Tuesday 1 July 2014

SmooFit men's tights from Japan Part 3

Here are a final set of images of the SmooFit men's tights from Japan. You can see that one of the styles is a opaque men's tights with an integrated sock. This is a great idea and ideal for men who prefer to wear their tights without it being noticed.
We look forward to any further news about the SmooFit range and where they might be available.


  1. I visit Japan a couple of times a year. During my visit back in March 2014 I picked up a pair of SmooFit tights from a department store in Tokyo (Daimaru Tokyo Station, I believe). They are really comfortable, and I although I don't think I kept the box, I remember sucessfully choosing the size based on the size chart on the back of it. I'm fairly certain they are 80D. I will go back to Tokyo in January 2015, and will certainly go back to the department store and look for more styles.

  2. Glanage/N-platz, the company that makes these mantyhose actually sell them online and they ship internationally. You can get yourself a pair of these right here http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/glanage-leg/item/004-085/

    Shipping is very quick depending where you live. Arrived to me in NA in a week.

  3. I really want to buy these tights. Real men's tights with a codpiece are very convenient.