Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Introducing Vertigo Hosiery

We were recently contacted by Vertigo Hosiery, a new online shop that offers high quality hosiery from the Belarus brand Conte.

This is what Vertigo Hosiery say about Conte tights:

"Conte tights are manufactured in Belarus to the highest standard of quality; this is achieved through the use of advanced technology and through sourcing raw materials from leading European producers of threads."

Two types of tights are currently in stock:

Classic tights

Body-Shaping Tights

If you check the Vertigo Hosiery you will see that prices are very affordable.

Vertigo Hosiery welcome male customers. They told us:

"Our tights are for everyone, including men, who needs a good quality pair of tights. We also have large sizes, so hopefully this will accommodate the needs of Hosiery For Men readers."

Vertigo Hosiery are offering Hosiery For Men readers a 10% discount. Use the code 'autumn10' at checkout.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

New Patterned Tights from Heist

Heist are launching a new range of sustainable patterned tights.

Four new styles will be available from Friday.

The Shimmer: Soft and subtly iridescent tights.

The Diamond: A modern twist on a classic style.

The Polka Dot: A timeless, stylish classic.

The Chevron: A pattern that elevates and elongates.

Stay tuned for more news on new tights from Heist.

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Reviewed: Wolford Care Mask

Earlier this year we brought readers news of the new Wolford Care Mask.

One of our recommended hosiery retailers, The Tight Spot, recently sent us a sample to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers.

In March, as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, Wolford shifted production at its HQ in Bregenz, Austria, and its factory in Slovenia from tights and bodies to face masks.

This particular mask is known as Wolford's Classic Face Mask, as is designed for both women and men. Wolford also produce a lightweight Silk Mask.

The Wolford Classic Care Mask which this review focuses on is described as "breathable" and "water-repellent".

Wolford further describe the mask as:

"Double-layered high-quality, breathable fabric ensures easy breathing when worn. The completely water-repellent finish provides full coverage with a perfect fit resulting from finest knitting. Highly elastic, extra-thin bands keep the mask perfectly in place."

"Before packaging the mask has been treated with UV light to kill bacteria, viruses and germs."


The Wolford Care Mask is packaged simply and elegantly in a 8.5cm x 24cm slim card box.

The mask itself is carefully wrapped in Wolford-branded tissue paper.

The box itself is closed with a Wolford warranty seal.

As is customary, all Wolford products undergo rigorous quality checks. You can check this has taken place by looking for the 'CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY' sticker inside the packaging.

Material and features

The first thing I noticed as I removed the mask from the packaging was how light in felt. This as we shall see, is a key factor in the mask's comfort.

The Wolford Care Mask is made from 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane.

The fabric feels soft and there is some stretch provided by the Elastane.

The fabric is double-layered, but the construction and finish has been done so that there is no movement between the layers.

The images show how carefully the mask has been designed to provide maximum comfort and the best fit for the human face. This is most definitely not a piece of rectangular cloth with a couple of bands attached!

The design that has been created allows the mask to fit over the nose and cover the mouth. This provides a much fuller coverage of the areas that need protection, and in doing so will also protect people around you better.

The mask has a comfortable flat central seam, and all edge seams have also been expertly sewn to ensure there is no fraying.

At the bottom right, when worn, the mask has a Wolford monogram logo.

To ensure a comfortable fit on the nose, there is a an adjustable aluminium nose-wire. This is really robust, and once adjusted for your personal fit, will stay in place. It's important to adjust this carefully before wearing for the first time, to ensure best coverage, the optimum fit and positioning. The latter is particularly important if you are going to be wearing glasses.

It's also important to avoid excessive bending and re-bending of the wire to prevent is weakening and breaking. Just take your time, get it right first time and everything should be fine.

The ear bands are thin, light and have good stretch and elasticity.

The overall look is chic, smart and classy.

Colour range

The Wolford Care Mask is available in Black only.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Wolford Care Mask is available in two sizes from
 The Tight Spot.
  • One Size/XSS
  • One Size/ML

On Wolford's own website this two-size version is known as the Classic Mask Fit.

A version in One Size only is simply known as the Classic Mask, and this is the one being reviewed.

For a One Size fitting, I found the fit to be excellent. The mask comfortably covered my nose, mouth and chin.

As someone who wears glasses and sunglasses, I found that it was best to put the mask on first, adjust the ear bands so they sat flat and without twisting, and then put my glasses on, making further adjustments until everything felt right.

Several aspects really stood out in the wearing experience.
  • The mask is very breathable and remains comfortable even when worn for long periods.
  • The nose wire, once adjusted to one's shape, kept the mask in place and also fitted snuggly ensuring that glasses didn't steam up with condensation.
  • The mask material felt soft on the face with no irritation or abrasion.
  • The mask is light and doesn't put any strain on the face or ears.

Price and availability

The Wolford Care Mask is priced at £20.00.


