Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reviewed: ADRIAN 20 denier men's tights

This is the third in a series of reviews of the new range of Men Collection tights manufactured by the Polish hosiery manufacturers ADRIAN.

I have previously reviewed the Adrian 60 denier Grating tights and the 100 denier footless tights.

Today we are reviewing the 20 denier sheer to waist Street tights for men.

Materials and featuresThese are 20 denier sheer to waist tights.The fabric is 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane.

The tights have flat seams, a comfortable 3cm waistband and reinforced toes.

The 15% Lycra/Elastane content provides have plenty of stretch.

The tights have what appears to be a male front panel, but it is really rather narrow - about 3cm. I found this to not provide a great deal of support and comfort for a male wearer. The front panel doesn't compare that favourably with other brands of tights for men that have a similar design feature.

Fit and sizing
The ADRIAN Street tights come in three sizes:
M: Height 170cm - 182cm
L: Height 176cm - 188cm
XL: Height 182cm - 194cm

I am 5'10" and tested a pair in L size. The tights just about fitted me, but I didn't find them that comfortable. I am 5'10" (about 178cm), so the L size should have been perfect. I feel that the XL size would have provided a much better fit.

I also found that the brief section was not particularly roomy and didn't sit high enough on my waist.

Colour rangeI tested a pair of these tights in Black but these are also available Beige, Tan, Dark Brown, Grey and Dark Grey.

Price and availabilityThese tights are available for 19.00 Polish Zloty from the ADRIAN website. The Street tights are now available from Legwear4Men at a price of £6.49.

After giving very positive reviews to the ADRIAN argyle-style 60 denier Grating tights and the 100 denier footless tights, I was somewhat disappointed with the Street tights. The sizing information was not appropriate for my height and I am not sure ADRIAN have got the design of these quite right.


  1. It sounds like they got a few things wrong...

  2. Thanks...I was looking forward to your review of these. Could you comment more on the material, which looks great judging from the photo on the package? Soft and stretchy, with a good spandex grip to it?
    I'm 5'9" and like a lot of stretch in my tights, so XL would probably be best for me too.

  3. Wasn't overly impressd with these tights. I am 5' 8" and I felt that they were just a little on the small side for me (Ishall persevere though). They don't mhave as much elasticity as can be found in other products so the amount of stretch is minimise. I also felt that because of the lack of elasticity that it was a little for 'difficult' to put them on and made me wary of damaging them. I wore a pair all day and felt that they stayed up reasonably well but still had to be pulled up on several occasions. I wouldn't be put off buying them but in this instance they are bettered by other products.

    1. I bought a pair of these and City tights recently, both size L. The male front panel on the City tights was just right. The front panel on the Street tights, however, was twice as wide as the City tights. It was so wide it felt like I had put a pair of boxer briefs on backwards.

      As far as the material goes it is very soft, stretchy and flimsy. The first pair I received had a giant snag right out of the box, I hadn't even tried them on yet.

      They must have changed their sizing because I'm 5'11" with a 34" waist and size L is somewhat loose on me. Anyways, that's my 2 cents for what it's worth. If I were to buy a product from Adrian I would buy the 60den City tights

  4. Thanks for the further feedback Anonymous. I will be reviewing the 60 den City tights shortly.

  5. I ordered twice already several XL pairs and they feel fine, very silky, stretchy, but they could be just a little bigger around waist. I also find all male tights too high in hips. They all tend to roll down and sack. What I do is I intentionally roll them down to my hips where they stay put. Most men's ph are too women like. Just turned around. However Adrian appears as one of the best choices. Most other were really just women's ph, and I take it as a scam to sell it as men's attire. I'll be ordering more Adrian for sure, as they are inexpensive and good quality. Polish know their way, they filled a big male niche with their male line.
    Regards from Slovenia!