Friday, 15 March 2019

Updated Review: Wolford Aurora Leggings

We recently reviewed the Wolford Aurora Leggings, part of Wolford's new Cradle to Cradle® Collection: biodegradable skin-wear products that have a safe biological lifecycle.

The Aurora garments, which are part of the Cradle to Cradle® Collection, use premium stretch yarn and environmentally responsible fibres.

After the life cycle of the product has naturally come to an end, it can be returned to a Wolford store. In return you will receive a 10% discount on the next Cradle to Cradle® product.

Our initial review of the Wolford Aurora Leggings was based on the XL size that Wolford provided.

We were recently provided with a further pair of the Aurora leggings in the L size.

This updated review provides further information and assessment of the sizing options.  

Wolford describe this product as follows:

"Sustainable innovation: The cycle of nature is our main concern when it comes to these opaque, super soft leggings. Produced from – and with – biodegradable components, these leggings are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the gold level and, as the name suggests, a symbol for new beginnings."


Wolford have designed new and very specific packaging for the Cradle to Cradle® collection.

The Aurora Leggings are folded and packed into rectangular white card box. This then slides into the outer packaging. It is basically as a drawer that can be opened and closed.

As well as sizing information on the outer packaging, there is detailed information (in English and French) on the Cradle to Cradle® sustainability process.

Material and features

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are made from 70% Modal, 26% Polyester and 4% Elastane.

You can feel the quality as soon as you take them out of the packaging. This is a really substantial garment.

They have a velvety smoothness to the touch. Wolford have clearly chosen the highest quality yarns for these leggings.

The knit is dense, and even when stretched remains completely opaque.

The legs are anatomically shaped, narrowing towards the ankle. There is a 2.5cm cuff. The only seam (apart from the cuff and the waistband) is one running on the inside of the leg up to and around the area under the crotch. All the stitching on this seam is on the inside so that externally there is a smooth, unobtrusive and barely visible line.

The brief is very roomy, with a rise of 28cm from crotch to the top of the waistband. It has no central seam.

The waistband itself is 5cm wide. With clever use of flat stitching it is hardly visible. A Wolford tag is sewn onto the inside of the waistband.

As with the Wolford Aurora pullover, the design, construction and finish is all top class.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are available in four sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I trialled both the L and XL size.

This is the first time I have reviewed Wolford leggings, and my first impression is that in terms of sizing, they do come up quite a bit larger than Wolford tights. I take an XL in Wolford tights and the fit is invariably perfect, with always a second skin feeling on the leg.

Aurora Leggings in XL

The size chart indicates that these will fit up to 6'3", depending on your weight.

Compared to Wolford tights in XL I found that these didn't provide a very close fit on the leg. They are not hugely baggy, but there is plenty of room in in the calves and thigh areas.

There was more than enough length in the leg and these would definitely be suitable for taller people.

The waist and brief also provided plenty of room.

I would describe the fit (for me anyway) as relaxed

Aurora Leggings in L

The size chart indicates that these will fit up to 5'11", depending on your weight. The size chart is admirably accurate.

The L size provided a much closer fit on the leg.

For me this was a perfect fit in every respect. The material is stretchy and envelops the leg nicely with no bagging or sagging.

The brief in both the L size is deep and stretched easily above the waist and hips.

It was so great to have a pair of the Aurora Leggings in the L size and compare with the XL. For me the L was a wonderful fit.

Colour range

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are priced at £120.00.


I really enjoyed trialling the Wolford Aurora Leggings. I have worn the L and XL sizes almost every evening over the past few weeks.

They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. I could even describe myself as a convert to Wolford leggings now. I am more than eager to try more of their styles.

Leggings are incredibly versatile. You can wear them under shorts, as loungewear, for insulation.

If you pair them with the Wolford Aurora Pullover, you have a combination for loungewear that cannot be beaten.

More than anything, I was impressed with how great the Aurora Leggings feel. Soft on the skin, warm and comfortable.

To summarise my comments on sizing: if you like a closer fit legging it's best to go down a size from what you normally go for in Wolford tights. This is why in future I will choose a L in Wolford leggings but stay with an XL in Wolford tights.

I'm now looking forward to reviewing the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings. The review of these is coming soon.

Thursday, 14 March 2019


In our recent MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey we asked this question:

In your experience, are there any hosiery brands that have made an effort to be inclusive in some way towards male customers? Which brands are they and what have they done that has been positive?

This was the opportunity to give feedback to hosiery brands and manufacturers about their ethos, their acknowledgement of and engagement with male customers, and any steps they had taken in the design and development of their products.

One of the clearest comments was:

"Any brand that acknowledges men wear tights and have larger sizing is great."

Men's perception of the inclusivity of hosiery brands will be shaped by a number of things that those brands do, including:

  • Brand ethos and values
  • Social media
  • Marketing
  • Website information
  • Their products 
The brand which really stood out was Wolford.

