Friday, 21 October 2016

VienneMilano competition winners announced

Congratulations to the three winners of our competition to win a pair of luxury thigh high stockings from VienneMilano.

Well done to Kat, Tricia and Estella who will soon be receiving a pair of thigh highs from the VienneMilano permanent collection.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Just arrived: Pamela Mann 80 Denier and 120 Denier Opaque Tights

Hosiery brand Pamela Mann have sent us some tights from their Plus Size range to trial and review.

We have received following styles in two different sizes:

Pamela Mann 80 Black Opaque Tights

Pamela Mann 120 Denier 3D Navy Opaque Tights

Stay tuned for a feature for a Pamela Mann brand that will be published shortly.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Review round-up: men's socks from Ysabel Mora

We recently received a great selection of tights from the Spanish hosiery brand Ysabel Mora.

We will start to publish reviews of these shortly.

Ysabel Mora also sent us a selection of their men's socks. If you check the Ysabel Mora website you will see that they have an extensive range.

Here is a short review of each style that we received.

Ysabel Mora men's long socks

Material and features

100% Cotton. These are men's long socks made with Scottish yarn.

According to Ysabel Mora they have a pressure-free cuff and are hand-darned.

The material has a soft, natural feel. The socks are light and have very little weight in the hand.

The socks are quite long once taken out of the packaging. They could really be more accurately described as men's knee highs.

They are shaped at the ankle and have reinforcement in the ankle and toes. The cuff section is about 15cm long.

Fit and sizing

These socks are available in two sizes (corresponding to European shoe sizes):

  • 39/41 
  • 42/44
I tried the 42/44 size.

Although the socks looked extremely long, once on they stretch outwards on the calf. The fit reaches to just above the knee.

The cuff keeps them in place without any slipping.

These socks are so light on the foot and leg, but look really elegant. The material also breathes very well.

Colour range

This style is available in two colours: Black and Navy Blue. I tried the Navy Blue (Marino) shade.


These are very good men's knee highs. They feel soft and comfortable on the skin and provide a really pleasant wearing experience.


Ysabel Mora men's silk touch socks

Material and features

100% Polyamide.

They are described as 'silk touch socks'.

They are hand darned and have a pressure-free cuff.

The material is luxuriously soft to the touch. They are the softest socks of all the Ysabel Mora styles we tried.

Toes and ankles have light reinforcement.

The cuff is 4cm wide.

Colour range

The silk touch socks are available in five colours: Grey, Navy Blue, Brown, Beige and Light Grey

I tried the Navy Blue shade.

Fit and sizing

These socks are available One Size only. Despite this, they fitted my 44 shoe size perfectly.

The feeling they provided was of lightness and breathability.

The socks extend to the lower calf area. The cuff helps them to stay in place.

Very comfortable indeed.


These are really top quality men's socks. Soft and exceptionally comfortable on the skin.


Ysabel Mora men's ribbed socks

Material and features

80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Elastane.

These are socks with an attractive ribbed pattern. They are hand darned.

This is a much more robust sock. The material is not as soft as the two styles assessed above, and these are clearly designed to be more hard-wearing.

The ribbed lines are quite wide - just over 1cm. Toes and ankles are not reinforced.

The 1.5cm cuff is much narrower. In the pair I trialled, this was unfortunately already very slightly frayed in both socks.

Colour range

Available in three colours: Black, Dark Grey, Navy Blue and Brown.

I tried the Brown shade.

Fit and sizing

Available in One Size only. Once again the single sizing option was fine. The fit was very comfortable with no tightness or constriction.

These socks come up quite high on the calf. They are not quite knee highs, but not far off.

This style would be good to wear with boots, as they are much more robust.


This style would have earned a recommendation if the cuff did not show signs of fraying after a very short period of wear. Although this might be an issue only with the pair I tried, Ysabel Mora might want to take a look here from a quality control perspective.

Ysabel Mora men's craft-made socks

Material and features

80% Acrylic, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

These are described as artisan or craft-made socks, that are hand-woven. I'm not sure what makes them an 'artisan' style.

They have a pressure-free cuff.

This style is extremely soft to the touch. The socks are quite stretchy.

Toes and ankles are not reinforced. The cuff is 2cm wide.

Colour range

Available in Black only.

Fit and sizing

One Size only.

Fit again was excellent. The socks come up to the mid calf. Plenty of room in the foot and a nice cushioning effect when worn with shoes.


