Sunday, 25 September 2016

ITEM m6 legwear now available at Luxury Legs

Luxury Legs now are stocking legwear and shapewear from the ITEM m6 brand.

Styles in the range include compression tights, compression stay-ups, compression leggings and shapewear.

Luxury Legs provide information about ITEM m6:

What is ITEM m6? A luxury beauty sensation for light legs and a smoothly shaped body, providing a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort, thanks to the high-tech form-fit thread. The Body+ Effect by ITEM m6 is a revolutionary new generation feeling of well-being from the first time you wear it. ITEM m6 gives you an even more shapely silhouette, made possible through the latest state of the art fibres, production techniques and the perfect balance of function and fashion.

ITEM m6 luxury legwear and shapewear products not only give you an even more beautiful silhouette, but also enhance your sense of well-being. ITEM m6 is for all active, fashion-conscious individuals who care about their body and expect the most from modern, high-quality fashion. This multi-award winning, luxury brand received accolades in 2014 for its Shape Tights, 2015 for Tights Invisible and 2016 for Soft Touch Tights.

Designed to appeal to all active, fashion-conscious individuals who care about their body, want to look great and expect the most from modern, high-quality fashion. Drawing on over 60 years experience of developing & manufacturing compression products in Germany, the ITEM m6 brings you unmatched shaping performance and complete comfort. 

You can browse the full range of ITEM m6 styles at Luxury Legs here.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Reviewed: Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights

TightsPetite are a UK-based hosiery retailer, with a mission to provide customers with an effortless, straightforward, time-saving hosiery shopping experience.

You can read Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with Virag Fejeregyhazi, operations manager at TightsPetite.

TightsPetite sent us a selection of tights by the Polish Gabriella brand to trial and review.

We have already reviewed the Gabriella 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights.

We now focus on on the Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights.


Packaging is the same as the Gabriella 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights - simple, elegant and functional.

The tights are folded over a card rectangle, then protected by a cellophane bag. Everything is then housed in a robust card envelope.

Material and features

TightsPetite describe the Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights as:

"Totally comfortable, warm and silky smooth de luxe opaque tights. Sheer to waist, stunning colours, very versatile. Give yourself the smart look."

These 100 denier tights are made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The yarn has a silky smooth feel - quite impressive for the price. They are slightly thicker and cosier compared to the Gabriella 80 denier style.

The XL size that I tried looked quite long when removed from the packaging, a good sign.

Design and engineering is pretty much the same as with the 80 denier style:

  • Conventional seams
  • Light reinforcement in the toe
  • A rear comfort panel in the brief.
The waistband is slightly deeper however and measures 4cm.

Like the 80 denier style, there is a deep and roomy brief which stretches comfortably over the waist.

There is a very slight and hardly noticeable demarcation between the leg and the brief. So they are not fully sheer to waist but this can only be detected with a very close inspection.

Opacity is total and even on the leg, with a matt appearance.

Fit and sizing

The Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights are available in four sizes at TightsPetite: 2 (Small), 3 (Medium), 4 (Large) and 5 (XL).

I tested a pair in size 5 (XL).

The size 5 was a great fit in every respect. The fit on the leg is very snug with the high (15%) Elastane content.

They feel great on the leg providing warmth but no overheating. Although they are 100 denier, they are not thick and bulky at all.

The wearing experience was very good overall, with a lovely, smooth feeling on the leg.

Colour range

The Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights are available in two colours at 
  • Nero (Black) 
  • Granat (Grey)
I tested a pair in the Black shade.

Price and availability

The Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights are priced at just £5.60.


This is the second time we have reviewed a Gabriella style. As with the 80 denier style, we are impressed with the quality despite the absence of features such as flat seams.

Fit is great, they look superb on the leg and they provide a nice feeling of wellbeing.

The price is just £5.60 which is a bargain whatever way you look at it.

With the cooler weather now with us, I would recommend these if you are on a budget and need a good quality, robust pair of 100 denier tights.

Here are an image of the Gabriella 100 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights styled with Carharrt shorts and Timberland boots.

Thanks to TightsPetite for the sample and for supporting the Hosiery For Men blog. Stay tuned for another Gabriella review that will appear shortly..

