Sunday, 20 October 2019

Reviewed: Chaffree Mid Calf Socks

Chaffree, the underwear and hosiery brand that offers a range of seamless, sweat absorbing and chafe reducing garments for men and women, sent us several new items to trial and review.

This summer we reviewed the Chaffree Ankle Socks and more recently we reviewed the the Chaffree Knee High Long Socks.

We have also previously reviewed the Chaffree Men's Briefs and the Chaffree Men's Boxer Shorts.

We now focus on the Chaffree Mid Calf Socks.


The Chaffree Mid Calf Socks are packaged in the same straightforward and efficient way as the Chaffree Ankle Socks and Knee High Long Socks. A card clasp is wrapped around the socks. A thin polythene sleeve then encloses everything.

The packaging provides very clear and detailed product information: product description, key features, sizing information and care instructions.

Materials and features

Like the Chaffree Knee High Long Socks, the Chaffree Mid Calf Socks are a premium product, with every aspect and feature designed to provide comfort and functionality.

The Mid Calf Socks are essentially a shorter version of the Knee Highs, with similar features but with a different length.

A key feature of all the styles of Chaffree socks is the use of COOLMAX® breathable fabric.COOLMAX® fabric has an inbuilt moisture management system that keeps you dry and cool when you perspire. COOLMAX® fabric moves and transports perspiration outside of the body where it quickly evaporates thus reducing the skin to irritation and other attributes that cause the skin to chafe, leaving you to get on with your life in comfort and confidence. COOLMAX® fabric also has anti-bacterial qualities.

The Chaffree Mid Calf Socks are made from 75% Polyester (COOLMAX®), 22% Polyamide and 3% Elastane ((Lycra®).

They are also available in a traditional Cotton version (with 75% Cotton yarn).

For this review we wore the version made with COOLMAX® breathable fibre.

The Mid Calf Socks socks have a series of unique features, all focused on keeping your feet and legs cool and comfortable.

The graphics above provide a visual overview of key features.

Comfort is enhanced by the terry soft cushioning throughout the whole foot of the sock, including the heel, toe, insole and around and above the ankle.

The toe seam is flat and completely smooth. The foot is anatomically shaped.

The leg has a light rib pattern, that begins above the ankle. This is elastic and is designed to provide moderate leg support, to aid circulation and prevent tiredness.

The top of the leg does not have a conventional cuff. The socks are designed in such a way that the ribbed pattern provides support throughout the calf, so a cuff (top opening) isn't necessary.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience 

The Chaffree Mid Calf Socks are available in five sizes:

S: UK size 4-5 (EU 37-38; US 5-6)
M: UK size 6-7 (EU 39-41; US 7-8)
L: UK size 8-9 (EU 42-43; US 9-10)
XL: UK size 10-11 (EU 44-46; US 11-12)
2XL: UK size 12-13 (EU 47-49; US 13-14)

In each size a Standard or Wide Fit is available.

I wore them in an XL: UK 10-11 size with a Wide fitting.

Like the Chaffree knee high socks they were easy to put on. Sizing information is completely accurate and ensure that if you choose correctly you will get a perfect fit.

I love the way the foot is anatomically shaped. When you put them on the experience is quite different from normal socks - your feet slide into place and are held snugly in the cushioning. The level of comfort is extraordinary.

Thee socks have a good stretch. I found that they needed a little more pulling up, compared to the knee highs, if worn for long periods. But the socks do not all down or crumple.

Once again, the ribbed support provided a moderate level of compression support. If toy wear them for a while you will see the slight impression the ribbed lines leave on the skin.

Sweat and moisture control is excellent, due to the COOLMAX® breathable fibre that wicks away sweat.

Colour range

The Chaffree Mid Calf Socks are available are available in five colours: 

  • Jet (Black) 
  • Dark Grey 
  • Light Grey 
  • Blue 
  • Arctic (White) 

As well as individual pairs, you can get also get mixed packs if a pack of three or a pack of five is ordered.

