Monday, 31 October 2016

Reviewed: Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights

Luxury Legs recently sent us a pair of the brand new Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights to trial and review.

Following the launch last year of the Pure 10 and Pure 50 tights, Wolford have once again developed another revolutionary tights innovation.

Thanks to special technology, the waist size of these tights is decided by the wearer – by simply making up to four cuts on the inside of the waistband, the wearer can find the perfect fit.

Comfort Cut 40 Tights

Wolford provide more information about this revolutionary innovation:

"The Wolford innovation of the season: these opaque tights are a real masterpiece in terms of their material and functionality. Thanks to special technology, the waist size of these tights is decided by the wearer herself – by simply making up to four cuts on the inside of the waistband, the wearer can find the perfect fit. The extraordinarily soft yarn and the semi-sheer design create a luxurious, minimalist look. The most essential basic.

"Wolford has reached a new milestone with its Comfort Cut 40 tights – tights that are designed to fit each individual figure perfectly. Up to four cuts can be made in specifically marked spots to personalize the width of the waistband – it can be done in just a single cut without losing any of the stitching. Every cut is discreetly hidden and each small extension expands the waistband by around a half size, creating an unprecedented feel."


The packaging for the Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights is pretty much standard for Wolford.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle that provides information about the new Comfort Cut style and instructions on how to get the perfect fit. This is then enclosed in a light card sleeve. Everything is then enclosed in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

Wolford have developed a new material for the Comfort Cut 40 Tights to ensure that the concept of a perfect fit is fully realised. The tights are made with a new Velvet Light fabric that combines an ultra-soft texture, uniform matt look and improved stretchiness of the material in just one yarn.

The Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights are made from 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane.

First impressions of the material are very positive. The tights feel amazingly soft and light. They are also super stretchy.

Appearance is matt with little shine.

Opacity is what would be expected for 40 denier tights - these are genuinely semi-opaque.

Seams are flat throughout and beautifully finished.

A double-layered waistband is the centrepiece of this new Comfort Cut style. The main part is 6cm wide. On the reverse are the four points where incisions can be made to adjust the waistband size. A Wolford tag is also sewn in.

A further 5cm wide reinforcement band runs below the main waistband and provides further support for the waist.

There is also reinforcement either side of the central seam.

As with all Wolford styles the brief/panty is generously sized and easily stretched over the waist and hips. There is a cotton gusset.

Toes have light reinforcement, and this is barely visible.

Fit and sizing

The Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights are available in five sizes:

  • Extra-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-Large
I tested a pair in the Extra-Large size.

It was quite exciting to have the opportunity to create one's own perfect fit. Luckily Wolford provide a detailed and helpful instruction card in the packaging.

As explained above, the the double-layered waistband can be expanded simply by making cuts in four areas that are clearly indicated.

At each point, the area to cut is marked by a pair of scissors as well as a line with two sewn holes. By cutting with scissors (and it's best to use rounded ones), the waistband can be widened in this area. As you do so the outside of the double-layered waistband remains undamaged.

Each cut that is made permanently increases the waistband by half a size.

On an initial wearing I did find the waistband rather tight, so I made a single cut in one of the areas marked. One needs to take care with the scissors to make sure that the outer part of the waistband isn't damaged. Once the cut is made, the waistband immediately relaxes. This time the fit was more comfortable but still retaining good grip and support in the waistband.

For now that is how I will leave them, but I am considering making one further cut if I feel a further size adjustment is necessary.

Overall the fit was superb. The tights have amazing stretch and the Extra-Large size is generous in leg length and in the brief.

The material feels super soft and comfortable on the leg, providing a superior wearing experience.

Colour range

The Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights are available in three colours at Luxury Legs:

  • Anthracite
  • Admiral (Dark Navy)
  • Black
I tried a pair in Anthracite.

Price and availability

The Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights are available for £35.00 at Luxury Legs.


The Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights are a genuine innovation. There has never been, until now, the opportunity to customise the waist of a pair of tights. Wolford are once again far ahead of the competition.

Apart from the innovative, customisable waistband, the Comfort Cut 40 are also a superb pair of tights to wear. The Velvet Light fabric is quite luxurious and provides a wonderful sensation on the leg and feel of wellbeing. Can tights make you feel good? These one certainly do.