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reviewed: ITEM m6 Beauty Tights

Divine Legs was founded in January 2016 by Christine Nicholson and is committed to offering a more convenient experience for buying tights and stockings through a flexible subscription service.

Divine Legs is actually the first hosiery retailer in the UK to offer a tights and other legwear subscription service. But if taking out a subscription is not for you, you can simply chose and purchase single pairs of tights or stockings.

On the Divine Legs website you can find a wide selection of products: black tights, nude hosiery and more.

You can read our recent feature and interview with Christine, the founder of Divine Legs.

You can also read a guest review of the ITEM m6 Easy Line Super Light Matt Tights that in stock at Divine Legs.

Divine Legs recently just sent us a pair of the ITEM m6 Beauty Tights to trial and review.


ITEM m6 is the fashion brand of medi, a high-tech manufacturer in Germany with over 60 years experience in product development, utilising the highest production standards to integrate "medi compression" technology into state-of the-art legwear.

ITEM m6 make a wide range of tights, leggings, knee highs and socks for women and men.


The packaging for the ITEMm6 tights is very impressive.

The tights are folded and then housed in a sturdy and beautifully designed card box. This has information on sizing and the product. specification.

Material and features

ITEM m6 describe these tights as follows:

"The new Beauty Tights from ITEM m6 are a true beauty sensation. These miracle tights are made from unique high-tech yarn. What makes the yarn special is that it has particles of ceramic crystals melted into it that reflect the body’s own heat and convert this into infrared radiation, which penetrates into deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells. The Beauty Tights are made in Germany and promise to beautify the appearance of the skin with lasting effects.

"Combined with medi’s innovative compression technology, these gentle tights are an effective weapon against dimpling of the skin. Whether in an exciting combination with a silk dress, paired with an elegant business outfit or as part of a casual style with a skirt and T-shirt, the tights give you the perfect shape for any look. Light, airy and beautifully shaped legs – mission accomplished thanks to medi compression.

"The Beauty Tights fit your figure perfectly to prevent slipping and pinching. Quality, innovation and design – these are the characteristics that the high-tech manufacturer medi has focused on for decades."

The tights are 73% Polyamide and 27% Elastane.

The first impression is that these tights are very well engineered and extremely robust.

The yarn, while not being velvet soft, is pleasant to touch and comfortable on the skin.

The tights are anatomically shaped with a gradual tapering from the thigh towards the calf and foot. The foot has a reinforced toe and heel.

The brief is particularly interesting. It is a boxer style with clear demarcation to the legs. Seams are flat and expertly finished. The rear of the brief has two round circles that I assume aim to provide support to the buttocks. The waistband is 5cm wide and very comfortable.

Fit and sizing

The ITEM m6 Beauty Tights are available in a range of sizing options.

There are four basic sizes:
  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • Large + 
And two leg lengths:
  • L1 (for under 5'7") 
  • L2( for 5'7" and over) 
I tested a pair in Large + with the L2 leg length.

As these are compression tights, they took some time to put on and get in position. The key is care and patience.

I needed to carefully stretch the tights over each foot, and then in stages pull them up on each leg a bit at a time. The material has plenty of stretch.

You can feel the compression on the leg and it is a great, energising feeling. However, after a while I could barely tell that I was wearing them but was still conscious of the benefits to my leg muscles and circulation.

These tights definitely provided a great feeling of wellbeing and I can see why Divine Legs recommended them.

Colour range

The ITEM m6 Beauty Tights are available in Black only from Divine Legs.

Price and availability

The ITEM m6 Beauty Tights are priced at £49.50.


This is the first time we have reviewed tights from the ITEM m6 brand and we are impressed. These tights have clearly been designed to the highest quality standards but also to have the function of supporting and shaping your legs. That's why ITEM m6 call their products "intelligent legwear." You get superbly designed tights with the additional benefits of technology. Form, fashion and function all working together.

They are amazingly robust and actually appear to be almost indestructible. Although they are rather expensive, I am certain that these would wear well for an extended period and would therefore provide good value.

If you are someone who spends long periods standing or need leg support when taking part in activities, then they could be just what you are looking for.

