fred: 20 denier semi-matt tights

Lucy & Luca: 40 denier matt semi-opaque tights

Anna & Andy: 60 denier semi-matt opaque tights

Zara & Zac: 100 denier semi-matt opaque tights

1 comment:

  1. Wow.. Another step forward in the world of tights.. Men's.. Women's.. Unisex.. It is all looking very positive...
    I have to say.. The artwork on the front of the packets really stands out.. Not quite sure about the naming of them..
    Looking forward to your reviews.. I like the look of the Frida & Fred..