Sunday, 19 July 2015

Reviewed: Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights

Cette, the leading Belgian hosiery and shape wear manufacturer, sent us a pair of the Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights to trial and review.

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Materials and features
The Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights are packaged in the customary Cette way: the tights are folded around a card rectangle, which is then covered in a cellophane sleeve. Everything is then housed in a robust card envelope.

The tights are made from 84% Polyamide, 15% Elastane and 1% Cotton. The fabric is made from double-covered Lycra.

First impressions are good: the tights have fully shaped legs and a beautifully soft and smooth feel, and satin sheen.

The tights are sheer to waist with consistent semi-opaque coverage. Toes are reinforced.

The 4cm wide waistband is superbly constructed. Immediately below it is a wider 4.5cm reinforcement band. The central seam also has a 1.5cm reinforcement running either side.

Seams are flat throughout.

The XL size has a comfort gusset.

Fit and sizing
The Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights are available in four sizes: S, M, L and XL.

I tested the XL size.

It is interesting that the XL size fits up to 5'9", but the L size extends to 5'11". If I had known that I would have checked out the L size as the XL was slightly too small for my height.

That said, these tights were extremely comfortable to wear. The high Lycra content provided a perfect fit on the leg with no bunching or wrinkling.

The brief was deep and roomy, and the waistband provided very good support without any digging in.

The tights, as described above, are semi-sheer so leg hair is visible if it hasn't been removed.

Colour range
The Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights are available in the following shades:
  • Black
  • Nearly Black
  • Blue-Black
  • Coca
I tested a pair in Coca, a rich dark brown.

Price and availability
In the UK the Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights are available from the UK Tights, where they are priced at £14.99

The Cette Quebec 40 Denier Satin Tights are a quality product, and that is only to be expected from Cette.

There is much to like about these tights including the wonderful smooth and satin fabric which glides extremely well under trousers. Despite choosing the XL size, when the L might have been more appropriate, the fit was great. The tights cling so well they feel like a second skin.

Thanks Cette for providing the sample for review.

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  1. They sound great something I would buy if I needed these colors Black ,Nearly Black, Blue-Black and Coca but to bad they don't expand the color choices to like red, royal blue, light blue even yellow but then it depends on demand.