With excellent, dense opacity they would be perfect to wear with shorts.

Thanks to Divine Legs for the sample and for supporting the Hosiery For Men blog.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Autograph Seamfree Tights from Marks and Spencer

We recently published news that Marks and Spencer have added new styles of 40 Denier Velvet Touch Seamfree Opaque Tights and 10 Denier Seamfree Ladder Resist Matt Tights to their Autograph range.

We visited one of the larger Marks and Spencer branches in London earlier this week and discovered that the range of seam free tights is actually available in four styles: 10 denier, 20 denier, 40 denier and 60 denier.

Here are few images from the range as displayed in store.

Guest post: Boys in tights - a mum's perspective

Becky Fuller is one of the many female readers of Hosiery For Men.

Becky is a freelance theatre, film and TV writer, reviewer and editor who lives in the south-west of England. She is a mother of a girl age 11, and boys age six and eight.

Her website is ByBecky and she tweets at @Theatregleek1.

Becky recently asked Hosiery For Men for advice on where to find tights for boys who were older than 36 months. Her youngest son had asked for tights with a unicorn or penguin design but she couldn't find these anywhere.

In her research of products available, Becky found that for boys up to three years there were many different styles of tights available, but for boys aged four and over there was nothing aimed at them.

Becky has now written a guest post for Hosiery For Men where she reflects on the practicality of tights for boys in cold weather, but also the gendered assumptions made about boys wearing tights that perpetuate stereotypes.

Boys in tights: a mum's perspective

As I write this, I have all the windows open, bright sunlight streaming in, and I’m in my shorts, so it seems hard to think that winter will soon be upon us, but it will. For my daughter, a lifelong dresses and skirts devotee, that means she will start to pull on her thick, fleecy tights; black ones for school days and then, at the weekend, a whole host of colours, patterns and designs that she will team with boots and dresses, or even some shorts. For my sons, that means they’ll make the transition from shorts, back into trousers.

When both of them were babies, I used to dress them in their sister’s cast off tights. I also once, to my total joy, found tights for boys in Lidl; pale blue with Mickey Mouse all over them. They wore them a lot. Then, once they got to around age three, I stopped putting them in tights, figuring people would think it strange. It took my neighbour, who was raised in Germany, to point out that boys over there wear tights under their trousers all winter, and it made perfect sense to me.

Keeping warm

The problem with boys school trousers is that they’re thin. Even when you buy from ‘better quality’ shops, the material used for boys trousers is much thinner than the thick jersey material you get for girls school trousers. You know, the sort that actually keeps their legs warm in winter. When we leave home at 8am on a bitterly cold winter day, the wind bites through to my boys legs and makes them miserable and cold. So, with their consent and regardless of people’s opinons, I put them in tights, pull their trousers on over the top and they’re cosy and warm all day.

Tights sit closer to the skin, therefore creating an extra layer of warmth for our little ones, be they girls, boys, or dinosaurs. For small children who like to sparkle, like my youngest son, tights are a funky, frivolous and fantastic way to brighten up your legs, and they look great under shorts in the winter. In fact, two Christmases ago he got some red shorts and red and white stripy tights to wear under them. He looks like an elf, which is exactly how he wants to look, and he wears them a lot. I also took a trip to Germany last winter and came back with armfuls of tights for him; navy with purple stars, bright blue with orange stripes, red with blue spots….the list goes on.


Tights are easier for a lively six-year-old to move around in, too. He can climb trees much more effectively, we’ve found, and when he crawls on the floor (he likes to be a cat), the material is soft on his knees. Tights are practical, and a logical choice when it’s cold, so why is there such a stigma attached when boys wear them?

Well, for very young boys (up to around three years of age) there are some great websites out there that are doing a sterling job in promoting the fact that tights for boys is A-OK. They sell tights with trucks on, tractors, planes, boats, and so on. The designs are bright and appealing, not only to boys but also to girls who might not favour sparkly or floral designs. But age three seems to be about where it ends. Why?

Sportsmen often wear tights under their shorts or training pants in winter. Footballers, rock climbers, hikers, long distance runners all set vanity and social constraints aside in favour of being warm and sensible and of course, male ballerinas practically live in tights and not much else. Why can’t boys be encouraged to wear tights, too?

