Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Reviewed: Silky Diamond Pattern opaque tights

Eve's Legwear kindly sent me pair of the Silky Diamond Patterned Opaque Tights.

I have been looking for some diamond pattern opaque tights for a while, but it seems very few people sell them. If you scroll down you can see that I wore them for work this morning. For the price these tights are fantastic value.

Materials and features

These tights are made by Silky. The fabric is 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex. Once I took them out of the packet it was clear that they are really good quality.

The tights have conventional seams with no difference in appearance between the brief and the legs - the diamond pattern goes right up to the waist.

The tights have a very slight shine, but veer towards matt in appearance.

Fit and sizing

These tights are available from Eve's Legwear in three sizes: Medium and Large and X-Large.

Eve's Legwear suggested I try the X-Large size and the recommendation was spot on. The tights have plenty of stretch and the rear comfort panel meant the brief was also comfortable. I was actually amazed at how well these tights fitted me and how comfortable they were.

Colour range

These tights are available in Black and Claret.

Price and availability

These tights cost just £3.99.

These tights are a real bargain. I don't normally wear tights with a pattern, preferring opaques in neutral colours or sheer tights. However, I have always thought they looked really smart and decided to try something a bit different. The customer service from Eve's Legwear was also excellent. I would encourage any men wanting to buy tights for themselves to check their website. You can also contact them if you require any further advice and guidance as they welcome male customers.