Lots of respondents to the survey gave Wolford a mention as a brand that has notably made an effort to be more inclusive. Key feedback points are:

  • The wide range of sizes available in Wolford tights and leggings 
  • Marketing products as unisex 
  • Having a page on the Wolford online store where specific products are are identified as suitable for men 
Here are some of the comments that you shared about Wolford:

"For me definitely Wolford. I have bought tights at several local Wolford stores. It was always a surprise how open minded the female sales staff is when you buy for yourself and you ask for specific tights or just a recommendation for new tights to try out.”

"Wolford has a unisex page with six tights and leggings for men. That's a big advantage.”

"Wolford, have been improving their men page.”

"Wolford have a wide range of sizes, including XXL."

“Wolford has made an effort on their website that makes choice and sizing of their products on a pagegeared toward males.”

“Wolford are starting to market their products as unisex, but can do more.”

“Wolford seem to be the leaders, great inclusion work on their website.” 

“Wolford have done a great job, but would like it if they included pictures of men wearing their product suggestions, just helps to remove the stigma.”

“Wolford has a section for men on their website, and offers the same brands for both sexes. There's no need for separate products, and different packaging.” 

“At the moment, Wolford has a men section where they recommend products for men. It doesn't cost much but it means a lot for us.”

“Wolford is the only band I've seen so far that has made a clear effort to targetmale customers with their product.”

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Visit to Wolford Factory Outlet, Bregenz

Last month Hosiery For Men visited the Wolford HQ in Bregenz, Austria.

You can read Part One and Part Two of the report of our visit.

Next to the Wolford HQ is one the largest and most impressive factory outlet stores I have been to - and it's full of Wolford products at discounted prices!

Here are a few photos.

I managed to pick up another pair of the Pure 50 Tights in the Noisette shade.

Did you know that you can also take advantages of Wolford's outlet offers online, with discounts from 35% to 70%.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Visit to Wolford Headquarters: Part Two - Reflections

Last month Hosiery For Men visited the Wolford headquarters in Bregenz, Austria.

Part One of our visit report has already been published and you can read it here.

Thanks for all the really positive and interesting comments.

In this final post I will share a few final reflections on the visit.


I wasn't fully aware of this aspect before my visit, but I learned that Wolford takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously indeed.

It was clear to be their commitment isn't simple tokenism or a fake corporate PR manoeuvre. It really does seem to be part of the DNA of Wolford to have the highest standards in relation to sustainability, and this is reflected at every level of operation.

Wolford believes that local action is important, and that positive change must be everyone's responsibility. Wolford wishes to play a leading role in sustainability in the textile industry, which is the second largest polluter worldwide.

For Wolford this is not just about meeting current rules and regulations, but going beyond this to see opportunities to develop better processes and new products.

In 2016, Wolford voluntarily signed a target agreement with klimaaktiv, a climate protection initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. This includes taking steps towards climate protection, emissions reduction and an increase in energy efficiency.

Wolford has therefore pledged to continuously identify and implement measures to improve energy efficiency. For example, Wolford has already introduced hot water and steam systems that resulted in an annual reduction of 300 tones of CO2 and cost savings of approximately EUR 60,000 per year.

Wolford is an official partner of the independent Bluesign® system, which applies a unique approach to improve the impact of the textile industry on the environment and people. The aim is to ensure that all components and processes are audited in advance of production, eliminating unsustainable substances before they enter the production cycle. This ensures the entire supply chain of a product is audited in relation to resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety, as opposed to the finished product only.

Wolford is actually the first hosiery manufacturer in the world that ensures its processes meet these high standards.

Wolford’s newest sustainable development is the Cradle to Cradle® collection. All materials used in Cradle to Cradle® products have a completely safe biological life cycle.

We have already reviewed two products from the collection. The Wolford Aurora Leggings and the Wolford Aurora Pullover.

Quality control

I provided some information on this in the first visit report.

However, I do want to emphasise further the real and visible commitment to making sure that when you buy a Wolford product, you are getting a garment that is really the best in every respect.

As I toured around the HQ and learned about the production process, quality control was a thread running through everything. There are rigorous checks at every single stage of the production process.

The aim is to make sure that every single pair of tights is perfect in every aspect. Only when each pair of tights has passed every stage of quality checking, are they packed and made ready for sale. Before being packaged each pair of tights is checked against 21 clearly identified quality criteria such as elasticity and stretching.

I also learned that if for any reason a Wolford products is returned because of a fault, the garment is examined carefully and rigorously to identify what went wrong.

This is how a brand achieves a reputation for quality - not through slogans but by real steps.

Wolford's male customers

Throughout the visit I was reassured that Wolford genuinely values all its customers, including men buying Wolford tights, leggings and other products.

Wolford has made a number of positive steps recently to develop its inclusive ethos and target products to the male demographic.
This was confirmed in our recent MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey, that so many of you contributed to. Wolford achieved the highest recognition of any hosiery brand for inclusivity towards male customers.

