Thursday, 21 June 2018

New summer sock collection from Heist

We have featured Heist tights regularly at Hosiery For Men.

So far we have reviewed Heist's

THE EIGHTY 80 Denier Opaque Tights

THE FIFTY 50 Denier Opaque Tights

THE THIRTY 30 Denier Tights

We also previously brought you news Heist+ range.

To keep up their reputation for innovation, Heist have now launched their new Summer Sock collection.

Heist launched the range with the following:

Like our tights, but for summer

We took a look at everything you loved about our tights and made sure you’d get exactly the same with our socks. We turned our famously comfortable waistband into an ankle band that holds our socks up all day, and used a similar yarn that won’t sag over time, or make your feet itch or sweat. So we’ve got you covered this summer – in five different colours.
The socks are made with a soft but breathable yarn (85% polyamide, 15% elastane) that won’t sag over time, or make your feet itch or sweat.

Other key features are:

The ankle band

Heist have turned their famously comfortable waistband into an ankle band that stays up all day. Gone are the days of pulling up your socks.

The yarn

Like Heist tights, the yarn is key. They use a high-quality one that won’t sag over time, or make your feet itch or sweat.

Colours available are:






The summer socks are available in two sizes: 35-38 and 39-41.

They are priced at £10 (€12.50/$15.00). If you buy three pairs there is a 15% discount!

Remember - Heist tights and socks are for everyone!

New Size 6/MAXI+ larger size tights now available from I SEE YOUR LEGS

Great news for taller men and women who want to own some top quality tights.

The gender-neutral hosiery brand from Denmark I SEE YOUR LEGS has now launched a new Size 6/MAXI+ larger size across their range.

This more generous sizing, in response to popular demand, is suitable for heights from 5'8" to 6'6".

The Size6/Maxi+ is available in the following styles:

Classic 20 Tights

You can read our original and updated reviews.

70 Denier Opaque Tights

You can read the Hosiery For Men review.

All I SEE YOUR LEGS tights come in the unique and innovative GOLDEN BAG: a small, light and easy to carry package. Perfect for storage and travel.

New C451M Comfort4Men 40 Denier Tights with Support

Another new product has been launched by the German brand Comfort4Men.

They are the new C451M Comfort4Men 40 Denier Tights with Support and Reinforced Heel.

They are available in both high waist and low waist versions.

Key features are:

  • Reinforced panty/brief
  • Reinforced heel
  • Light support
They come with a fly opening and the signature Comfort4Men comfort gusset.

Colours are Skin and Black, and three sizes are available.

Until 30 June 2018, there is a 10% introductory discount.

Monday, 16 April 2018

I SEE YOUR LEGS Unisex Tights Now Available at Activskin

Men's hosiery and legwear retailer ACTIVSKIN are now unisex hosiery from Danish brand I SEE YOUR LEGS.

Two styles are now available:

I SEE YOUR LEGS Opaque 70 Tights

Available in Black, Red and Blue and in three sizes: 3/ML, 4 L/X and 5/MAXI.

You can read our review of the Opaque 70 Tights.

I SEE YOUR LEGS Classic 20 Pantyhose

Available in Black, Beige (nude) and in three sizes: 3/ML, 4 L/X and 5/MAXI.

You can read our original review of the I SEE YOUR LEGS Classic 20 Denier Tights, along with an updated review of this style in Size 5 (Maxi).

For a limited time only, until April 30, Activskin are offering an introductory 15% discount on these four styles. Use the promotion code NEWSTUFF15 on your order. No minimum order required.

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Earlier this year we brought readers news of the new Beauty Plus range from FALKE.

To our delight, we have just won a competition run by the wonderful hosiery blogger Maria at MyPantyhoseGirl. As a winner we were able to spend £25.00 with hosiery retailer The Tight Spot

The Tights Spot now have the FALKE Beauty Plus 50 Plus Size Tights in stock and that's what we chose as the prize.