These are quite basic socks. Good, but not as fine quality as the long socks and silk touch socks.

Final comments

I enjoyed trialling all of these socks over the course of a few days.

The picks were clearly the Ysabel Mora men's long socks and the Ysabel Mora men's silk touch socks.

At the moment I am not sure where any of these styles can be purchased, but will update these reviews when more information is available.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Introducing Legs, Toes & Co

Legs, Toes and Co is a new online legwear boutique that launches today!

We spoke to Amanda Pate, the founder of Legs, Toes and Co to learn about her new venture.

Can you provide Hosiery For Men readers with some background to Legs, Toes & Co? What are you aiming to achieve?

Legs, Toes & Co was inspired by a desire to stand on my own two feet! For many years I worked for large media organisations and later I worked in academia. However, I wanted to run my own show and be my own boss and I was thinking for a long time about what else I would like to put my energies into.

The idea of launching an online boutique selling quality legwear at an affordable price was something I had been researching for some time, either in terms of launching my own line or selling a range of products. I love leggings – of all varieties – and the same goes for hosiery, and so legwear was something that I have a passion for and so the idea never really went away.

It was only when I was at a party and some friends started talking about their love of tights and how difficult they found it to get the styles they liked as and when they needed them that I had my 'light bulb moment' i.e. that it was time to put my idea into action. So, in essence, my aim is to be able to offer our customers the legwear that they really want and love – on demand.

In a crowded online hosiery retail market what is unique about Legs, Toes & Co?

The online hosiery market is a relatively busy one that is true. But it is an exciting one with a great buzz around it too. In terms of what is unique about Legs, Toes & Co we are a legwear business that serves the UK primarily but is based in Scotland – and we really do need to know a thing or two about legwear here due to the climate!

Also, it is the fact that we offer not just hosiery, but socks and leggings as well. We are also offering a Subscription Box service for legwear products too, which is something that we know would make the perfect gift for anyone. We are also going to be stocking some fabulous active legwear and we have one or two other exciting products coming through in the near future, which we believe will make us stand out.

So in essence, we aim to go that extra mile in terms of our product range and strive to offer something different.

Do you welcome male customers buying tights for themselves? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice? 

Absolutely! We are already well aware that the market has been geared to women primarily and there is a big demand for tights for all. We welcome enquiries from our customers looking to buy particular products and are also keen to offer advice about all of our products and size guides etc. We have strived to make sure from the outset that we are accessible to our potential customers and so have established accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course there is good old email: ( and so we would encourage your readers to let us know what they want from us and what they need but isn't easily accessible.

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?

There is interest yes, but it is a shift in the right direction. The greater visibility for men buying and wearing tights, all the better. We are launching opportunities for people to be part of Legs, Toes & Co as Party Consultants and I really hope that this is an opportunity that isn't one that is just taken up by women (as has traditionally been the case with opportunities to sell produce via parties). We really hope that men will be interested in running Legs, Toes & Co parties and that men will want to attend them too!

Are there any particular items that you have in stock that you can recommend for men?

From what we have in stock at the time of our launch, I would recommend the Silky Luxury Soft 60 or 80 DenierBlack Tights, depending on your thickness preference. These tights are really warm and cosy (given the time of year) and provide great support and comfort. They are priced at £6.99 for a pack of two and this makes them both affordable and good quality.

While for a man who is looking for a practical pair of tights that aren't quite so thick and perhaps prefers their hosiery to be available in a range of shades, then I would recommend the Cindy Ladder Resist 20 Denier Tights as they are comfortable and are good value for money too, currently priced at £2.50.

We will be extending our ranges on the site in the coming weeks and this will intentionally include a focus on serving the male market for hosiery. We don't feel it should be an after-thought.

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?

The main benefits of tights are that they are comfortable, supportive, and can be warm on cold days and cool on warmer days. They are easy to care for and some pairs can last a very, very long time (you may find with others that this isn't always the case though and this isn't necessarily down to one brand over another either). All the same, it is always fun shopping for a new pair of tights and choosing between different colours and patterns and finding what suits you most.

What are your plans for the future at Legs, Toes & Co? 

We have ambitious plans for Legs, Toes & Co and have billed ourselves as being an online boutique "for people who are going places" – as we believe we are too.

Our official launch day is today (Friday 14 October) and we will be running launch day offers, which will be promoted on our Facebook page. Customers can also qualify for future special offers by signing up to our Newsletter via our website.