Overall this is easily the most comfortable face mask I have worn since the pandemic arrived. I have gone through several cheap masks that either fell apart or needed to be replaced frequently.

This is easily now my favourite mask. Why? Well firstly I am a huge Wolford fan, and secondly it looks and feels good. 

The Wolford Care Mask is a different beast entirely. With top quality design, engineering and functionality, this mask will last a good while if looked after. 

It is washable and can go in the washing machine at 60°, using a low spin speed (400-600). Don't use fabric softener and don't wring it. Just let it dry naturally.


Thursday, 13 August 2020

New Limited Edition Coloured Tights From Heist Now Available For Pre-Order

Heist, the brand renowned for reinventing tights, has just announced that their bestselling tights will be available in more colours

Heist asked their customers to chose their favourite colours from a range of 12 seasonal shades.

The result was three new shades: Mustard, Mocha and Khaki.

The new Sustainable Thirty-Five Tights that are now available for exclusive pre-order.

Pre-order will be open for one week only and tights will ship by September 17th.

The tights are available in five sizes:
  • UK 6-8; EU 36-38; US 2-4
  • UK 10; EU 40; US 6-8
  • UK 12-14; EU 42-44; US 10-12
  • UK 16-18; EU 46-48; US 14-16
  • UK 20-22; EU 50-52; US 18-20
They are priced at £24.00.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Just Arrived: New Wolford Care Mask

Earlier this year we brought readers news of the new Wolford Care Mask.

The Tight Spot have now sent us a sample for trial and review.

The Wolford Care Mask is just one product in a wide range of fashionable face masks now in stock at The Tight Spot.

Stay tuned for a full review.

Saturday, 9 May 2020

Reviewed: Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights

Belgian hosiery brand Cette continue to expand their impressive Size Plus range.

We recommend this range to men because of the larger sizing options available: XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Cette sent us a pair of the Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights to trial and review.


The Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights are folded around a rectangular white card which is then enclosed in a tri-fold card printed with the product information. Everything is then protected by an outer cellophane envelope.

Material and features

Cette describe the Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights as: "Opaque pantyhose with irregular ribbed pattern, cotton gusset, flat seams."

The yarn is 93% Polyamide, 6% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

The key feature of these tights is the unique ribbed pattern. This starts just below the brief/panty where the ribs are in a single line and spaced 1cm part. As you move down the leg, an additional rib appears between the rib lines. Then further down the leg a further rib appears, so that each ribbed section has seven closely grouped ribs. Toward the lower calf and feet a further rib is introduced so that the pattern completely takes over the surface of the tights.

Toes are rounded and without reinforcement.

The brief/panty is a plain opaque tight without the ribbed pattern. Seams are flat and there is a gusset.

The brief has a depth of 23.5 cm.

The waistband is fairly wide at 5cm.

Colour range

The Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights are available in Black only.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights are available in three sizes:

  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL

I wore them in the 2XL size.

The first thing that drew my attention as I removed them from the packaging was the substantial leg length. From the bottom of the brief, where the ribbed pattern starts, to the end of the toe the legs measured 85cm.

The tights are not supersoft or silky, but neither are they rough to the touch. The ribbed pattern is quite pronounced, with the rib raised above the yarn.

Opaque coverage for 50 denier tights is high. Indeed the opacity is more like 70 or 80 denier tights.

The 2Xl size was a great fit for me.

The Devon tights have a lot of stretch and elasticity. The latter is very noticeable on the leg, particular the thigh, where there is a definite compression feeling.

The brief/panty has plenty of room and the waistband sat comfortably several centimetres above the navel.

I loved the ribbed pattern.

Price and availability

The Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights are priced at €15.95 and can be ordered directly from Cette.


The Cette Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Opaque Tights are another winner from Cette's Size Plus range. This range, as mentioned above, works well for guys with the three sizing options.

We have previously reviewed the following styles from this collection:

Cette 50 Denier Cardiff Size Plus Tights

Cette Dublin 60 Denier Size Plus Tights

Cette Sochi 120 Denier Cotton Size Plus Tights

Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee Highs

All of these are recommended as are Devon 50 Denier Ribbed Tights that this review focuses on.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Reviewed: FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights

As many readers will know, FALKE relaunched their range of Seidenglatt tights, with a series of significant improvements.

The FALKE Seidenglatt 70 Tights have always been one of our absolutely favourite opaques.

They combine softness, comfort and wearability. The slight sheen made them perfect tights for wear under trousers. The great fit also made them one of the top choices for men.

You can still read our original review of the FALKE Seidenglatt 70 Tights from back in 2014.

The FALKE Seidenglatt 70 Tights have now been upgraded to the FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights.

Our recommend retailer UK Tights sent us a pair to review and compare with the original Seidenglatt 70.

The FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights are part of FALKE's Seidenglatt range, which also includes:

  • 15 denier tights
  • 40 denier tights
  • 15 denier ankle socks
  • 15 denier stockings
  • 15 denier stay-ups
  • 15 denier knee-highs
  • 40 denier knee-highs

The FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights are folded are folded around a card rectangle that provides information on the FALKE Beauty Plus collection on one side, and instructions on the reverse on how to put the tights on.

This is then enclosed in a larger card sleeve, and then housed in a cellophane envelope.

Materials and features

In upgrading the Seidenglatt range, FALKE have given the tights an improved, even knit structure to ensure a silky feel on the skin. There is also a new, comfortable waistband which promises not to roll or dig in, ensuring the highest possible comfort. Toes are also designed to be non-laddering.

The Seidenglatt 80 packaging says that these tights are "new quality", and highlights the following features:
  • New with seductive, silky sheen 
  • Opaque, shiny silk tights 
  • Improved, even mesh structure for a silky sensation on your skin 
  • New, comfortable waistband for the highest level of comfort: no curling and no pinching 
  • Innovative mesh gusset with hygienic effect in sizes S-L and comfort gusset in size XL, with non-laddering toe.
Made in Germany, the Seidenglatt 80 Tights are 93% Nylon and 7% Elastane. This is an improved Elastane content compared to the Seidenglatt 70 Tights, which had 5% Elastane.

The Seidenglatt 80 Tights retain the incredibly soft and sensual feel that was so notable in the Seidenglatt 70. In fact the 
Seidenglatt 80 perhaps feel even slightly more silky.

The tights are sheer to waist with no demarcation from the leg to the brief/panty.

Seams are flat throughout and expertly engineered as you would expect from FALKE.

The brief is deep, as is usual with FALKE tights, measuring 25cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch. The rise in the brief is the same as in the Seidenglatt 70.

The V - XL size I wore has a rear comfort gusset. It looks identical in design to the Seidenglatt 70.

A significant improvement in the Seidenglatt 70 is the waistband. This has been completely redesigned and now measures 4.5cm, compared to 2.5cm in the Seidenglatt 70.

As is customary, there is a FALKE tag sewn onto the inside. This is so useful as it provides information on the style and size.

Toes are rounded and have almost invisible reinforcement.

Here is a summary comparing key features in the two styles:

Colour range

The FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights are available in two colours at UK Tights: 

  • Black 
  • Marine 
FALKE also make them in Anthracite and Coffee shades.

I wore a pair in Black.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights are currently available in three sizes at UK Tights: 

  • II - Medium 
  • IV - Large 
  • V - Extra Large

The FALKE website indicates that the full range of size options are:
  • 0 - Small
  • 1 - Small/Medium
  • II - Medium
  • III - Medium/Large
  • IV - Large
  • V - Extra Large
Wearing both the Seidenglatt 70 and 80 allowed me to compare appearance, feel, fit and overall wearing experience.

Opacity is very similar for both styles and provides even coverage, that hides blemishes and leg hair unless the yarn is over-stretched. Although FALKE say the Seidenglatt 80 has an improved mesh structure, I found it was hard to detect this with the naked eye.

The Seidenglatt 80 felt slightly softer and silkier to the touch and when worn on the leg. I am not sure you could get any other opaque with such a wonderfully soft feel. It is truly luxurious.

The Seidenglatt 80 also definitely looks much more glossy on the leg, with a very noticeable shine not fully captured in the photos.

I wore both styles in the V - Extra Large size. I always go for this size in Falke as the fit is perfect and consistent.

The Seidenglatt 70 always provided me with an excellent fit. The leg length is just right and the brief generously deep. Fit was equally good with the Seidenglatt 80, perhaps even better. The increased Elastane content makes them slightly stretchier, and the fit on the leg was extremely snug providing that sought after second skin feeling.

The brief panty stretched comfortably over the waist and hips, but sits even higher if needed.

A big improvement is the newly-designed FALKE 'comfort waistband', which provides support but with no digging in or construction at all.

Overall wearing experience was exceptional. These tights are so soft and comfortable that you won't want to take them off.

Price and availability

The FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights are priced at £22.99.


The FALKE Seidenglatt 70s have always been one of this brand's classic opaques. I still have some in unopened packets.

One wonders if FALKE could have improved them, but they have indeed done so. Fit and feel have been further enhanced, with the new yarn. The upgraded "comfort waistband" also works extremely well.

With such outstanding quality, the £22.99 pricing looks reasonable to me. And Seidenglatt 80s seem as robust as the previous 70 version. So they will last a long time if looked after.

All my Seidenglatt 70s are still going strong, with no damage after several years of wear.

UK Tights have also sent us a sample of the new upgraded FALKE Seidenglatt 40 Tights. We will publish a review of these shortly, comparing them with the original Seidenglatt 40s.

Highly recommended.