The tights have just been delivered and we are really looking forward to trialling and reviewing them.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Just arrived: Almost Opaque Tights and See My Seam Tights by CARRA Hosiery

Late last year we brought Hosiery For men readers news about CARRA Hosiery, a new hosiery brand with a unique feature: a built-in panty.

You can still read our feature and interview with CARRA Hosiery CEO Christi Hairston.

We have just taken delivery of two samples from the CARRA Hosiery range to trial and review: the Almost Opaque Tights and the See My Seam Tights.

Stay tuned for reviews!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Reviewed: Comfort4Men 60 Denier "Geometric Pattern" Men's Tights

Comfort4Men men's tights are made in Germany to the very highest standards. They are a high quality product specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy.

Earlier this year we were sent some of their recently launched new products, including the

C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights.

Here is our review.


The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are packaged in the customary Comfort4Men style: a card enclosure wrapped in a cellophane sleeve.

Material and features

The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are are part of Comfort4Men's extensive range of patterned tights for men. This range is growing steadily and now includes:

  • Fine stripe tights
  • Baroque pattern tights
  • Colour gradient/bicolour tights
  • Woven pattern tights
  • Cashmere and viscose tights
  • Fashion dots tights
  • Diamond pattern tights
  • Melange and black dots tights
The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are available for purchase in the low waist version only. However, for this review Comfort4Men made me a high waist version. But note that this is not available for purchase. This review will therefore nor completely reflect the product currently available in respect of the brief/panty and waist.

The "Geometric Pattern" style is available in Blue/Black and Gray/Black shades.

The sample provided for review by Comfort4Men had the following features:

High waist
Colour: Gray/Black
Gusset colour: Black
Fly opening: No
Size: 6

The "Geometric Pattern" style is made from 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The yarn is extremely soft and the tights are warm, with great insulation.

Opacity is very dense for 60 denier. The tights cover and make invisible any leg hair or blemishes. Appearance is matt with just a slight hint of shine.

The colour in the Gray/Black shade I trialled is mainly grey with the pattern accentuated in darker grey/black.

The "geometric" pattern is very attractive. As can be seen in the photos the pattern is unusual in not repeating in a predictable way. It is certainly eye-catching.

The "geometric" pattern does not extend to the waist. It ends at the top of the thigh. The brief/panty is plain grey.

The waistband is 3cm. The brief has a single seam and no rear comfort panel. Seams are flat throughout.

As with all Comfort4Men men's tights there is the signature front gusset in the black colour which is perfectly designed for the male anatomy.

It seems that the toes have a light reinforcement through a variation of the pattern.


Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are available in three sizes: 4, 5 and 6.

I tested a size 6.

As with the "Diamond Pattern" tights from Comfort4Men, which we reviewed recently, the leg length looked slightly short when taken from the packaging. However the tights have excellent elasticity and stretch.

You must take great care twhen putting these tights on. The fabric in the patterned areas is somewhat delicate. I caught them on a fingernail and created a small hole. I luckily managed to do a repair.

On the leg they feel unbelievably soft, and the wearing experience is very comforting.

The fit in the size 6 was perfect for me.

I must mention the signature male gusset which is a feature of all Comfort4Men men's tights. This is such a great innovation and it provides superb support for the male anatomy. The material used is exceptionally soft. If you find conventional tights made for women less than comfortable, do give these a try.

Colour range

The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are available in two shades:

  • Blue/Black
  • Gray/Black
We trialled them in the Gray/Black colour.


Price and availability

The C437M Comfort4Men 60 denier "Geometric Pattern" Tights are are available to order directly from Comfort4Men.

The low waist style is priced at €40.90.


This is the second style of patterned tights from Comfort4Men that we have reviewed. You can still read our review of the Comfort4Men 50 denier "Diamond Pattern" Men's Tights.

The "Geometric Pattern" is really unique and innovative, and one for guys who are looking something stylish and different.

Fit and wearing experience and first class. Just be careful when putting them on,

Thanks again to Comfort4Men for the sample and the great support they provide to Hosiery For Men.