Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Few, the Brave: Men in Tights

The Few, the Brave: Men in Tights

This was the headline in the recent feature in the New York Times on the fashion trend of men wearing tights with shorts.

Good to see yet further mainstream media coverage of the visibility and acceptance of tights for men.

Here is the full article:

Given the winter’s crazy cold, it was hardly surprising to see men layering black sports tights under shorts for their workouts and outdoor runs — sensible, even. What was more of a shock was to see some of those men take the look out of the gym, incorporating it into their daily street wear.

Eli Halili, a 34-year-old jewelry designer in Manhattan, wears Adidas running tights at the gym. But his commitment to the look — what he calls “meggings,” as in “man leggings” — is such that he also has a thicker-ply version from the Norwegian ski wear label KJUS for everyday wear.

“They’re comfortable and fashionable, but you don’t feel like you’re too overdressed,” Mr. Halili said.

Like many trends seen on the men’s wear runways, and on those who sit very close to them, this curious athletic-inspired street look has a way to go before it earns mainstream acceptance, even as it is taken up by stylish men in the spotlight (in this case, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky and Pharrell Williams). Still, those who have adopted it make up an enthusiastic fan base.

Earlier this year, Lance Jubel, a 24-year-old account executive for Jil Sander, boarded his flight to Milan for the latest round of men’s shows in gray running tights and matching shorts, a slim-fitting long-sleeved red top and a dark double-breasted overcoat. Unlike the drawstring bottoms and sweats that are pervasive on airplanes these days, the outfit was a rather polished interplay between gym apparel and contemporary street style. It turns out that Mr. Jubel’s onetime roommate, a personal trainer, was an early inspiration for the ensemble.

“I thought the mix of casual compression tights and some tailored wear would make a unique look,” he said, noting that he usually favors a more tailored style.

For Cameron Cooper, a stylist at the Oak boutique in NoHo, leggings are a wardrobe staple.

“I bought shorts that just looked better with them,” he said, pointing to the knee-grazing black leather pair he was wearing. Just as Mr. Cooper, 40, wears shirts of varying lengths, one over another, he sees leggings as a similarly interesting layering component.

“They’re transitional, too,” he said. “You can wear them in the fall when it’s too cold for just shorts, and in the spring when it’s not quite warm enough for your summer things.”

Curiously enough, in a New York Times column 27 years ago, Bill Cunningham remarked on a street-style trend of men in tights, which he attributed to the influence of Jean Paul Gaultier. But the similarities stop there. Today’s style, dark and worn under slim-fitting knee-length shorts or cropped pants (also usually dark) seems more likely to be inspired by Asian influences — think sleek ninjas — and basketball players and runners.

For the most part, the shorts-over-tights combo does not challenge modern dressing codes in the way a skirt, also a men’s runway fixture of late, does. At the shows in Europe early this year, gray leggings appeared on the Marni runway, and leggings were shown under thick shorts at Emporio Armani. Issey Miyake presented psychedelic-print tights and matching suit ensembles that would make an Olympic figure skater dizzy. At Givenchy, where shorts over leggings is practically a signature, Riccardo Tisci sent out a spring collection awash in print leggings paired with matching shorts and sporty tops, while his pre-fall collection showed off a more wearable look in the form of black leather leggings and boxy leather shorts.

In New York, the look has been on the street at least long enough for there to be adaptations.

“I modified the trend to work for me,” said Eugene Tong, the style director at Details magazine. Mr. Tong took to wearing shorts over skinny jeans after working on presentations for the Public School label, where layering basketball shorts over pants is a styling staple.

For sure, men are more likely to own several pairs of slim-cut jeans than shorts, but pulling off the look calls for a certain aplomb.

“Like anything in fashion,” Mr. Tong said, “you have to be confident in your personal style.”

Friday, 18 April 2014

New Pierre Mantoux Curvy Tights in stock at Luxury Legs

Leading hosiery retailers Luxury Legs are now stocking the new range of Curvy tights from Pierre Mantoux.

Two styles are available: The Curvy 60 Tights and the Curvy 30 Tights.

Designed for those with a fuller figure, the generous sizing will also appeal to men. The Curvy 60 Tights are described as:

'These tights feature a super comfy waist, unique lightweight panty and for an anti-chafing effect there is an area on the thigh that is slightly reinforced. Thanks to the special LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE hosiery knit, CURVY 60 provides a greater comfort than ever before.'

We look forward to trying these new styles in the future.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Just arrived: Marks and Spencer Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights

I have decided to trial some more styles in the Marks and Spencer premium Autograph range.

I recently reviewed the Marks and Spencer Autograph 100 Luxury Satin Touch Tights. That style received a 'recommended' award.

I checked out the Autograph range at a local Marks and Spencer branch today and decided to buy these Autograph 40 Denier Luxury Fine Cotton Tights.

A review of this style will appear soon.

Reviewed: Activskin A579 Light Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose (Tights)

Activskin® sent us a pair of their A579 Light Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose to trial and review.

You can still read Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with Steven Katz, the Managing Partner at G. Lieberman and Sons, Ltd. 

The A579 style is a new product from Activskin®. It is also available as the A540 Light Support Sheer Open Crotch Pantyhose, a style that we will review separately.

Materials and features
Activskin® provide the following product description:

'This is a Hi-Glide™ mantyhose with a fabric that is identical to A679 but is unlike any of our other styles. Instead of a fly panel and the extra cost associated with it, it has a simple sheer male-comfort panel without a fly or gusset. The fabric glides exceptionally well, not only under trousers but also against itself. The brief provides light support, too, making it perfect for guys who want to be cool and comfortable and just a little bit of control at the abdomen. This style features a reinforced toe for added strength and durability.