It will be interesting to see if the Comfort Cut technology will be extended further. I wonder if we will see Comfort Cut fully opaque tights, for example.

Finally, the Comfort Cut 40 Tights could be something that male buyers consider if they are worried about fitting in the waist area. This technology provides options and a level of personal autonomy that could bring in more male interest in hosiery wearing.

Thanks to Luxury Legs for the sample and for supporting the Hosiery For Men blog.

Hold me tights - a passion for Wolford

"Hold me tights: one woman's passion for Wolford" - this was the title of a fascinating article in yesterday's Sunday Times Style magazine.

In the article journalist and former war reporter Charlotte Eagar discusses her special relationship with Wolford tights.

Charlotte outlines what all fans of Wolford already know: their tights are amazing quality, durable and an economy.

She also mentions that many men also appreciate Wolford, including British Special Forces who wear Wolford tights to keep warm.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Reviewed: Ysabel Mora Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights

Spanish hosiery brand Ysabel Mora recently sent us a bumper package of tights to trial and review.

Our first review is of the Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights.

Ysabel Mora - the brand

The Ysabel Mora brand, is based in Valencia, Spain, and was created more than 40 years ago. They have gradually grown and evolved to become one of the leading Spanish hosiery brands.

You can read more here.


The packaging for these tights is simple but elegant.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle, and then wrapped in a cellophane bag. Everything is then enclosed in a card envelope.

Material and features

The Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights are made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The yarn is very soft and satiny, with a noticeable shine. They are super stretchy.

Seams are flat throughout. The waistband is 3.5cm wide.

The brief/panty is generously sized and easily stretched over the waist and hips.

In the XL size that I tried, there is a rear comfort panel.

Toes are not reinforced.

Fit and sizing

The Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights are available in three sizes:

  • Medium (II)
  • Large (III)
  • XL (IV)
I tested a pair in XL.

As mentioned above, these tights have great stretchiness.

Fit was excellent and the tights provide an almost total opaque coverage on the leg.

They felt great on the skin, and the slight sheen provided excellent glide under jeans and trousers.

The only slightly disappointing aspect was that when walking for some distance they had a tendency to creep downwards, and needed pulling up and adjustment from time to time.

In the picture below, the Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights are styled with Nike shorts.

Colour range

The Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights are available in a range of colours:

  • Beige
  • White 
  • Granat
  • Gray
  • Navy Blue
  • Brown
  • Black Red
  • Bottle Green
I tried them in Black.

Price and availability

We do not have any current information on where the Linea Activa 70 Opaque Tights are stocked, or how much they cost.

The review will be updated when more information is available.


These are the first tights we have reviewed from Ysabel Mora.

(You can read our earlier review of a selection of Ysabel Mora men's socks).

The quality is excellent and they provided a very good wearing experience. The overall fit, the deep brief and the soft, sheen yarn were all positives.

It is difficult to comment on price and value at this stage.

Thanks to Ysabel Mora for the sample and for supporting the Hosiery For Men blog.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Men's segment of hosiery market growing

Trade publication the Knitting Trade Journal reports that the hosiery market continues to grow:

"The main drivers for the growth, according to a new report from Market Reports World is increasing demand from consumers looking for improved quality, durability, fit, style, and glamour while purchasing hosiery products."

However the report identifies that hosiery for men is a significant driver in the growing market:

"Not only is the market for women hosiery increasing, but the demand for such goods is also rising from the men's segment with increased numbers believed to be following the latest fashion and apparel trends."

Friday, 21 October 2016

VienneMilano competition winners announced

Congratulations to the three winners of our competition to win a pair of luxury thigh high stockings from VienneMilano.

Well done to Kat, Tricia and Estella who will soon be receiving a pair of thigh highs from the VienneMilano permanent collection.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just arrived: Pamela Mann 80 Denier and 120 Denier Opaque Tights

Hosiery brand Pamela Mann have sent us some tights from their Plus Size range to trial and review.