We hope that people will like what we are offering initially but I would stress that we do have more fabulous ranges coming through. As mentioned, we are putting out a call for Party Consultants and anyone who might be interested should drop us an email:

We also have one or two other developments up our sleeve but we are keeping these under wraps for now at least, this space!

It is a very exciting time!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Guest review: Wolford Opaque 70 Tights

We recently published a guest review of the Falke Pure Matt 100 Tights by USA-based Hosiery For men reader Lei.

Lei has now sent us another detailed review and this time he focuses on the Wolford Opaque 70 Tights.

About me

Male, 5’10’’, around 155lb, average build.

I have recently purchased a pair of Wolford Opaque 70 Tights, size XL, in color black.

I bought them from UK Tights.

Purchasing experience and packaging

I read a number of reviews of Wolford-branded tights before committing to the purchase, and went with the rarer Opaque 70 instead of the Velvet De Luxe 66 as I hear that it has a somewhat better fit and is quite a bit cheaper than the Velvet De Luxe 66.

The package came in nicely wrapped in plastic and the tights felt soft and luxurious in hand right out of the package. The unboxing experience definitely made me felt it was money well-spent!

First impressions

One word: soft. These tights feel very soft and silky in my hands, and very stretchy when I try to pull on them.

There is a nice little tag to tell between your Wolford’s and other tights (don’t worry, you won’t feel the tag at all).

Opacity is about what I’d expect for 70 deniers, as you can see, when I stretch my hand in the foot area of the tights, I can see through them somewhat.

These tights are made with 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane.

After washing these for the first time (by hand), they feel strangely… less velvety. Maybe my expectations were tempered by the other pair of tights I bought and reviewed simultaneously (the Falke Pure Matt 100), but it seemed to me that these tights have a slight edge of roughness to them, at least on my hands.


These tights are what I might call semi-opaque, without much of a sheen to them.

There is a gusset and no back panel; the seams are flat and comfortable – you won’t feel them.

Wearing experience, sizing, and fit

As I mentioned, I’m 5’10’’ and around 155lb. A pair in size L may have fit me, but I erred on the side of caution given the expense and bought the XL.

After putting them on, I can see that these are not perfect opaque – that’s what I’d have expected for 70 deniers. They are pleasantly soft and stretchy – at times I did worry that if I pull too hard I’ll ruin them, but that might be due to more the money I spent on them instead of their actual quality.

They fit me perfectly – no excess anywhere, though given the stretchiness I’d imagine that they can easily fit someone larger than me.

The waistband is very comfortable – tight and snug enough to not slide too much, but not so tight that you feel constricted. That, to me, is my personal highlight.

One thing I noticed: after hand-washing the tights, I noticed that they actually picked up quite a bit of dust from the washing/drying process and sitting in the drawer (you can see the dust in the various pictures). To my dismay, the dust does not seem to come off easily.

Color range

The Wolford Opaque 70 Tights are available in Black, Anthracite, and Admiral (Navy) from UK Tights. The ones I tested are in Black.


The Wolford Opaque 70 Tights are available (for a limited time only!) for £20.99, or $26.03 for buyers in the States.


These are excellent tights, soft, stretchy, and comfortable. But would I buy another pair of these? I’m not sure… the price is a bit on the high end and I personally feel that these are a bit overpriced. They are not as soft and velvety as the Falke tights (which are around the same price or cheaper to boot), and the dustiness, which I did not expect after one washing, was surprising to me.

Would I get these instead of some supermarket brands like Hanes or some ballet tights like Balera, which are not as soft or stretchy, have a far worse waistband, but are significantly cheaper? I would, yes, but personally, I would wait for a sale.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Oroblu Divine Tights now available at UK Tights

UK Tights is now stocking the new Divine range of sheer tights from Oroblu.

The tights use nanofibre to provide unprecedented softness and a second skin fit.

UK Tights explains further:

"Divine uses nanofibre, an innovative new fabric with an almost microscopic weave that is far finer than most fibres in the world of leg wear. This means that the resulting material feels like an incredibly high thread count garment, with a soft, gossamer material that is a lot like a second skin. Sheer tights are a subtle garment to wear, but there is truly nothing like a pair of Oroblu Divine for wearing without effort and for unrivaled comfort."

Two styles are available:

Oroblu Divine 20 Denier Tights

Oroblu Divine 10 Denier Tights