The M and L sizes have a panel that tapers to a point a few inches below the front waistband, and goes back under the crotch, providing all-nylon fabric that stretches to support your "male equipment," and it ends at the tailbone. The XL size has a panel that continues up all the way to the front of the waistband to provide for extra stretch for bigger guys, and the XXL size has that, plus the panel extends up the back to the back of the waistband, providing even more stretch.'

The fabric in the A579 Light Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose is identical to the A679 Microfabric Light Support Sheer Pantyhose with Fly: 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex.

The fabric is sheer - perhaps similar to 15-20 denier. Leg and leg hair would be visible through it.

As the product description states, there is no gusset but a specially-designed male comfort panel.

Toes are reinforced. The waistband is 2.5cm wide.

The brief is made of much denser fabric, with the appearance of a 60 denier opaque tight. The demarcation with the leg is clearly noticeable.

The fabric has just a hint of a sheen when caught in the light.

Fit and sizing
The A579s are available in four sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL. See the size chart for further sizing information. I tested the L size.

These tights seemed quite delicate to the touch, but were actually surprisingly robust.

The L size had a good amount of stretch and with careful positioning they fitted really well. If I was taller than my 5'10" I would have gone a size higher than the L, however.

The high Spandex content provided an excellent close fit to all parts of the leg. Leg support and compression is light as described.

The brief also provides some support, although I found the compression to be slightly firmer than 'light'. However, this was never uncomfortable. The brief has good depth and fits well. The compression in the brief does ensure that these tights stay up and stay in place,

The male comfort panel really does improve the wearing experience, with the 'male equipment' held in place and aligned comfortably without any pinching or tightness.

Glide under trousers is also excellent and another positive feature of this style.

I wore the A579s to work on a warmer February day than normal. It would have been a bit too warm for an opaque or semi-opaque style under trousers, and the A579s were a good choice for the weather. They kept my legs comfortable all day.

Colour range
The Activskin® A579 Light Support Sheer Men's Pantyhose are available in three colours: Beige, Black and Tan.

I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability
The A579s can be purchased directly from Activskin® at a price of $11.99.

Further information on shipping costs is available on the Activskin® website.


We have reviewed a very wide selection of men's pantyhose/tights at Hosiery For Men, and it is always good to review a new style that has clearly been designed with the male anatomy in mind.

The male comfort panel in these pantyhose/tights is a great feature and very comfortable.

Where the A579s really score for me is Hi-Glide™ fabric which glides
 superbly under trousers. 

In summary, good quality men's sheer tights from Activskin®, and another welcome addition to their extensive range. The price is also very reasonable.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

New products from Oroblu at UK Tights

UK Tights have just announced the arrival of some great new products from Oroblu, one of our favourite brands at Hosiery For Men.

The new arrivals include:

Oroblu Bonnie Cotton Tights

Oroblu Diane Leggings

Oroblu Unique 100 Seamless Leggings

Special promotion on HYD tights at Luxury Legs.

Luxury Legs have a special promotion on tights from the Italian manufacturer HYD.

You can buy three pairs of HYD tights for the price of two. 

Luxury Legs say that HYD are 'new to the UK but with over 20 years experience. Hyd offer a great range of Tights whether you are looking for Sheer, Opaque with or without Leg Support or Control Tops in which HYD excel. Softly scented thanks to Aloe Vera and Eco friendly dyes all Hyd products offer a quality that belies their price.'

You can still read our review of the HYD Millenium 70 Denier Matt Opaque Tights, a style we recommended.

Hurry as stocks are limited and the offer ends on Monday Feb 24h.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Reviewed: Primark 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights

Primark is a change of fashion stores in the UK. They are well-known for their budget prices and fast-changing stock.

Primark stock a wide range of tights and we are pleased to publish another guest review on Hosiery For Men.

Our guest reviewer Mark, has sent us a review of the Primark 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights.

Materials and features
I have found that for range and value Primark are easily one of the best department stores in Britain for tights. I can always get what I’m looking for and they are very sturdy and long-lasting which is surprising when you see the price.

I have had a problem with not having a Primark store near me and only could buy my tights from my trips to London to the larger Primark stores. However my local shopping centre now has a Primark store which is great for me and many others.

The pair of opaque tights I am reviewing have microfibre and lycra material built into them. The fabric is 95% Nylon and 5% Elastane.

They do have a little shine to them even at 80 denier which looks good.

Fit and sizing 

These tights come in four sizes S ,M, L & XL. They are made to fit to heights of up to 5’10” and hips up to 42" - 52".

I am 5 feet 11 tall and get the XL size so I know they will stay up.

Length of the leg is perfect. The large size fits me snuggly but as a guy I prefer the XL for extra comfort. After putting on the XL you completely forget you are wearing tights at all.

The Primark 80 denier opaques are very strong and I have never had a pair ladder or tear as yet, unlike Primark 40 denier tights.

Colour range

The range of colours that these tights come in, as with the Primark range of 40 denier tights, is very large.

I tested the Chocolate shade for this review, although I also own pairs in Black and Navy Blue in the 80 Denier.

Price and availability

The Primark 80 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights are easily available from most Primark stores. They are priced at just £3.00


I think that is my only complaint with these tights is that a wider waistband could of been part of the design to prevent the roll up at the top.

I am someone who owns many styles in the range of Primark opaques, and I very much recommend them.

At the low price you can afford to try a pair. They are great value.

Thanks for the guest review Mark. This is the first time we have reviewed any tights from Primark. I hope that we might be able to trial and review some styles from the rest of the range in future.