Sunday, 22 July 2012

Reviewed: Aristoc 80 Denier Luxury Opaque Tights

Stockings Direct recently sent me a pair of the Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights to test and review.

Stockings Direct is a small family run firm and are becoming a leading online retailer of tights and other hosiery. Male customers will certainly get a friendly and supportive service there.

Materials and featuresThe Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights are part of Aristoc's Ultimate Leg Luxury range. In the same range you can find the 40 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights and the 100 Denier Cashmere Blend Tights

The Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights are very nicely packaged. A card box encloses a plastic sleeve containing the tights.

Made in Italy, the Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights are made from 94% Nylon, 5% Elastane and 1% Cotton. You can feel the quality of these tights as soon as you take them out of their packaging.

The microfibre fabric has a velvet softness. The colour is dense and the opacity even throughout. When worn your legs will have a smooth, completely matt appearance.

Legs are straight and the fabric has a uniform appearance from toe to waist with no demarcation.

Seams are flat throughout and there is a cotton gusset. The XL size, I tested has no rear comfort panel.

The waistband is 3.5cm wide, and deep and comfortable. The brief has an impressive amount of room and stretches comfortable above the hips and waist.

Fit and sizing

The Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights are available in three sizes: S/M, M/L and XL. 

I tested the XL size. The fit was exceptional. In the past I have found that Aristoc tights did not fit me particularly well, with the largest sizes often being Large or Medium/Large. The height limit of these sizes is usually 5'10".

The XL size for these tights is a great improvement, with heights up to 6'0" (183cm) catered for. There is plenty of length in the leg in the XL size and these tights would easily fit someone taller than my 5'10".

The deep comfort waistband is well-constructed and the brief has plenty of depth.

Colour range

These tights are available from Stockings Direct in six shades:

Bitter Chocolate
Deep Purple
Midnight (Navy)

The XL size is available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Aristoc 80 Denier Microfibre Luxury Opaque Tights are available at Stockings Direct for £18.00.

This might seem rather costly for a pair of opaque tights, but I feel that for the quality the price is justified. At this price point you looking at comparing these tights with Wolford and Falke products. To me they stand up well to the comparison and are a good alternative to those premium quality brands.

I haven't blogged or reviewed many Aristoc styles on Hosiery For Men. Perhaps this will now change now I have been able to test a pair from the Ultimate Leg Luxury range. These really are top quality opaque tights that fit superbly and are very comfortable. The larger XL size is a definite plus for many men buying them. The smooth matt appearance, with minimum shine, means they can be worn 'stealthily' under trousers.

When there is a product this good I do wonder why any men would still buy bulky and uncomfortable long johns.

I am looking forward to trying the other tights in the Aristoc Ultimate Leg Luxury range when I get the opportunity.

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