Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Andy Murray: a fan of tights?

Andy Murray has revealed the secret to his tennis success, after his third-round match at the US Open.

At the end of his clash with Feliciano Lopez, the Scot appeared in
black tights, amuscle-defining vest and black shorts, much to the surprise of onlookers.

He admitted that that he has been using compression
tights for some time, after his tennis clothing sponsors told him that they can help athletes recover after competing.

"I normally cover them up. But I forgot to bring trousers with me, so I had to walk around like this," Andy Murray joked with fans at the event.

Source: SockShop

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  1. I hear that quite a few jockeys will wear pantyhose under their riding uniforms, as they help significantly with fighting chafing. And the compression effect in helping with blood flow is another advantage, so I'm not surprised some athletes are wearing them after finishing a grueling match/game.