Wolford are committed to making improvements in their hosiery range to ensure male needs are met. Here are some examples that many of you will already be aware of: 

  • Wolford have made improvements to the waistband design of many of their tights, so that there is more comfort and less rollover. (Keep an eye out for waistband improvements and upgrades, including to some of Wolford's key basic styles). 
  • Wolford are offering larger size options for many products, and will continue to extend this 
Of course this also builds on the other steps Wolford have taken recently, such as:
The following are some of the issues and suggestions arising from the survey that we discussed:
  • Marketing towards male customers 
  • The unisex nature of Wolford tights and other legwear products 
  • Fashion trends that are increasingly unisex and genderless 
  • How men might be shown wearing Wolford tights and other garments in marketing and retail imagery. 
Following the visit I am confident that Wolford will take further steps to include and engage with their male customers.

Thank you

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Wolford for inviting the Hosiery For Men blog to visit their HQ. The welcome, hospitality and whole experience was memorable.

A special thanks to Matteo, the former Director of Online, as well as Tina, Astrid and Katharina.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Hedoine 20 Denier "THE NUDES" Tights Now Available In Wider Range Of Shades

Luxury hosiery brand Hedoine have made their 20 Denier "The Nudes" Tights available in wider range of shades.

We recently trialled "The Nude" and you can still read our review.

This review will be updated soon as we have recently received a pair in the new M- L sizing.

An XL - XXL size is coming soon. We will bring you news of that as soon as it become available. It can already be pre-ordered.

A reminder of the key features of Hedoine tights:

  • 20 denier
  • seamless
  • ladder-free and run-resistant
  • extremely soft and durable
  • high and low slimming waistband
  • 40 denier reinforcement under the toes with signature Hedoine pattern
  • highest quality yarns
  • innovative 3D knitting technology
  • machine-washable
  • made in ItalyThe full of range of shades in "The Nude" are:
01 invincible Pearl

Friday, 8 March 2019

Just arrived: The Outer Body By Heist

Innovative hosiery and shapewear brand Heist have sent us their shaping bodysuit, The Outer Body, to trial and review.

The Outer Body is a revolutionary shapewear garment that takes up to 5cm off your waist without putting pressure on other areas by mimicking your body's own support system.

The Outer Body is also breathable thanks to 20,000 laser perforations in the shaping panels, so you feel supported without getting hot and bothered.

Check the video below to learn more.

And stay tuned for our review.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Reviewed: Glamory Satin 20 Tights

One of our favourite online hosiery and legwear retailers, The Tight Spot, recently sent us the Glamory Satin 20 Tights to trial and review.

The Tight Spot, as many readers of this blog will know, are committed to providing a great service to men buying hosiery.

They curate, and continually update, the tights for men page on the site.

The Tight Spot recommend Glamory hosiery for men, as they provide such a wide range of sizes. In the case of the Glamory Satin 20 Tights, sizes extend to 4XL.

The Tight Spot describe the Glamory Satin 20 Tights as follows:

"Glamory's Satin 20 Tights are simple, elegant and luxurious tights with a shiny satin finish. The high elastane content in this product gives it stretch and makes it a perfect fit and extremely comfortable. Featuring a sheer 20 denier yarn, cotton gusset, reinforced toe for extra durability and flat seams for a smooth wear, Satin 20 are the perfect plus size shiny tights."


The tights are folded around a rectangular card, which provides instructions on how to put them on one one side.

This is then enclosed in a cellophane envelope.

The final part of the packaging is a tri-fold card folded over the tights, which is then enclosed in a second cellophane envelope.

Material, design and features

The Glamory Satin 20 Tights are made from 82% Nylon and 18% Elastane.

They have a very soft, silky feel in both the leg and panty/brief part.

These are tights with a noticeable shine.

These tights are not sheer to waist: they have a denser panty with a noticeable demarcation at the very top of the thigh.

The panty/brief has good depth: 28cm from gusset to the top of the waistband.

All seams are flat. The gusset in particular is very well-cosntructed and enhances the comfort of the panty.

The waistband is 4cm wide and strengthened by an additional 4cm wide finger band that sits below it.

Legs and toes are fully boarded (anatomically shaped).

Toes are rounded and reinforced.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Glamory Satin 20 Tights are available in six sizes at The Tight Spot.

  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL
  • 4XL
I trialled them in the XL size.

The sizing options, as can be seen on the size guide, are extensive.

I found Satin 20s to be quite stretchy. I am 5'10" and the fit was good overall.

The tights feel light and soft on the leg. The silky, satiny feel provides very good glide under trousers.

The brief/panty was nice and deep, and very comfortable. The waistband provided good support and stretched comfortably above the waist and hips.

Colour range

The Glamory Satin 20 Tights are available in two shades: Black and Make Up.


We trialled them in the Make up shade.

Price and availability

The Glamory Satin 20 Tights are priced at £9.95.

Hosiery For Men readers can use the exclusive code 'H4M' at The Tight Spot, which gives you 10% discount across the whole site.


The Glamory Satin 20 Tights are good value sheer tights for the features provided and overall quality.

Definite pluses include:
  • A genuine plus size product with an impressive size range
  • Satiny feel and texture that caresses the leg
  • Deep rise brief
  • Comfortable waistband
The price of £9.95 represents good value, and they are even cheaper if you use our discount code.