We have received following styles in two different sizes:

Pamela Mann 80 Black Opaque Tights

Pamela Mann 120 Denier 3D Navy Opaque Tights

Stay tuned for a feature for a Pamela Mann brand that will be published shortly.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Review round-up: men's socks from Ysabel Mora

We recently received a great selection of tights from the Spanish hosiery brand Ysabel Mora.

We will start to publish reviews of these shortly.

Ysabel Mora also sent us a selection of their men's socks. If you check the Ysabel Mora website you will see that they have an extensive range.

Here is a short review of each style that we received.

Ysabel Mora men's long socks

Material and features

100% Cotton. These are men's long socks made with Scottish yarn.

According to Ysabel Mora they have a pressure-free cuff and are hand-darned.

The material has a soft, natural feel. The socks are light and have very little weight in the hand.

The socks are quite long once taken out of the packaging. They could really be more accurately described as men's knee highs.

They are shaped at the ankle and have reinforcement in the ankle and toes. The cuff section is about 15cm long.

Fit and sizing

These socks are available in two sizes (corresponding to European shoe sizes):

  • 39/41 
  • 42/44
I tried the 42/44 size.

Although the socks looked extremely long, once on they stretch outwards on the calf. The fit reaches to just above the knee.

The cuff keeps them in place without any slipping.

These socks are so light on the foot and leg, but look really elegant. The material also breathes very well.

Colour range

This style is available in two colours: Black and Navy Blue. I tried the Navy Blue (Marino) shade.


These are very good men's knee highs. They feel soft and comfortable on the skin and provide a really pleasant wearing experience.


Ysabel Mora men's silk touch socks

Material and features

100% Polyamide.

They are described as 'silk touch socks'.

They are hand darned and have a pressure-free cuff.

The material is luxuriously soft to the touch. They are the softest socks of all the Ysabel Mora styles we tried.

Toes and ankles have light reinforcement.

The cuff is 4cm wide.

Colour range

The silk touch socks are available in five colours: Grey, Navy Blue, Brown, Beige and Light Grey

I tried the Navy Blue shade.

Fit and sizing

These socks are available One Size only. Despite this, they fitted my 44 shoe size perfectly.

The feeling they provided was of lightness and breathability.

The socks extend to the lower calf area. The cuff helps them to stay in place.

Very comfortable indeed.


These are really top quality men's socks. Soft and exceptionally comfortable on the skin.


Ysabel Mora men's ribbed socks

Material and features

80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane.

These are socks with an attractive ribbed pattern. They are hand darned.

This is a much more robust sock. The material is not as soft as the two styles assessed above, and these are clearly designed to be more hard-wearing.

The ribbed lines are quite wide - just over 1cm. Toes and ankles are not reinforced.

The 1.5cm cuff is much narrower. In the pair I trialled, this was unfortunately already very slightly frayed in both socks.

Colour range

Available in three colours: Black, Dark Grey, Navy Blue and Brown.

I tried the Brown shade.

Fit and sizing

Available in One Size only. Once again the single sizing option was fine. The fit was very comfortable with no tightness or constriction.

These socks come up quite high on the calf. They are not quite knee highs, but not far off.

This style would be good to wear with boots, as they are much more robust.


This style would have earned a recommendation if the cuff did not show signs of fraying after a very short period of wear. Although this might be an issue only with the pair I tried, Ysabel Mora might want to take a look here from a quality control perspective.

Ysabel Mora men's craft-made socks

Material and features

80% Acrylic, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

These are described as artisan or craft-made socks, that are hand-woven. I'm not sure what makes them an 'artisan' style.

They have a pressure-free cuff.

This style is extremely soft to the touch. The socks are quite stretchy.

Toes and ankles are not reinforced. The cuff is 2cm wide.

Colour range

Available in Black only.

Fit and sizing

One Size only.

Fit again was excellent. The socks come up to the mid calf. Plenty of room in the foot and a nice cushioning effect when worn with shoes.


These are quite basic socks. Good, but not as fine quality as the long socks and silk touch socks.

Final comments

I enjoyed trialling all of these socks over the course of a few days.

The picks were clearly the Ysabel Mora men's long socks and the Ysabel Mora men's silk touch socks.

At the moment I am not sure where any of these styles can be purchased, but will update these reviews when more information is available.