Sunday 29 April 2012

Reviewed: Gatta Laura 40 denier sheer tights

Itsocks sent me a sample of the Gatta Laura 40 denier sheer tights to test and review. With slightly warmer weather now with us, the focus at Hosiery For Men will be more on sheer and semi-sheer styles in the coming months. However, I have to admit that I have still been mainly wearing opaque or semi-opaque tights in recent weeks, as it has been so cold and damp here.

Gatta tights are made in Poland, and the Laura 40 denier tights are part of their Classic collection.

You can still read the Hosiery For Men feature on Itsocks. It includes an interview with the owner Anna Oldbury.

Itsocks are a London-based hosiery retailer and stock a range of styles in larger sizes to cater for the growing market of men buying tights for themselves. Itsocks even has a tights for men section on their website.

Materials and features

The Gatta Laura 40 denier sheer tights looked quite long as I took them out of the packaging. The pair I tested were size 5-XL, and it was clear immediately that they would be suitable for a taller person. I can see why Anna has included them in the tights that she recommends for men.

The tights are made from 87% nylon and 13% lycra. The material differs in the leg from the brief, but is quite soft overall. In appearance the Laura tights don't really look like what you would expect from 40 denier hosiery - the legs have a slightly more sheer appearance that is closer to 20 - 30 denier.

The Gatta Laura tights have a brief that is more opaque in appearance to the legs. It has plenty of stretch and room and fitted comfortably well above my waist. The 3cm waistband is comfortable and holds everything in place well. In the sizer 5-XL, the brief also a rear comfort panel. Sizes 3-4 have a gusset.

The seams in the brief are flat and well-made. Toes have a slight reinforcement.

In appearance these tights have a very slight shine. The semi-sheer appearance means that unless you remove leg hair it will be visible.

Fit and sizing
The Gatta Laura 40 denier sheer tights are available in four sizes: 2 (small), 3 (medium), 4 (large) and 5 (X-large).

I tested the size 5-XL and they were a very comfortable fit. I particularly liked the depth of the brief and the fit in the leg, which was very good without excessive stretching.

A particular plus is that when worn under trousers, which is always my preference, the glide is excellent with no snagging.

Colour range

The Gatta Laura 40 denier sheer tights are available in three shades:
Nero (Black)
Bronzo (Bronze)

I tested a pair in Beige. The shade is a medium tan, lighter than the Bronze that is also available.

Price and availability

These tights retail for a very reasonable £3.50 and the 5-XL size is currently in stock in all shades in the 5-XL size.


As far as sizing goes these tights would be a good choice for men: the 5-XL size is suitable for heights up to 185cm (6'2") and the brief is deep and has plenty of room.

These are light, comfortable tights that would provide a welcome extra layer for cooler spring days.

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  1. I ordered 2 pairs of tights from gatta,(i am a guy)laura bronzo 40den,and beige 40 den.I also ordered a pair of Costina ribbed tights,warm of white colour.I was tryng to find more pictures of the tights on the net,but is imposible.Have you more pictures of these tights models?
    If you don't,is ok,is just curiosity,the tights are already in the way.
    Is nice to find more peopel/boys and guys wearing tights,i guess is a totally unisex,i personally wear them every day,from wool tights to pantyhose,specially 40 den,and they feel awesome.My girl wears them too,alot,and we both very happy in our tights...
    Thanks for sharing,greetings from Spain.