Sunday, 11 September 2011

Gerbe Men's Satin Tights: Pricewatch

I have already blogged about the superb quality of Gerbe tights for men. See Gerbe tights for men: Part 1 and Gerbe tights for men: Part 2.

I rate the Gerbe Men Satin 20 tights very highly. I am still wearing. the pair I bought a few years ago.

I have checked out the price of these the Men Satin 20 tights from UK-based resellers.

UK Tights: £20.95 (only Beige Doré colour available)

Legwear4Men: £32.99 (Beige Doré and Noire available)

Stockings HQ: £34.95 (Beige Doré and Noire available)

Gerbe sell these tights for €40 via their website, which is £34.38 at today's exchange rate. So if you are after these tights in the Beige Doré shade then the price at UK Tights is a bargain not to be missed.


  1. £20=Outstanding value for money....

  2. A little too see thrusy for my taste. Right now I am trying the Cecelia de Rafael Uppsala. The only thing is they forgot to add an extra two inches up the waistband area and make it a little tighter for the waistband, so usually need to add an extra waistband to get needed tightness. Mstevens is good too, but the Cecelia brand is better for that weather that starts out cold but tries to get warm during the day.