Are tights only for girls?

Tights are not gendered. Indeed, no clothing is gendered if you ask me, but even if we’re following what society sees as the norm, tights really aren’t, or shouldn’t be, something that is inherently male or female. They’re like trousers, but with feet. They come in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles, just like trousers do. They have holes for putting your legs in, and a waistband for pulling them up. Did I miss the memo that says that’s only for girls?

What could be cuter than a little boy in thick corduroy shorts and some woolly tights? Team it with a chunky sweater and some sturdy boots and they’re all set for winter. Pay no attention to what society says; just concentrate on making sure your child is comfortable, warm, and happy.

Boys (and men): wear your tights with pride!

Be confident in your choices, too. When I say my boys wear tights, people look at me like I’m slightly crazy. Okay, that might be the case anyway, but not because they wear tights. My eldest son wears them for purely practical reasons; the aforementioned need to keep himself warm, while my youngest wears them for aesthetics as well as practicality. I have told them both that the choice is theirs and no one else’s, and it doesn’t matter one iota what anyone else thinks. My confidence instils confidence in them in return. No child - or adult for that matter- should be ridiculed for their clothing or lifestyle choices. So boys (and men!) stand tall, keep warm, and rock those tights with pride!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Reviewed: Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs

We haven't reviewed many styles of knee-highs at Hosiery For Men, so were pleased when UK Tights sent us a pair of the new Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs to trial and review.

These are part of the expanding Cette Size Plus range which are particularly suitable for men.

You can read our review of the superb Cette Sochi 120 denier Plus Size Cotton Tights, that are also now in stock at UK Tights.

UK Tights provide the following description of the Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs.

"There really is nothing more irritating than having your knee highs cutting into your legs or rolling down as they're not the right size. Here's the answer. The Orleans Wide Knee Highs are perfect if you require a bit more width in the leg. They are approximately 25% wider than the regular knee highs on the market today. No more elastic digging in, no more slipping down, just comfort and style which is of course what we've come to expect from a superior brand such as Cette."


Packaging is quite straightforward and functional. The knee-highs are folded around a plain card rectangle, which is then housed in a folded card. Everything is then wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are made from 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane.

The material is very soft and smooth, with just a very slight shine.

Opacity is dense and even throughout.

As UK Tights have stated, these knee-highs are about 25% wider to suit people with larger calves. They certainly appeared to be more generously designed.

At the top of the knee-highs is a 4.5cm wide cuff which has been knitted to be much denser than the rest of the leg.

Toes are rounded and have no reinforcement.

Fit and sizing

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Knee-Highs are available in single 'wide' size only.

Fit was really excellent. The knee-highs reached comfortably to just below the knee without any over stretching. The material clings to the leg without any wrinkling.

The comfort cuff was revelation. It gripped superbly without any digging in. The knee highs stayed up for the whole day I wore them and needed no pulling up or adjusting.

I have quite large calves and they accommodated them perfectly.

Colour range

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are available from UK Tights in three colours:

  • Black 
  • Blue Black 
  • Coca
I tested the in the Blue Black shade.

Price and availability

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are priced at £5.99.


Cette really do make excellent products and we have enjoyed wearing all the styles we have trialled at Hosiery For Men.

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are perfect for people like me with larger calves. They are a comfortable wear all day. The cuff is so well made that you won't actually be aware that you are wearing them after a while.

They would be a good alternative to 60 denier tights under trousers if the weather isn't very cold. Plus the opacity is good so they could easily pass for socks.

They would also be a good choice for travel - they weigh very little and will take up hardly any space in luggage. Plus they can be rinsed and dried in a faction of the time of conventional cotton or wool socks.


Thanks to UK Tights for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.

Limited Edition Wolford Opaque 70 Tights now in stock at Tights Tights Tights

The limited edition Wolford Opaque 70 Tights are now in stock at hosiery retailer Tights Tights Tights.

These tights only appear seasonally so now is the time to snap up a pair.

They are available in Black and in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

You can still read the Q&A that Tights Tights Tights did with Hosiery For Men.

And also our feature on Tights Tights Tights.