  • The three-pack of dark colours is made up of one of each of the following colours: Black, Dark Grey and Blue. 
  • The three-pack of light colours is made up of one of each of the following colours: White, Light Grey and Blue. 
  • The five-pack of different colours is made up of one of each colour: Black, Dark Grey, Blue, Light Grey and White. I wore them pair in the Jet (Black) shade. 
Price and availability

The price of the  Chaffree Mid Calf Socks is determined by the type of order you make: the sock sizing and the quantity purchased.

An individual pair of mid calf socks (pack of 1) is priced as follows:

UK size 4-5: £8.59
UK size 6-7: £8.59
UK size 8-9: £8.59
UK size 10-11: £8.99
UK size 12-13: £8.99

A pack of three socks is priced as follows:

UK size 4-5: £20.49
UK size 6-7: £20.49
UK size 8-9: £20.49
UK size 10-11: £21.57
UK size 12-13: £21.57

A pack of five socks is priced as follows:

UK size 4-5: £36.51 (only black and whit available in this size)
UK size 6-7: £36.51
UK size 8-9: £36.51
UK size 10-11: £38.21
UK size 12-13: £38.21

Postage is FREE OF CHARGE for all UK orders over £60.00.

For international customers shipping costs are calculated and displayed in your shopping cart during the order process.


These are great socks from Chaffree at a very reasonable price for the quality.

As with the Chaffree knee highs and ankle socks, the design, features and functionality is top notch. I'm just about to go travelling and the mid calf socks have already been packed.

Remember that Chaffree customer service is first rate. Feedback is always valued and if you are a regular customer you get discounts and special offers.

To get more information and news on Chaffree products, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also contact Chaffree via their website, where there is live chat support.

Next Chaffree review will be for the Chaffree Leggings. These are really special and hopefully I can get a review up soon.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Just arrived: Pamela Mann 80 Denier Navy Opaque Tights

UK Tights provide amazing support for this blog. We are really grateful for all the samples they send.

We just received some new tights from them to trial and review.

These are the Pamela Mann 80 Denier Navy Opaque Tights.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Just arrived: NEW FALKE Seidenglatt 40 Tights

It's been a bit of a wait, but we finally have a pair of the new, updated and improved FALKE Seidenglatt 40 Tights.

As soon as they had them in stock our friends at UK Tights got them sent to us.

We are really looking forward to reviewing these and comparing them with the older Seidenglatt 40s.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Just arrived: Golden Lady Invisible Luxury 50 Denier Seamless Tights

UK Tights have sent us several new samples to trial and review.

This is the first time we have had an opportunity to check out tights from the Italian Golden Lady brand.

We are looking forward to wearing these Golden Lady Invisible Luxury 50 Denier Seamless Tights.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Snag Tights Now Featuring Men in Product Shots

Today we bring news of another hosiery brand that has taken steps to show inclusiveness towards all their customers.

Snag Tights have started to use images of men wearing their hosiery.

We spoke to Snag Tights founder Brie Read about this development.

Snag have started to use product shots of men wearing Snag tights. Why are you doing this?

10% of our customers are men, and we wanted to make sure we represented them. It’s important everyone is included and can see what they’d look like in Snags.

Why does a hosiery brand like Snag consider it important to reach out to men who buy and wear tights?

We also believe tights and chub rub shorts are a great option for men - not only do they look great but stop chub rub, keep you warm and give loads more fashion options.

What styles of Snag tights is your model wearing in the photos?

He's wearing our 80 Denier Tights in Black and Hit the Bottle Green.

What feedback and comments have you had since publishing the shots?

We’ve had amazing comments from our male customers who are happy we are reaching out to them and including them, loads of comments who really like the fairness of it, and even more who think men just look absolutely great in tights.

What styles of Snag tights are proving popular with your male customers?

We’ve found classic black tights and bright coloured chub rub shorts are the most popular.

