Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Wolford gift guide for men

Wolford have published an online gift guide to coincide with the holiday season.

And male fans and customers of Wolford are not forgotten.

The gift guide has a dedicated section for men.

Wolford say:

And don't think we forgot about the gentlemen (after all, we were one of the first brands to produce men's tights in the 90's).

For sport or for outdoor activities, we've selected the perfect products for comfort and warmth.

If you click on 'Discover More' you will also discover the recently curated selection of Wolford tights and leggings that they recommend for men.

Wolford say:

For the gentlemen: Shop high-quality unisex tights online

As one of the first hosiery brands to create tights for men, we understand a man’s unique needs when it comes to tights and leggings. Below find a selection of some of our more unisex styles - ideal for sport and outdoor activities due to their comfort and warmth. All of which are available in larger sizes.

For a wonderful Wolford gift for a man we recommend any of the styles in the men's collection. However a special mention must go to the superb Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights which we reviewed recently.

They provide solid opaque coverage, will keep your legs warm, supported and energised, and are available in seven shades.


  1. Very nice to see Wolford thus addressing men, and better still produce several pantyhose in size XL of which the Pure10,the Pure50, the Satin Touch and many others. Just missing the fatal 15 in XL

  2. Love wearing pantyhose and tights even being a straight male that wears as fashion not crossdressing. I hope that this will bring to the forefront that there's nothing wrong with men wearing either pantyhose or tights. Myself there isn't a color or style I wouldn't wear just not openly cause society.

  3. Thank you Wolford for offering luxury tights and leggings for men. It's been long awaited!