Saturday, 29 October 2016

Men's segment of hosiery market growing

Trade publication the Knitting Trade Journal reports that the hosiery market continues to grow:

"The main drivers for the growth, according to a new report from Market Reports World is increasing demand from consumers looking for improved quality, durability, fit, style, and glamour while purchasing hosiery products."

However the report identifies that hosiery for men is a significant driver in the growing market:

"Not only is the market for women hosiery increasing, but the demand for such goods is also rising from the men's segment with increased numbers believed to be following the latest fashion and apparel trends."

1 comment:

  1. It would seem that the hosiery manufacturers and their associated marketing industry might be finally waking up to the demand from a previously (officially) ignored demographic.
    Men who wear tights are like a little secret which is whispered around the corridors of the manufacturers, some of which have surreptitiously tried to cater for men by increasing their size ranges - I thank them for this but it would be nice for some acknowledgement of who these larger sizes are truly aimed at.
    It astounds me that an industry would deliberately alienate itself from 50% of a possible market - both women and men have legs last time I looked.
    I hope in the near future the publically wearing of tights by men will be more commonplace and social stigmas removed.
    Greater acknowledgement from the hosiery manufacturers, incorporation of tights into menswear by fashion designers and some active advertising would be nice to see.