Do you have any plans for the future to extend inclusiveness to male customers?

We do. We believe tights are for everyone and want to include more men and those beyond the binary in our product and marketing shots. All our models are sourced from our customers - which is super important to us.

You can still read our review of the Snag 80 Denier Opaque Tights, as well as a guest review of the Snag 50 Denier Tights.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

FALKE Add New Colour To Range Of Men's Wool-Tech Tights

FALKE have added new colours to their range of Men's Wool-Tech Tights.

A new Capitain colour has been added to the range, joining Black, Grey-Heather, Olive and Dark Night.

The Falke Men's Wool-Tech Tights are made from 55% Virgin Wool, 43% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

They are available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL.

These tights look like they could a fantastic wear in very cold temperatures.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

CARRA Hosiery Photo Shoot With Male Model

We were excited to see the results of a recent photoshoot, organised by CARRA Hosiery.

Seeing a new and upcoming hosiery brand organise a shoot that features a guy wearing their tights is encouraging and starts a trends that hopefully other brands will follow. 

Having men in hosiery photoshoots and featured in brand advertising and packing, was one of the key suggestions made Hosiery For Men readers made in our MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey.

We recently spoke with Christi Hairston CEO of CARRA Hosiery about the photo shoot, images from which are displayed in this blogpost.

Last month you put out a call for male hosiery models to take part in a photo shoot. What was the response?

The response was good! Lots of interest from male hosiery lovers overseas which is demographically challenging as I'm US-based but nevertheless positive. Responses came in from Australia, Switzerland, Florida, and Paris to name a few. It was literally three days before the shoot when I was able to confirm a local model - he was awesome! I must say it was the best shoot we have done to date. 

His name is Sir Hum [Phrey] Wellington and you can follow him at @phreyourmind on Instagram.

Why does a hosiery brand like CARRA consider it important to reach out to men who wear tights? 

CARRA is a young brand, woman-owned and operated so the freedom and direction of the company is solely mine. Through my research and conversations with hosiery lovers and forums like Hosiery for Men, it was important for me to show brand inclusiveness. It was equally important for me to educate myself on the topic. I conducted a survey a few months back and the one thing they stood out is the lack of marketing to men in hosiery. This was also included in the Hosiery for Men survey which was a wealth of information - thank you!! I took all of this information to heart as its a niche market that is loyal and men understand and appreciate quality.

How did you style the shoot with your male model? It seems you were aiming for a really natural, casual style showing how well tights can work in men's fashion. 

Yes that was my goal exactly! I wanted to show style, practicality and versatility. I picked a few pieces based on what I've seen some of my customers wear and the model's wardrobe played an important role as well. It was a lot of fun to pull the looks together which made for a seamless shoot. I used the styling in a way to send a message-wear your hosiery with confidence, wear your hosiery in style. 

What feedback did you get from your model about wearing the CARRA Chaos tights

He loved the Chaos design and this was his first in CARRA Hosiery. He did not hesitate one bit with the creative direction of the shoot and pulled a few surprises out of his own. He chose Chaos as the fit was perfect for his body type and it complemented his style. We ran out of time before we could change to the other designs. The next shoot is already in the works!

You have used the images from the shoot across CARRA's social media channels. What has the reaction been? 

The reaction was very rewarding and positive!! The pictures really got the conversation started in the right direction. I received an overwhelming amount of comments, approvals, high fives and more!! I wasn't sure of the reaction but was willing to take the risk. I'm happy to say it was a milestone moment for CARRA. The idea of shooting a man in CARRA has been in the talks for over 6 months and I knew it had to be done right! I'm forever grateful for your platform and for men in hosiery across the globe! Your encouraging words and engagement on social media keeps me motivated. As Paul Duane would say - Stop asking for permission to be you. CARRA is the brand for all. 

You can still read our introduction to CARRA hosiery and first interview with Christi Hairston.

And our review of CARRA Hosiery's 
Almost Opaque Tights is still available.